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13 December 2013 / By / 9 Comments

beautiful morodan

morodan at casara


amazing deco at casara

the little diva


I am taking some make-up lessons – my right eyebrow is the result that I am not that handy at this shit.

morodan having fun

hello fireplace

details of morodan s amazing shoes

casara is awesomeI am wearing an American Apparel skirt, H&M top and The Miss Antoinette heels from  Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes capsule collection

© Serban Cristea with Canon 70 D



“I guest it is. It’s December again. The Christmas month. The month when we all suddenly realize we should be good and do good deeds. To me, that’s a little hypocrisy, but since this is the second year when I’m celebrating these holidays with Serban – who likes Christmas for those moments he gets to share with his loved ones – I am going to play fetch and play nice. Who knows maybe I’ll actually like it someday.”

Those were my thoughts last week. Sure, I can tell you that doing good is not conditioned by a month or a holiday because you already know that. Instead I’m going to invited you to visit Casara Home & Deco (Dorobantilor Street, 59) – you’ll fall in love with their freshly decorated showroom.

Also, you’ll be able to shop Casara decorations at The One’s Christmas Panic Fair (tomorrow at Pullamn hotel) and at Marche du Noel (14/15 of Decemebr – Casa Universitarilor) – both taking place this weekend.

 .I love this brand, ever since my first collaboration with them to when I held my book club in their showroom (stay tuned for another book club soon) Casara made me feel comfortable, warm and at home. And that for me, is the pure essence of a home & decoration brand!


How about you and your Christmas feelings? Oh, I forgot, here’s the winner of the Bon Bijou necklace and stay tuned for another cool giveaway on Monday.



Ana says



Le Grinch Morodan

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  1. luisa enache says:

    ce frumos e look-ul tau! fusta si pantofii sunt uau!

  2. janie says:

    heeey those petite christmas trees at casara are beautiful, and so are you 🙂

  3. Style Bubble says:

    well, either i like it or not, people around me love christmas, and in the last two years i kinda surprised myself enjoying it. but i never was christmas gal, no

  4. Cristina says:

    eu mereu am fost indragostita de craciun, dar cred ca pentru xa am facut o traditie din a calatori si a-l petrece undeva cu totul nou ! arata splendid la Casara, poate il petrec in showroomul lor anul asta :))))) #stupidhonestjoke

  5. elaine h. says:

    I am a bitch all year and become good for christmas. NOT. i know what you mean, i don’t like hypocrisy

  6. i am penelope says:

    looking gorgeous on red ana, love the shoes

  7. natalia says:

    buna intrebare, inteleg punctul tai de vedere, dar pe de alta parte pot sa apreciez sinceritatea apropiatilor dc au momente de bunatate accentuata…repet daca e clar ca e ub moment sincer…asa “craciun fericit!”

  8. Fashion Gal says:

    love your smiling shoes line and your honesty

  9. TEO John says:

    for me personally it is about self evaluation and being comfortable with the people i around me that i wish o could see more often.
    kiss dear!

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