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14 April 2017 / By / 7 Comments

Hola people,

I’m currently in Brasov for a project, it’s 11 pm and it’s time for the Internet’s Inspiring Insides – I’ve stumbled on quite a few inspiring shenanigans. 

By the way, this is not Photoshop*. It’s really me. Wearing a casual outfit. Yes, I’m very surprising and out-of-the-box, I know. 



Liu Jo outfit from Unic Brands – Smiling Shoes heels – Prada bag

Photos by Costrut


Let’s roll, shall we?


  • 5 Things Fashion Students Need to Know in 2017– why it’s very important to accept that in today’s world, being brilliantly creative while designing is just not enough anymore. It’s kinda scary and yes, a bit sad, but this is just the result of overpopulation and capitalism. This being the case, just remember what Darwin said: The One Most Capable to Adapt Will Survive. Getting informed is the first step. 



  • What if your life ended this minute? – a little visualization exercise I found while scrolling my Facebook. I’m trying to keep this gratitude rule on a daily basis but sometimes I forget. The other day I had an overwork  meltdown and started shouting in the office that I got so tired of being independent, if independence means working your ass of to pay the bills and so on. This little reminder made me smile and came at the right time. 





*Technically, it is. 



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  1. mara farfuricii says:

    Cat de faina e Ozana Barabancea ??

  2. alexandra_popa says:

    Love the Karla Otto article!

  3. daiana says:

    Oh, what a beret ?

  4. adeee adelina says:

    Adoooor tinuta asta! Si geanta de la Prada e minuuunata

  5. hagi denisa says:

    mi-a fost dor de seria asta, mereu pui niste articole mega tari!

  6. anne says:

    That third article really shook me up, thank you for sharing.

  7. Love your jeans! 😉

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