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 I am extremely honored to be among the few people who received the new UNICA Magazine in a personalized copy.





I know that UNICA Magazine is one of the most read magazines in Romania and I am glad each time I can find myself  in its pages. Here’s my March 2014 2 pages feature.

Besides being an interesting magazine that speaks about lifestyle and fashion, what I love even more about Unica is that through the years it remained an honest magazine, untouched by the hectic publicity ads, its pages were always filled with inspirational subjects and it spoke about fashion in a very comprehensive way.


Along with the April issue  Unica Magazine rebranded and it has a new cool layout, a more edgy vibe but it kept things loyal to her readers’ requests.


Dear Raluca Hagiu and all the Unica team, thank you for always thinking about us, your readers and for inspiring us every month!











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  1. Rochia De Pension says:

    trebuie ca te simti onorata 🙂 felicitari!

  2. popescu A. says:

    chiar arata misto noua unica, imi place

  3. Chic&Chic says:

    wonderful dear! seems like i am not the only one that thinks you are special 😉
    the magazine looks really good, nice number!

  4. Hera Anastasia Ciuntea says:

    m-am bucurat sa vad ca in majoritatea revistelor pe care le am, am citit si despre tine, esti un om deosebit Ana! am fost si unul din cursurile tale 5minute iar garderoba mea s-a inbunatatit, ti-am urmat sfaturile, si am primit complimente :*

  5. Janice Is Chic says:

    sunt foarte curioasa ce nou proiect despre make-up vei porni, abia astept!

  6. Zuza says:

    great feature on the cover, can I maybe find a magazine with your name on the cover? i would love one

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