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perfect ana

ana looking awesome

infinite ana

the silence table

ana at the silence table

lace dress



brancusi infinity column

amazingI am wearing my favorite Raluca Mihailceanu dress available at Molecule and vintage earrings

© Serban Cristea



Someone payed me this compliment yesterday I was speaking about online endorsing and my activities at the Naked Pr classes and this lady came up to me at the end of my speech and said “There may be many around you but there’s no one like you”.

I don’t know if it’s true or not but I was indeed quite flattered. And reacted in a shy fuzzy manner like I always do when people come up to me and say they admire my #imnotatotalbitchsometimes #ihope

I used it as a title post for the beautiful Brancusi pictures Serban took of me this weekend. We celebrated two years since we’ve met and a trip to the Infinity Column was the perfect metaphor #thisthingcalledlovethatrulesthisworld


We keep hearing the L word everywhere. From the moment we are born and until we die, this cliche called love rules our lives. It’s like a spam we hear everywhere and I sometimes tend to be all cynical about it.  Well, recently I understood that love is a feeling of completeness we should feel when we look at the sky, we admire nature, we love someone, we rejoice at being in peace with ourselves.

I came to think that in the first place Love is a smile. Because it’s the little gestures that built the big picture. Love is trusting yourself and be the hero of your own life! Love is feeling that you are unique and that there’s no one like you!

And guess what? You really are! And I think the really gifted ones understood that from an early age. And once they did that they became immortal. Just like Brancusi!



Well, looking at the pictures I see that my figure looks like The Infinity Column. Not to panic, in real life I’m more of  The Table of Silence. #hahahaha??!










Ana von Banana



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  1. yummy fashion says:

    exquisite pictures!!!!

  2. oana mara says:

    daca mi-ar face cineva asa un cadou metaforic as fi topita…foarte frumos gestul…

  3. Lucille the Chic says:

    this place trully has a special vibe, it is obvious…

  4. Karmen says:

    uau ce rochie 🙂 demna de.locul asta intr-adevar, si de iubire 🙂

  5. Chotronette says:

    a cincea poza e demna de pus pe perete
    mie una imi da o stare atat de misto! esti superba! va doresc iubire pana la infinit!

  6. Principle of Beauty says:

    sooooo beautiful!

  7. Yrina says:

    trebuie sa recunosc ca imi place mai mult sa te citesc in romana + mi-a dat de gandit articolul tau de pe

  8. Vivi says:

    arata senzational locul acesta, ce bine ca a existat Brancusi 🙂 love it

  9. Zina Cool says:

    ce aparirie 🙂 imi place mult rochia asta, este chiar cool pentru nunta mea 🙂

  10. Ginger Girl says:

    when i was in highschool, i thought we were all the same, so i didn’t feel special at all, i couldn’t understand what that meant, but now I understand, and you are so right!

  11. X RUX says:

    imi place ca sarbatoresti unicitatea si iubirea Ana, postarile tale sunt atat de pozitive, chiar si cand vorbesti de probleme iti pastrezi umorul, cred ca daca toti am face asta, lumea ar fi mai buna 🙂 te pup

  12. tatiana miron says:

    as vrea sa ajung si eu in viata asta la Targu Jiu, sa vad Coloana Infinitului, si minunatiile lasate de Brancusi, this made my day

  13. Passion for Style says:

    a treasure amongst treasures <3

  14. narcisa h. says:

    draguta colectia de tricouri a lui Noemi, chiar imi place

  15. L. Edita says:

    i see perfection! loved your metaphor, very inspiring and sweet

  16. I Love Fashion says:


  17. mary says:

    how nice of her 🙂 and how nice of you to think that way, i appreciate your optimism, it does have an impact on me dear 😉

  18. Game Of Stylegs says:

    regarding your article on, i so know what you mean…it’s easy to complain, but the worst habit we have…

  19. Oana says:

    pozele pe care ti le face Serban sunt atat de misto!!!!

  20. Oana says:

    picture eight! on my wall! 😀

  21. High Heels says:

    astonishing mood and look today! great!

  22. joi pana joi vioi says:

    este atat de frumos sa primesti complimente, astazi m-a complimentat o necunoscuta si am zambit toata ziua

  23. Kira Ioana says:

    love the dress! gorgeous and so feminine!

  24. Soos Cristina says:

    Gorgeous mmm mmm !!!
    Ce compliment frumos ! Foarte frumos tia zis doamna … si foarte adevarat
    Kiss kiss bang bang :*:*

  25. roxana says:

    Esti foarte norocoasa cu un iubit asa talentat la facut poze!

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