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.stejarii country club

ana at stejarii-m

stejarii countru club tiriac

pink dress-m

vintage clutch-m


ana morodan-m

beautiful ana morodan

ana-mI am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress and a vintage minaudiere

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at Stejarii Country Club



This is a story about a little woman who…Nope, this is not a story, this is a fact and it’s about me and maybe, you.

A few weeks ago I was so very determined that I should start doing some exercise. I was convinced that this is the year when I was going to start living healthily and practice some sports. Like most of the time, they only remained only words. As you can see from the pictures, I may be a glamorous one, but I am a couch potato! Until one day when I attended a reception at…Stejarii Country Club.

It was one of those formal dinners where I had to smile and wave  so at one point I had to search for a glass of gin tonic somewhere. Got up from my table, left the ball room and just like a twisted Alice in Wonderland, from the reception I entered this temple of  health/sports club. Pilates, fitness, tennis, swimming pool, squash and the list can go on and on and on. Plus Shiseido Spa – the only one in Romania and a Beauty District.

It was way to perfect, stylish, chic and all in one place to say “no” to my conscience. Said and done, I am officially a  Stejarii Country Club  member and I’ve developed a strategy so that this time I won’t give up – I’m going to picture proof every time I go to practice sport and share it with you so that I will be publicly shamed if I won’t keep my promise. #smartstrategy #a?


Stay tuned for a whole year of sports and healthy living testing! I’m so going to shape my body! I hope my boobs will not get smaller, though…



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


The new sport lover, Morodan

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  1. MO says:

    Oh my God, woman! Ce rochie, si ce fotoliu!!! Absolut minunate! Si fata la fel, bineinteles! Good luck with your healthy living.

  2. Foarte frumoasa!

  3. TEO says:

    fabuloasa rochia! iar in decorul asta ce sa mai, parca ma uit la screen shots de la un film de epoca!

  4. Mariuca Stanescu says:

    <3 the clara rotescu dress on you!

  5. I Love Fashion says:

    heavben for my eyes…

  6. Oh Diana says:

    mmmm this stejarii country club is looking quite fancy, especially with you gracefully in it! love it!

  7. denise fiona lewis says:

    love your miaudiere, darling

  8. Carmen Mirea says:

    you’ve got some balls Ana! dar chiar esti determinata daca poti sa faci publica chestia asta numai ca sa te tii de ea! bravo!

  9. Dana Toma says:

    cat curaj 🙂

  10. Yummy Fashion says:

    but you look so gorgeous already ! i imagine how even more gorgeous you be be after a whole year of training! you outfit is WOWWWWWWW WOW WOW

  11. J.S. Luna says:

    you just light up that room <3

  12. Rochita Silviei says:

    culorile din imaginile de astazi sunt superbe, o poveste in culori pe gustul meu…

  13. anca q says:


  14. Passion for Style says:

    looking just like a dreaaaaaam 😉

  15. Irina Voinea says:

    stunning look&spot! good luck dear!

  16. mariuca says:

    pfaaa cata vointa! degeaba spui tu ca esti o un couch potato, e normal sa te relaxezi dupa ce muncesti cat muncesti tu, don’t be so harsh on yourself dear 🙂 desi idea cu expunerea procesului e una foarte buna motivational, ar trebui sa o aplic si eu cand sunt lenesa!

  17. Uber Fahion says:

    haha i guess you were actually expecting for the right place to start, and wow! this is quite a beautiful place to do it! great!

  18. amy love says:

    mda chiar este povestea noastra…

  19. China Girl says:

    you’re out of your mind 🙂 cool strategy

  20. Moda says:

    ah! ce texturi ce loc lady…ce viata…aaah!

  21. kiki says:

    it’ll be fun! you gotta live that velvet armchair, i for one would not be able to get up from it, so you have got some will there!

  22. Fetele says:

    auch ai atins un punct sensibil…

  23. Clara J. says:

    so so beautiful!

  24. tatiana balerina says:

    jezzz cat poti sa ma motivezi, m-am decis sa incerc si eu 🙂 chiar le voi face o vizita sapramana asta! ce entuziasmata sunt!!!!!

  25. Liana Loves Vintage says:

    nice vintage mood <3

  26. nanette says:

    just breathtaking!!

  27. Frumoasa Adormita says:

    go for it Ana! you rock!

  28. isa rose says:

    mmmm arati ca un trandafir intr-o sala de asteptare spre rai 🙂 divine divine!

  29. Juliette Williamson says:

    great! i am so glad i found out about this health spot, i have been looking for a place to do some exercise but with complex programs and first of all civilised! maybe we will meet there

  30. Ioana says:

    Cam aceeas strategie se practica si pe Give it 100 unde te inscrii si postezi mici-mici video-uri sa demonstrezi ca te ocupi activ sa-ti atingi scopul pentru cele 100 de zile. Make it into a challenge si n-ai cum sa renunti!

  31. Cristina who Loves You says:

    Mademoiselle Ana … areti intr-un mare fel 😀

  32. Cristina who Loves You says:

    sa-i dam drumul …ma apuc si eu !
    te imbratisez >:D

  33. Perfection! That dress is wonderful, and you look absolutely stunning! So jealous! 😉

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