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23 July 2012 / By / 8 Comments
Hellooo dear people who read this blog,
I know I was absent in our Friday Snobbish Advice. Leave me alone, I’m only human people, a human who works! Ha! You thought that everything it’s all glam didn’t you? Well no, I have to  work just like all of you. Taddaa, the horror surprise!
Well, so that you can see that I actually have a heart and some small and vague feeling…please take note that I’VE MISSED YOU!!! And write this down somewhere cause it may be the first and the last time you hear me make such candid and warm statements (Because I’m stoned in love, ok? Yes, this might be a good argument! I’m stoned in love now take a walk!)
Ok, enough with all my stupidity and fractiousness! I really did, you know? Missed you! But don’t tell anyone, they might think that I actually have a heart!
I was telling you guys on Molecule F’s blog about my already known and declared love for all the eccentric women throughout history and present times.
What I didn’t tell you yet is the absolute fascination I have for Lilian Bassman‘s photography. Google her pictures and you’ll totally get my point of view. All the feminine and mysterious women, the diva like dresses, the abstract color photography…she’s the perfect posterity messenger for the typology of woman that I so much adore.
If she was still alive I would have posed for her in this Le Petit Indigent dress.
I adore it! It has the perfect material, the most mysterious cuts and above all, this dress tells her own story!
The only thing you could do is hope that You are the main character in it!
Now – our weekly agenda:
– don’t forget about the Moleskine notebook you can win, if you do all the steps first.
– tomorrow we’ll speak about our vacation plans and The Snobbish Advice
 annndddd on Wednesday
– the next “what the fuck happened??!” in “A Series of Really Strange Events”
Signed: The Little Fucked Up Mermaid

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  1. Emanuel I. says:

    Esti dusa rau, cum se spune pe la mine pe-acasa.
    Imi place mult rochia, se vede ca te-a ales si ea pe tine.
    Razvan e un geniu in devenire.
    Hugs & cold week hon!

  2. Joana says:

    Wow. Gorgeous..

  3. colorsdiary says:

    super super super 🙂

  4. Mady says:

    love the dress, the styling is pure perfection…


  5. Nicoleta says:

    Where are the pictures taken? It’s beautiful there!

  6. Anca says:

    :))) super cool! acum spune sincer, pe ce erai cocotata?

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