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22 March 2015 / By / 22 Comments

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As you know, I`m a Stejarii Country Club fan – proved here and here. What you may not know is that I`m also a spa addict. You know, Xanax is unhealthy so a spa is a much more relaxing and harmonious alternative.

It was only natural to become a Shiseido Spa lover. And not because it`s the only international spa with a headquarter in Romania. Nope, I became and addict because of their facilities and treatment programs.


Receptie Shiseido Spa


My day at the spa always starts in the lobby were I`m eager to discover their latest goodies. This time was The Zen Project`s serenity bracelets.


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I then take 30 minutes to disconnect in the pool area before my treatments start. By the way, the vitality pool, hammam, sauna and the Zen room (water beds and aroma therapy) are open for everybody, either you access one treatment or you are a member.


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When it comes to choosing my facial treatment I go for Shiseido Glow Revival from the Bio Performance line. My face looks relaxed and fresh after each treatment like this. Bliss I tell you, bliss.


Camera de tratament

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Then it`s all about the Thai Massage. Performed by Thai therapists, this kind of massage is meant to unwind muscles and to achieve complete relaxation. Yes, I may look funny in this special suit and some of the positions are not our traditional massage positions but by God, after an hour of Thai massage you feel like you`ve been in a one month vacation.


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After two hours of facial and body relaxation, I returned for another hour or two at the vitality pool. Of course I did not splash in the pool, that would have been not elegant. I wanted tough..


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Yes, I`m wearing jewelry, it`s more dramatic and glamorous. Yes, I took them off while being at the treatments. Nope, I did not swim with them in the pool either. Breathe.


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Vestiar femei

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetI am wearing an H&M dress, body suit and earrings, Parfois bracelets,  Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes thigh-high boots and a Chloe bag

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu



I`ve read sometimes it takes two to tango and feel great but the real challenge and accomplishment is to learn how to tango by yourself. I think that`s why Spa`s were invented. To learn how to feel amazing with yourself. And to relax. And not to be a crazy midget all the time.

My soft spot near home is this spa. Access a treatment once, you`ll understand that I`m not mumbling in vain.

Goodbye for now, I have to go at the office and get the new line for Morodan Shop ready.










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  1. Maria says:

    This place looks amazing

  2. diana popa says:

    masaj thailandez?! vai de mineeeee, trebuie sa incerc foarte repede. 🙂

  3. Alina M. says:

    Love that body

  4. Stefan Irina says:

    Un loc minunat

  5. Violeta says:

    Arata atat de frumos ca imi vine sa chiulesc dee la serviciu luni si sa stau o zi intreaga acolo 🙂

  6. Ana MAria P. says:

    Awwww Ana you look fabulous! The place is like..heaven!

  7. Marcu Ionela says:

    Ana, locul este intr-adevar de vis. Spa-ul e extrem de bine dotat, foarte curat iar masajul de-a dreptul divin! Produsele Shiseido sunt unele dintre cele mai bune deci spa-ul are plus pe toate liniile 🙂

  8. Olivia S. says:

    am tot cautat un astfel de loc care sa-mi aminteasca de vacanta mea in Thailanda, asa ca multumesc 🙂 voi face un drum special de la Cluj pentru el

  9. SPA-ul acesta pare un colt de rai.

  10. crissa says:

    parca intri in alta lume cand pasesti aici 🙂 il recomand cu cea mai mare caldura, mi-a placut la nebunie

  11. Maxi says:

    cool bracelets and body

  12. Iuliana H says:

    Cred ca mi-as face abonament pe viata :)) multumesc pentru recomandare, a venit la timp pentru ziua mea care e saptamana viitoare 😉

  13. yoko says:

    love the photo by the pool

  14. Natalia says:

    Locul arata impecabil si de fiecare data cand am primit o recomandare de la tine nu am fost dezamargita. So Shiseido Spa, here I come 😉

  15. candrea nadia alina says:

    you rock , girl, you truly are!
    spa-ul este benefic, am simtit pe pielea mea beneficiile sale, problema mea este ca nu ma pot detasa dupa numai cateva ore, la mine “sedinta” de spa trebuie sa dureze minim doua zile, asa ca de obicei imi fac rezervare…si pentru cazare! Bafta, keep calm and be creative!

  16. anca ioana says:

    locul este superb, am fost o data si mi-a placut la nebunie. mi se pare descrierea expresiei “lucru bine facut”, la care au adaugat multa pasiune

  17. ILEANA says:

    cred ca asa cum femeile isi aloca timp si bani pentru mers la cumparaturi, ar trebuie sa faca acelasi lucru cu mersul la spa o data pe luna. e mult mai benefic si mai relaxant decat orice pereche de pantofi, credeti-ma 😉

  18. Fashion Dreams says:

    the place looks amazing, it’s like you are in an Asian spa

  19. cornelia says:

    bratarile tale sunt minunate

  20. Stefana D. says:

    Uite cum mi-ai schimbat total lista de cadouri de ziua mea 🙂 am taiat doua rochii pentru o zi la acest spa minunat

  21. Ruby says:

    awesome dress, I love everything white

  22. alma ruse says:

    locul e de poveste iar aceste fotografii inspira calm si relaxare

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