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13 April 2017 / By / 10 Comments

Good day, ladies!

I hope you’ll have a peaceful weekend with your loved ones and a chill holiday. Now that I got formalities out of the way, let’s dive in!

So, I’ve got my hands on a few pictures from the TEDxAlbaIulia event. What a memorable conference to speak at! Everybody was SO friendly and open and positive… You gave me such amazingly good vibes! inima-albastru




Some of you have been asking me whether or not we had time to do some sight seeing in Alba Iulia. I hate to disappoint you, but sadly, not quite. Claudiu, Emil and I were busy shooting for the revamped Morodan Shop. So we left Bucharest on Tuesday, headed straight to Cluj, and on Friday we were on our way to Alba Iulia. My speech was scheduled to take place the next morning.

I think by now, you already know how speaking briefly and not getting sidetracked is soooo not my strongsuit. So Saturday I listened to meditation music all day while clocking my speech on a timer.









I wore a PNK Casual velvet suit 


The topic this year was Challenging Tomorrow

Needless to say, it’s a topic that’s right up my alley. It was the perfect opportunity for me to speak about how many of us, the girls that started blogging way back when, found our own voices along the way. We stopped being runway-model-wannabes and instead became conversationalists and developed methods of business. Take a note, ladies, and don’t forget: vanity without a cause might feel great but it is not forever.

And if we’re talking about vanity and bloggers, we’re talking about Photoshop , obviously. My whole speech was built around this topic.

What we do is entertainment. And there is a little bit of illusion involved there, like in any field related to show biz. Don’t kid yourselves ladies. Not even those “no makeup/no filter” campaigns are illusion-free. Because a talented photographer, good lighting, and a no-makeup look applied by a professional makeup artist is still an illusion in my books.

So what I’m trying to get to, is this: when you look at us, accept the fact that our image might be altered. But please, pay more attention to what we say and do. Because while our skin can be brightened, eyes enlarged, waists liquified with the aid of apps, our soul and characters cannot. And I doubt there’ll be an app for that in the near or even far future.

For the whole live speech and my unphotoshopped persona just click here


Thank you to the TEDx team for allowing me to speak in the name of a whole generation. inima-albastru


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  1. Dana Buda says:

    L-am vazut cand a fost live pe Facebook, mi-a placut mult discursul tau!!

  2. georgii says:

    Ce frumos vorbesti ❤️

  3. fashion bubble says:

    I loooove that purple suit

  4. geena says:

    Din pacate, daca la unele nu ne mai uitam la imagine, ci incercam sa le gasim un mesaj, sau sa ascultam ce au de zis nu gasim nimic :\

  5. Morofan says:

    You are amazing 🙂

  6. anda says:

    Ce tare ca ai fost speaker la TED, mereu ma inspira videourile lor

  7. zilli says:

    Amazing speech, as always ?

  8. nina Bonina says:

    Haha, cat am ras la discursul tau, esti tare simpatica

  9. virginiaaa says:

    Si noua ne place tare, tare cum esti 😀

  10. Fifi says:

    Ce bine ar fi daca ar exista mai multe femei si influenceri ca tine!

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