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29 April 2014 / By / 14 Comments




It’s me, me, meeeee. Starting with minute 1.00. I talked with Laura Belecciu, the chic host of  Neam Trezit broadcast at Prima Tv, about the S/S Style trends.

It’s always fun and flattering to see myself on so many TV shows so often. #ilookfatterthanIalreadyam #mustgotogym #nowww


Thank you guys for having me!



See you people tomorrowwwww. Muah, muahhhh

# I have a cool surprise for you



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Ana von Banana

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  1. Kira Ioana says:


  2. Micsan Ioana Maria says:

    ador sfaturile tale de lifestyle, pentru ca de fapt asta vine inaintea hainelor, you are smart :*

  3. We Have Style says:

    stylish Ana!

  4. Urania Banescu says:

    you are the best! when will you have your own show on tv? :)))

  5. Pina Lewis de Chic says:

    chic and so witty :* my dear countess!

  6. bea says:

    i also love this pastels trend, suits me so well! i was wearing them in the last years also, but now it’slike the stores are my new home :)))

  7. maria tanasescu says:

    ce bine ca exista youtube 🙂 altfel nu apucam sa te vad!
    felicitari, te pup cu drag si dor!

  8. XENIA the Chic says:

    ah da! galben! e culoarea mea anul asta clar!

  9. Nico says:

    bravo! contesa la televizor! minunat 🙂

  10. Georgy says:

    a true diva has to be on tv :)))) so there you are

  11. July says:

    sincere congratulations Ana!

  12. OTI the Stylish says:

    i do not know about you, but your reaction made me finally get up and go to the gym! just got back with a big smile on my face& can’t wait for tommorrow when all my muscles with be sore 😀 (ouch!)

  13. Anca says:

    Oh boy, I just love your voice and the way you talk, big like for everything!


  14. Soos Cristina says:

    Yupiiii Yupiiiii <3 Superrrr Superrr <3
    Ador sati aud vocea <3 Ma incalzeste !
    Loveee :*

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