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I’ve made up my mind, maybe I’m a different breed…the perfect hybrid!  

I love simplicity in fashion but hate simple thinking individuals, I crave certain brands but I don’t make them my goals, I love this blog and all of you but there are certain people and events in my life that I keep to myself and most important of all, I gossip but very rare judge.

Ok, ok, relax, I’ll stop bragging!

Moving on with our daily agenda… here’s a new thing you should hear about! At least you can give me that…I tell you guys only the coolest things you should search for or invest in.

Now, you might tend to say here’s another alternative fashion/cultural magazine…

Well my friend, you are positively right! Here’s another alternative/fashion/cultural magazine! Started online, ended up in print. Great hell of a deal, I might say! (and I’m not a bit ironical)

They called it  ALL HOLLOW



If you are somehow related to this field – called here figuratively fashion” – you have heard about ID, Numero, WWD, Purple, Love and so on.

Some of them don’t actually say something meaningful, they sell themselves as an underground alternative to the mainstream ones.  But when we find one that actually does and on top of it it’s a Romanian one, well my friend, that is a moment of glory!



I love what  Barna wrote in the editor’s letter. Modesty in creative people is a very rare quality!



They aimed for non commercial and they actually did it! With common sense, originality and passion. I loved Veronica’s daring and Monica Birladeanu proved that simplicity is only for the sophisticated ones. So did Oana and Bianca with the impeccable styling.


Go buy “Decat o revista” – you’ll find ALL HOLLOW!
And stay tuned for their September issue!

Till then, for more interesting/artsy news check All HOLLOW’s blog daily.

Before I go I have a surprise for you! – ha! And you were about to say that I’m not jolly anymore!

You all heard about Moleskine, no?

As documented by many art collections and museums, in the late 19th to early 20th centuries, these nameless notebooks became a prominent creative tool for avant-garde artists who enjoyed drawing and writing outdoors; putting down impressions on paper; painting from life in the streets and cafés; and capturing scenes, ideas, and emotions.
Among artists who used similar black notebooks were  Oscar Wilde, Picasso, Hemingway, Matisse and Van Gogh.

Well, Book Express is giving one of you a Moleskine notebook as a gift!

All you have to do is:

LIKE Book Express on Facebook

Follow High Street cardigans through Google Friend Connect

We’ll have a winner, on Friday, the 27th.

Till then visit their online library, from art and fashion albums to all sorts of books, you’ll find everything! And their delivery services are among the most efficient I’ve seen in this field.

 Please note that if you will leave more than one comment it will be counted as one and make sure you follow all the steps before the deadline day.


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  1. i follow you already and i just liked book express so…good luck for me:D kiss! kiss!

  2. Anonymous says:

    foarte frumoase accesoriile…de unde sunt?

  3. Felicia Grigoroiu says:

    I diiiiid it! fingers crossed!
    You already know im a little stalker, so no new compliments needed 😀


  4. Your blog is really SPECIAL and ADDICTIVE. I read it since quite a while now (more than a year) and I absolutely love it <3
    As for the giveaway… I would like to win it, so I followed all the required steps. I hope I will be lucky.

  5. Diana says:

    I love moleskine for it’s simplicity.

  6. Diva says:

    Gfc: Diva
    Fb: Andra Beatrice Melinte

  7. coco says:

    frumoase fotografii !

  8. I-am “laikuit”, poate am noroc de data asta 😛

  9. MADeea says:

    Although I follow your blog for quite some time now (I check it every day hoping you posted something new, I promise I’m a harmless stalker) this will be my first giveaway entry so wish me luck (I followed all the steps) 🙂

  10. Ana-Maria says:

    Done! P.S. – Can’t wait to buy my own All Hollow magazine !!

  11. Miki says:

    gfc: miki mouse

    fb: silvia mihaela nastrut

  12. Fb: Paula Dan
    GFC: PaulaD

    Imi place stilul tau foarte mult. Imi place ca e necomplicat si in acelasi timp special. Esti o sursa de inspiratie pentrui mine 🙂

  13. Joana says:

    I passed by the website of the magazine and it’s quite amazing. I’d love to buy it, do they sell internationally?

  14. miruna says:

    Amazing giveaway, as always 🙂

    Fb: Miruna Moldovan

  15. Giulia says:

    All the dogs need to be stylish . but for that they need appointments made in an fabulous notebook!

  16. Deniza C. says:

    All done, for these lovely notebooks! 🙂

  17. gina says:

    si cum s-ar zice : the devil wears prada” :))

  18. alessandra says:

    I absolutely LOVE Moleskin:) It is a perfect gift anytime! <3

  19. Anca says:

    Done and done. 😀

  20. Iulia says:

    In sfarsit un cadou mai putin superficial 🙂

  21. Elena says:

    I love Moleskine and you can never have to many…so fingers crossed!

  22. gosh, so many times i said i would buy me one, but i also end up for neah, maybe next time.
    don’t ask why.
    can’t wait for my magazine to come too :).

    Fb: Le reveur

  23. Simona says:

    very intersting!!!


  24. Deiusk says:

    GFC: Deiusk
    FB: Andreia Barabas

  25. anaivecloset says:

    Great giveaway.
    Fb: Tina Solomon
    Google friend connect: anaivecloset

  26. Irina says:

    Perfect giveaway…I hope I`ll be the lucky one.

  27. Pandora says:

    What a lovely giveaway 🙂
    FB: Roxana Pana
    GFC: Roxana

  28. Anna says:

    FB: Iuliana Bocancea
    GFC: Anna

  29. colorsdiary says:

    oh, I so love Moleskines 🙂

  30. Iuliana says:

    I’ll keep my finger crossed! 🙂


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