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VBV_4060I wore Smiling Shoes gladiator heels, H&M wrap dress, a Laura 8 cross brooch and a vintage pearl necklace, Celine bag and Linda Farrow by Erdem sunglasses

Photos by Vali Barbulescu




I am pretty honored to be included in Hyundai‘s first global campaign – Live Brilliant, especially because I agree with this campaign’s motto and way of looking at everything as in lifestyle, beautiful living and smiling all the way. .The focus values of this campaign are SELF, LOVE,  FAMILY  and FRIENDSHIP and along with these three awesome women, Mirela Bucvicean, Noemi Revnic and Corina – which I proudly call my friends – I spent a day in the Hyundai – Live Brilliant way. The glimpses that you see today are focused on the SELF and FRIENDSHIP moments.


I am always focused to keep a positive tonus even when I’m just by myself because it’s the way you live the small moments that defines your greatest ones, no? People are really important in our lives and finding the right friends with whom you share common values can be extremely fulfilling. Like these women, who put up with my daily stupidity and still love me  #luckymidget.


Here’s us at our favorite spot – La Farine – having brunch and of course having fun and laughing, laughinggg, laughinggggg – we were lucky they didn’t throw us out.


Getting back to the new Hyundai i10 I drove  these days, I must say I adored it! Petite, furious, easy to park, easy to drive, loud (as in it has cool speakers where I can listen to Corina Chiriac at the highest volume) but I can’t wait to tell you more about it in the next episode of #livebrilliant by Hyundai






Ana von Banana

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  1. Tammy says:

    wow nice pictures!

  2. princess says:

    love your outfit and stunning smile

  3. mara says:

    nici nu se puteau aduna patru tipe mai cool laolalta 🙂 fiecare in parte sunteti speciale, superbe si de admirat ! stie hyundai ce stie

  4. Ianula says:

    imi place mult masina asta, am testat-o si eu! fara corina chiriac insa 🙂

  5. Stylish Babes says:

    hot stylish ladies! i bet all of you look stupendous in a hyundai 🙂

  6. kori lorina says:

    asta da surpriza! sunt fan corina! nu stiam ca sunteti prietene!

  7. Silvie says:

    nice 🙂 intr-adevar inspirata campania, valorile de prietenie, familie si sine sunt nepretuite <3

  8. Chic&Chic says:

    love love loooooove your sandals Ana!

  9. Chic&Chic says:

    Big congratulations!!!!

  10. Elenna says:

    era firesc, tu chiar ai a brilliant life 🙂 felicitari esti superba!

  11. Liuba says:

    hehe pare ca v-ati distrat de minune :-))))) o campanie care starneste zambete :-))))

  12. vera amour says:

    acum sunt curioasa, sa vad cum e masina asta

  13. wonder woman says:

    friendship is our super power, isn’t it? and the right car of course! so you say you liked hyunday i10? good to know

  14. Christina says:

    ladies, poza aia in care sunteti toate cu telefoanele m-a facut sa rad 🙂 parca sunt eu cu gasca mea fete

  15. Tanase I. says:

    pffff cat de bine ai spus-o, legat de cum ne definim viata traind brilliantly cele mai mici momente…

  16. hermina says:

    foarte misto la la farine, merg des acolo

  17. yummy fashion says:

    as usual, your accessories are superb. love that laura8 broach!

  18. georgiana savu says:

    la modul cel mai onest, e o masina excelenta, o conduc cu drag

  19. Soos Cristina says:

    Am citit si articolul din Libertatea ieri sau alaltaieri <3 I love the selfie moment 😉

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