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anamorodan com and bon bijou

Having fun with Bon Bijou

Morodan and Bon Bijou

anamorodan com

Yummy bon bijou

anamorodan com is amazingI am wearing a Zarug skirt, American Retro blouse and Bon Bijou necklaces

© Serban Cristea



I don’t know if you’ve noticed but lately I’ve been more of a minimalist little person than the usual basis. Maybe this urge came from the fact that nowadays fashionistas wear 3 statement necklaces in the same outfit, or maybe because all this Statement vibe has become too common and not so fascinating for me, but somehow my personal impression is that this trend does not fit me anymore.

Sure, I still have my two window dressers filled with boxes of statement jewelry, sure I still clean them every Sunday and sure I love how they sparkle in the light but somehow my fascination turned to another kind of small jewelry. I just think it tells a story in a more powerful way.

What you’ve read above was my impression until I discovered BON BIJOU!

It was the moment when I understood that my love for Statement necklaces cannot die. It can maybe fall asleep for a little while but it cannot die!

BON BIJOU is a young statement jewelry brand that succeeded what many didn’t. To build a story around its products. I’ve asked many of you who said that they saw me wearing Bon Bijou and bought necklaces from this brand “What makes you love this brand?”

Here’s is the general answer:

“Because these necklaces tell the right story about me!”

And that my darlings made me understand that what you love at first sight, you may sometimes love less but you can never fall out of love!

I’m determined to make this month a special one for you so you have time until Monday to WIN and choose a necklace you like from the ones I am wearing today. All you have to do is:

  • tell me in a comment “Which accessory helps you tell the right story about yourself?”

Also, if you want to convince yourself that I’m not talking pr here, you can visit X-mas Panic by The One Magazine at Pullman Hotel Bucharest, on the 14th of December. Bon Bijou will be waiting  for you guys there with some mind blowing pieces of statement jewelry!









Congratulations number 14! Send me an email with which necklace you’d love from the ones I’m wearing.



  Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is .

.Bon Bijou lover Morodan

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  1. Dana M says:

    It must be the necklaces! Big, small, chunky, all of them speak for themselves, describing without words your mood for that day :), therefor they make you tell the right story about you! 😀

  2. Liana says:

    That would be earings and necklaces.

  3. Monica says:

    The answer would be a statement necklace. My favourite is the one you’re wearing in the photo with the croissant. I find it very inspiring because it’a like it has wings.

  4. Alina N says:

    Surprisingly or not, like I’ve also said at the 5minute classes when you asked us ;), it is also the statement necklaces that do it for me. I get noticed because of them and everybody knows me as the the girl crazy enough to wear them, almost all the men ask how can I wear something so heavy on my neck :))) and a woman once told me I know how to pick them and wear them and as the girl who has a big collection of them (lately haven’t bought them so much, I find it hard to find good quality ones that can last the test of time). I got inspired by you, not butt-kissing you, promise, and your early posts on this blog, I coveted the large gems green one (you would say you will love this one forever) and the red delicate one. This is the point when I started collecting them.
    I like how no matter simple or just crappy I am or the outfit is, I can add a statement necklace and va va voom, I feel better, more confident because it draws attention and ready to face the day. And more interesting!

  5. camelia says:

    Hello dear Ana,

    I absolutely love and adore bracelets and big, huge pendants. Simply because I am tini tiny person (not that midgetish to be precise) and I must make myself visible for others to love and cuddle me with their personality, love, friendship and so on ^_^. But in a non material side of things, I enjoy wearing statement jewelry very much and, maybe ,because I had the chance to work among big colored shinny jewells my heart will always melt at the sight of tight big bracelets and geniously crafted pendants and necklaces 🙂

    Have an awesome wintery day!

  6. Miruna says:

    I believe that a well chosen statement necklace will tell a story about you. You can change your story so easily: just put on a different chunky piece and wait for your fairy tale to happen.

  7. Miruna Moldovan says:

    For me, it’s definitely earrings and necklaces 😀 You look amazing, as always 🙂

  8. maria says:

    Since I also entered a minimalist era of my style, I’m currently wearing very fine, silver pieces of jewellry (tennis bracelets, small pendants, discreet earrings). But when wearing a simple grey or black maxi dress, a statement necklace always seems the right choice for me, by its power to change the whole story of an outfit.

    Have a nice day! xx

  9. Teo says:

    Pai, istoria o face the wedding ring, zic. Povestea o fac celelalte bijuterii. Iar noi femeile, suntem niste povesti. Ce sexosenie poate sa fie mai mare decat tu goala.. cu un colier sparkling right above your.. hmm.. sex appeal?! (particip si la concurs acum? hihi)

  10. Diana says:

    The answer is: necklaces. Big, glam and special. You can create a whole story just by adding this details to an ordinary outfit and, more important, it can give you the right attitude for that story you’ve created.

  11. Andra Melinte says:

    If the accessory itself has a story to tell and gives me inspiration, it doesn’t matter what item it is, especially if it has sentimental value. But for now, I am mainly drawn to statement necklaces. Correction, I am obsessed with statement necklaces!:))

  12. Teodora Vermesan says:

    I think the necklaces make us tell the right story. I doesn’t matter the size, shape, colour, material. The diversity makes a different story.

  13. deeaella says:

    My story is simple.Little black dress,red lips and a beautiful, sparkling necklace is my type.Jewelry define your personality and my story is defined by the elegance of this statement necklaces.My favorite is the one you’re wearing in the photo with the Coca Cola.
    You look amazing!

  14. Toma Anda says:

    Right now, the big statement earrings are my favourites, but it really depends on the outfit I’m wearing. I always like to be playfull with my choices, that’s also a reason why I like your blog and everything you do!
    I always use statement necklace to give some class and elegange to every outfit!

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Anda, you won! Send me an email with your contacts and the necklace you feel in love with!

      Lots of hugs and yeyyyyyyyy,

  15. Catalina Stoian says:

    Dear Ana,I’m a minion girl,so for me accessories are the key to define myself. For me, definitely the statement necklace makes me glow and look like a person who has a story:)


    PS: I loooove you statement necklace from the photo with the can of Coca-Cola. You look like the Queen!

  16. Florina Neacsu says:

    Bon Bijou + Macarons + Ana Morodan = perfect match!
    I love the necklace with red, is perfect for Christmas day 🙂

  17. Silvia says:

    I love necklaces!

    Especially the one from your photo..with the macaron 🙂 it looks so cool and chic!

  18. andreea chiriac says:

    for me, the answer to the queston: “Which accessory makes you tell the right story about you?” is the brooch. I think nowadays, brooches are very underestimated. To me, they are maybe the most elegant pieces of jewelry and the harderst to fit correctly in an outfit (you really have to be carrefull to still look classy but not old).Also, since so few people wear brooches now..i think that the ones that do wear them correctly stand out from the crowd . ( i would really like to find out how you would suggest wearing them and complimenting an outfit using this piece of jewelry). i really like the neckalce in the photo with Coca-Cola

  19. Diana Schmidt says:

    Buna Ana,

    Aici Satana!!!

  20. Janice Is Chic says:

    strangely enough for me, i see that not many girls have a passion for rings, but…I DO!

  21. Loredana Monac says:

    The answer is a statement necklace. I love you statement necklace from the photo with the green macarons! It is so happy, just like me!

  22. teodora says:

    eu chiar nu am un singur item, cred ca eu sunt cea care spune povestea despre mine, fie ca port inele mari, coliere statement sau nu, cercei etc 🙂

  23. clarice T.S. says:

    mmm…mmm….the mighty necklace ofc!

  24. Chic & Chic says:

    i can never have enough jewelry Ana! i adore all of them they make feel like a woman and i love that!

  25. denise fiona lewis says:

    your zarug skirt is wonderful! love all of them bon bijou necklaces!

  26. Die Style says:

    nice oufit!

  27. Die Style says:

    i am more of an earings gal. <3 fusta si bluza ta!

  28. alina enescu crin says:

    ah!!! ce frumos!!!! cred ca daca intr-o zi nu ar mai fi bijuterii as simti ca lipseste o parte din mine. eu fara inele nu pot, pur si simplu nu pot Ana 🙂

  29. Diana Schmidt says:

    Buna Ana,

    Aici Satana!!!

  30. Hera says:

    dmamn ce tema grea :))))) acum cum sa aleg??? dupa sufletul meu de azi, cred ca un colier face magie pura cu orice outfit. cerbul tau pare foarte prietenos si…infometat :))))

  31. Mary Keila says:

    you are so right, their jewels are special dear! i myself am a pround owner of 3 bon bijou necklaces, and this item is my statement tem as well. whoever invented the necklace was a genius!

  32. jr says:


  33. anda popescu says:

    pe mine mama si bunica m-au invatat ca un set de cercei si un colier, si un inel de logodna, fac combinatia perfecta. asa ca eu prefer sa port seturi care sa-mi incadreze chipul

  34. Yummy Fashion says:

    hahaha you got me scared for the first two paragraphs! vintage necklaces dear, for me!

  35. Mariuca Stanescu says:

    dintotdeauna, chiar si cand eram la gradinita, ador brosele 🙂 bineinteles port si alte bijuterii, le iubesc pe toate, dar brosa …it is my middle name

  36. Pina Lewis de Chic says:

    hello hello girls! this is the 1920s ever nostalgic who lives to wear head pieces.

  37. Miruna Cristina says:

    My grandma’s ring is the most important accessory I have, it resembles the close relationship I had with her and no matter where am I going or what my outfit looks like, I always wear my ring with pride!

  38. zizi girl says:

    i love you Ana the jewelry lover <3
    p.s. me too! necklaces make me complete dear

  39. Flroes says:

    I always liked big and sophisticated necklaces which made me stand out and emphasize the bold part of me, but from time to time I also come back to earth and wear simple and delicate silver necklaces.

    Love your blog! Kisses

  40. bianca says:

    cand ma uit la pozele astea faci sa para atat de usor “stilul de iarna” 🙂 arati splendid Ana, si m-ai facut sa iubesc bijuteriile

  41. Dana Toma says:

    sunt o mare iubitoare de palarii si inele, dar si coliere, am o colectie de care sunt mandra, sper sa adaug si un colier bon bijou pe langa ele

  42. GINA BOCA says:

    Now, for me the accessory that tells the right story about me is the pink sparkling statement necklace, that Santa brought me last year for Christmas.

  43. CLAUDETTE says:

    In functie de anotimp si stare, piesa se schimba…vara a apartinut cerceilor, dragii de ei, dar acum nu mai au loc de fularele voluminoase, asa ca azi colierul rules! Am zis!

  44. Lavinia Holicov says:

    The real story-tellers: earrings, necklaces and watches! Parol!

  45. Alina says:

    Bijuteria mea preferata este inelul de logodna si cred ca s-ar potrivi de minune cu colierul din poza cu macaronul rosu.

  46. Cristina Răducu says:

    Anything that is elegant, precious, fulfilling the simplistic outfit and make it fabulous, exactly like those necklaces with the macaroons are doing it great with your perfect look! have an awesome December, great lady!

  47. AndreeaC says:

    My most adored bijou that reveals a storry about mne it’s a ring enherited from my grandmother… It’s made out of gold in a long oval shape with a delicate filigree and black enamel and in the middle it’s her initial R. I just love how people admire it and get jealous about it :))but most of all I love that it’s a piece coming from a woman I love and cherish who had made this ring especially for her in her twenties when she was a student, now I’m in my twenties and a student and that ring represents a bridge between our generations.

  48. Julie says:

    Necklaces tell the right story about me! They usually say if I am happy, if I am sad, if I feel confident about me, if I want to be classy, elegant or if I am in the mood to be a little childish. They always manage to tell the perfect story about how I am feeling in a particular day and I love them! I believe every necklace is a statement piece no matter the size of it. You can wear a necklace with a little charm but if you wear it with a good attitude and if you love it, you can transform it in the biggest statement necklace!
    Btw, I love the third necklace, If I would wear it it would say: I am a real princess today!

  49. Beatrice says:

    If there is one piece of jewelry that soothes me at any time, then rings must be the key to my heart. Silver rings, shiny and old, beautifully agonizing. Rose gold, candid, pure, oh so Lolita!
    But then I discovered necklaces, my lost voice that needs no speaking to be listened, adored and understood. The story of the truest believer.

  50. laurenlorrainne says:

    hm..Greu de ales, cu atat mai mult cand e vorba de statement necklace. Insa cel care ma caracterizeaza ar fi “the wedding”, basca, sunt innebunita dupa Colaaa!! <3

  51. Alina Predoianu says:

    my hamsa bracelet is my favourite piece of jewelery from my collection as i am a very superstitious person and i think that, conincidence or not, since i’ve started wearing that bracelet my life started changing for the better.

  52. Marina says:

    My eye-glasses are my statement jewelries!
    An I’m talking about 16 pairs of them, of 16 different colors and shapes: red, pink, electric blue, turquoise, yellow, black, square, oval, cat-like, with ribbons/hearts/flowers on frames 🙂
    I’m the “girl with colorful eye-glasses” wherever I go. Yep, they all have prescription lenses, but it’s part of my everyday look, it’s part of who I am, and even if I could, I wouldn’t correct my dioptre 🙂

    As to the jewelries from your post, I liked the one in the last picture.

  53. ador aceste bijuterii! like,like!

  54. corina says:

    M-am indragostit de cel alb,poza cu macaronsu roz:))muackkk

  55. Georgiana O says:

    Se spune ca cel mai pretios accesoriu este zambetul ^_^…insa si colierele sunt tot un fel de zambet, nu? Completeaza perfect orice tinuta si ne fac sa ne simtim speciale purtandu-le.

  56. Laura Gheorghe says:

    I personally have passed through all the phases. I had my rings period for a long time, than i moved necklaces, than i switched to statement earrings( that was a fun period ) and right now it’s all about the watch and the statement necklace. I think our story changes constantly and that’s why from time to time there’s a different type of jewelry that portraits best what you’re feeling.

  57. Laura says:

    Earings and belts a lots of them 🙂

  58. claudia says:

    Hi Ana! I really like the 2nd necklace!
    My favorite accessory and the one telling my story is definitely my engagement ring, you can see it here:
    It is so me! Thank you for sharing!
    xox Claudia

  59. Soos Cristina says:

    Pfff nu prea ma incadrez in peisaj:(
    am un inel pe care il port mereu,
    cercelusi micuti si cea mai “statement” piesa a mea este o brosa/agrafa cu pietricele pe care o ador !
    Dar poate am norocul sa casting un colier :))
    Imi place foarte tare colierul din poza à2à cu cola in mana si cel colorat din poza cu macaronsul verde in nana 😉

  60. Anne says:

    Dear,Ana probably i’m the most necklaceobsessedperson ,actually i’m a simple person but everybody thinks that accessories are like a candy on the cake wich makes you glamourous and shiny of course it s about style and persons… xoxO

  61. Diana Schmidt says:

    Buna Ana,
    povestea mea incepe din copilarie. Dintotdeauna am fost fascinata de bijuterii, cu cat mai mari cu atat mai mare fascinatia, mai ales ca mama mea nu avea mai deloc. Dar marea mea pasiune erau cerceii lungi. Mi se pare foarte senzual cum cerceii definesc linia gatului, cum pun in evidenta umerii, ochii, parul. Extrem de sexi! Ultima oara cand i am numarat a fost in urma cu 5 ani si aveam peste 100 de perechi. In ultima perioada am inceput sa port mai mult bratari, inele, coliere care nu necesita cercei, cum spuneam sunt fascinata de bijuterii, dar tot ma mai topesc langa o pereche de cercei frumosi!

  62. Diana Schmidt says:

    Buna Ana, povestea mea incepe din copilarie. Dintotdeauna am fost fascinata de bijuterii, cu cat mai mari cu atat mai bine. Dar marea mea pasiune erau cerceii lungi. Mi se pare foarte senzual cum cerceii definesc linia gatului, cum pun in evidenta umerii, ochii, parul. Extrem de sexi!

  63. Caterina says:

    I am definitely in love with statement necklaces and earrings!

  64. Hi Ana!I adore necklaces and i think they tell the right story about myself. I think that any outfit, no matter how beautiful it is , cannot be complete and it cannot define the personality of a woman without the right necklace. The outfit cannot be accomplished without a jewellery , especially a necklace(because they are my favourite ones) because of the fact that only it has enough power to transmit the elegance, the refinery that envelop the presence of a woman. When I have the right jewellery I feel confident, i feel noble, i feel so elegant, i feel beautiful, powerful, i feel important for me, i feel who i really am and who i deserv to be and there is nothing that can tell the right story about myself better than a jewellery.My favourite one is the necklace that you are wearing in the second picture.
    I want to thank you for all that you’re doing and for the fact that you are ofering us the possibility to win a lot of things.

  65. I’m in love with statement necklaces that can speak out for me, telling the right story about the romantic, day-dreamer strong woman that I am. Sparkly necklaces with colorful stones define my playful personality and give me the power to show my inner mood.
    The colorful necklace that you are wearing in the picture with the green macaron is my favourite. The stones that are applied on this particular necklace makes me think about wrapped up candies in a box.

  66. Oana says:

    Must be the influence of trends: ontil 2-3 years ago I used to wear small delicate jewelry but now, hello statement necklaces and big bracelets.

  67. Larisa says:

    Inelele!!! Pe principiul “the bigger, the better”.Parca orice as face cu mainile(adica aproape tot) imi iese mai bine daca am inele(da, ori la plural, ori unul gigantic sa ma vezi de pe luna). As strange as it may sound.. ma simt naked daca nu am cel putin un inel pe mana. Si bineinteles, de cand a inceput mania cu colierele statement, m-a apucat si pe mine si mi-am achizitionat “fara numar”(cand ti se pune pata, ti se pune, nu gluma), dar asta nu inseamna ca am renuntat sa imi cumpar inele.(ca doar n-am innebunit sa fac economie??!!)

  68. Paula says:

    Sincer, mie imi plac cerceii. Mari, opunlenti si plini de personalitate. Poate fiindca eu am gauri in urechi numai de la 14 ani, am zis tot timpul: daca port cercei, macar sa se vada. Si am purtat o perioada lunga cercei destul de mari. Acum, la fel cum si personalitatea mea a evoluat, si pasiunea mea pentru cercei a facut la fel. Am ramas inca la cercei mari, dar nu din aceia care atarna, si culorile au acum mai putine nuante. Si cand ma uit la colectia mea de cercei, vad in ei evolutia mea, personalitatea mea atat de evidenta in culori si forme.

  69. Sorina says:

    Fabulous necklaces and rose watches..lovelovelove

  70. Lorena says:

    If I could pick a single piece of jewellery to tell a story about myself I’d choose a statement necklace, because it can spice up any outfit and it gives the right amount of playfulness and a chic touch to your whole ensemble. You can never go wrong with a white t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and stilettos, all spiced up with a statement necklace. I absolutely adore the white necklace from the third picture.

  71. Monica Daliu says:

    Cerceii sunt preferatii mei, nu pot sa ies din casa fara ei, am o coletie impresionanta, mi se pare cea mai feminina bijuterie, sunt dependenta de ei si sunt perfecti!

  72. Milita Petre says:

    Eu sunt obsedata de inele, de toate formele, marimile si culorile, imi plac la nebunie si sunt dependenta de ele.

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