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3 April 2014 / By / 34 Comments


For a long period of time, when it came to power dressing, I thought nothing could make me feel as glamorous and powerful as wearing black. I even thought that colors are just not my thing until one day when I understood what kind of colors I don’t like. Pale blue was not in this category. Neither was powder pink.


bouble ana 


Thing is I love colors but it depends on how I correlate colors with each other in an outfit.

Example: I may not like a yellow belt but I might just adore a yellow dress.



aneta daving fun with dove

ana loves dove

ana in bruges




What on Earth has gotten into me, talking about colors you might say. Well, I have this special announcement to make:


Starting today I am the official DOVE ambassador


I know, this is great, super awesome and yes, BIG!

beautiful ana

dove and ana

morodan looking awesome


dove and ana in brugesI am wearing a Zarug skirt, a H&M shirt and Eva von Autumn bracelets

© Serban Cristea in Bruges



Today’s subject idea came from their new line called Dove Invisible Dry (the only deodorant tested on 100 colors) which is a line Dove developed to encourage women to be optimistic, to use their favorite colors in their daily outfits and to think positive. If you read this blog you know for sure that these are my values too, so I might say that this association is a very positive one indeed! Good vibes, I tell you! Or is it good doves? J

Dove even developed an application where you guys can find outfits and style inspiration – try it out here

Cliche or not, life is about being happy and careless and I for one, I can honestly say that Dove inspires me to feel this way (remember their tv campaigns? How cool and inspiring are they, don’t you agree?


It is always a real honor to be associated with and give support to such amazing brands like Dove. For as long as I can remember this brand has always talked to women about finding and valuing true beauty and to simply enjoy every moment and be happy.






Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Aneta Doveta


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  1. Bum Bum Carmen says:

    extraordinara veste, imi aduc aminte cand eram in facultate ca faceam studii de caz pe campaniile Dove, si intotdeauna mi s-au parut atat de bine gandite 🙂 oneste si frumoase! felicitari!

  2. Ilona says:

    normal ca te-au ales pe tine, nici nu se putea mai bine!

  3. I Love Fashion says:

    yes indeed, dove speach so well to me, i have always been loyal to this brand, and am glad to see that you are their ambassador dear! great!

  4. Rachel says:

    looking beautiful dear <3

  5. High Heels says:

    lovely flowers&lovely lady!

  6. delia says:

    ador culorile din tinuta ta si florile merg de minune 🙂 noul look te prinde de minune si alunita e foarte simpatica!

  7. TITI says:


  8. jana says:

    <3 the zarug skirt foarte foarte mult! nice new haircut&mole!

  9. Queen of Style says:

    so stylish! quite liked the dove application!

  10. Corinaaaa says:

    ce cool, incercat pe 100 de culori, cred ca e exact ce imi va completa garderoba perfect 🙂

  11. Game Of Style says:

    i remember especially the one with all those beautifull women in their underwear, being beautiful no matter their size! cool indeed!

  12. Fusta Bunicii says:

    ce combinatie frumoasa, camasa cu fusta si sandalele :))))

  13. Think&Style says:

    Bruges wow! enjoy your stay, i adore that plece!

  14. Gorgeous Ladies says:

    killer combination! the countess and dove! congrats love ya!

  15. amalia says:

    you and dove are both beautiful and so helpful to my style 🙂

  16. Chic&Chic says:

    Congratulation, Dove! 😉 Ana este cea mai potrivita alegere din punctul meu de vedere, optimismul, si culorile ei ma inspira zilnic! te pup draga mea!

  17. Hera says:

    pale blue and powder pink … chiar ca iti sta bine in ele, si eu sunt fan

  18. denise fiona lewis says:

    It is BIG, really big!

  19. Pina Lewis de Chic says:

    yous 50s rockabilly vibe is charming!

  20. iulia says:

    felicitari multiple si bezele!!!

  21. Vanessa Youngdaughter says:

    have a great holliday in bruges Ana! you look stunning!

  22. zoe says:

    minunata ca un porumbel 🙂 adica si tu si Dove 🙂

  23. Retro Love says:

    great new look Ana!

  24. Viviana Fashionista says:

    nu degeaba esti indragostita de fuste si rochii, iti sta foarte bine, si ma inspiri de fiecare data sa fiu mai feminina 🙂 felicitari si de la mine pentru noua colaborare, sunt fan Dove si eu 🙂

  25. Chloe says:

    Hello my dear,
    Just wanted to point out that whenever i want to get an idea of how to dress to impress, or for a special present, you are my source 🙂 i trust you blindly it seems!
    Sweet Kisses,

  26. Ancutza says:

    ce loc frumos 🙂

  27. Slivia Ntz says:

    da, de acord 🙂 din cand in cand culorile sunt fermecatoare, dar tot cred intr-o garderoba bazata pe negru, eu nu pot fara negruuuuu

  28. P.F. Joanne says:

    Hey there! Just want to say hi, love your blog!

  29. Loop & Aristicracy says:

    love how you can twist a shirt into such a great outfit
    happy for your new big collaboration Ana!

  30. Insane for Chic says:

    true beauty!!!!

  31. gina malina says:

    este mare lucru, te urmaresc cu atat drag incat chiar ma bucur Ana, noua contesa Dove :)))) felicitari <3

  32. Young&Chic says:

    asadar, se poate merge cu tocuri pe pietrele astea? am in fata casei piatra cubica si jur ca nu mi-am facut curaj sa ies pe tocuri, dar cred ca e cazul! vreau si eu! ador feminitatea ta

  33. Dory Levine says:

    fashionista din mine chicoteste, mi-a placut maxim aplicatia, foarte cool si utila, plus ca am mai descoperit niste surse de inspiratie in bloggerii care au compus tinutele

  34. A Modern Girl says:

    the world is evolving, love this Dove campaign!

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