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26 April 2013 / By / 11 Comments

The porcelain Doll and the elegant chairs

Tea, Cups are the best at Casara

The perfect chair

Tea in Wonderland

The Porcelain DollZara heels, Parlor skirt, H&M blazer, vintage belt, Stella McCartney ring

Photos by Serban Cristea




Do you remember the porcelain dolls our mothers kept in their living room? I always loved the ballerina doll. Her perfect blue shoes, her pale rose blouse and her sharp crossed legs. I always imagined she was telling me “Ana, be feminine, be the perfect femininity example or else I will come alive and dress you in pants!” Bleah, nightmare.

I remembered this porcelain doll yesterday, when I visited the Casara showroom. I marveled from the moment I set foot in their accessories shop downstairs. Tons of glasses, cups, shabby chic deco objects and a positive energy, all at the most accessible prices and right across the street from my house (yes, yes Serban, this is a sign to redecorate, I’m telling you)

You know me, I entered, started asking the sales agent all kinds of questions and messing up her brains until she said “But you know, we have an entire showroom upstairs!”

….Goshh, I would have loved  you to see my face  in that very second.

I had to show it to you, the Casara showroom is decorated like a live in house and you can buy or order everything that you see in it. From furniture pieces to textiles and lighting objects, all in all, everything you see there.

It’s a kind of deco magic and it’s right across my place, have I told you that? Oh, yes, I already did! I’m exicted, leave me alone!






Ana, the decoration lover

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  1. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your outfit! Especially the match between your blazer and the skirt!

  2. Madalina Popescianu says:

    Wow that velvet armchair is wonderful!

  3. nicolette says:

    the place looks marvelous, where is it exactly?

  4. style and style says:

    love the doll-like cupboard! adorable, thanks a bunch for the tip!

  5. miruna says:

    oh, those chairs! i want! wil go there asap, cause it looks and sounds like the place for meeeeee

  6. Georgiana Marin says:

    my God, you do look like a doll in that perfect place. Adore your outfit, all of it, the colors, the textures, the accesorries!

  7. xenia cutun says:

    Tea in the garden…oh…just moved to a house with a perfect space for that garden table 😀 you gave me an idea! tx

  8. Carmen Chirita says:

    Can’t help myself from telling you that I already love this place, especially the drapes and the velvet armchair. thank you for not keeping it to yourself1

  9. Denise says:

    Love your blouse, i will dream about it all day!

  10. princess or something like that says:

    Ca-sa-ra Ca-sa-ra CASARA! Noted!

  11. Natasha Gozun says:

    pale pink dishes, what could be prettier than that? love the place, tx 4 the tip

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