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anamorodan comI am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress, a vintage bag from Italian, H&M earrings and The Edgy Lady heels from Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes Summer Capsule

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




Are you familiar with those days when you just get everything right and make the day unforgettable? And it`s all built with easy reachable moments?

For me, the last day of summer (hooray for Autumn) was this kind of a day. It was the day when I took for a ride my latest bicycle love from Bicitalia and the day when I spent an afternoon with the tres simpatico Avi Meilman, Noemi`s wonderful little boy. It was also the day when I discovered this out of this world dress from Clara Rotescu and had this little glimpse of style illumination to pair it with my latest vintage treasure – the Dolce Gabbana -esque purse from Italian

To end it all in a feminine note, I bought some flowers for my vases. Oh, and ate only almonds the whole day, which actually made me feel super light. Nope, don`t start talking on the subject because I know I need a balanced diet, which I struggle to keep, by the way  (I daydream McDonald`s every day)


I was riding my Fascona Donna in Bordo from Bicitalia during this whole summer and I must admit, I do not plan to go back in the car until winter, so this burgundy one is perfect for Autumn. This rage has some pretty unique colors and matching leather bike accessories and I think it`s a pretty chic model so be prepared to see me rolling it around the city.


While proof reading this – because yes, I have finally mind set myself to actually read what I write – I realized that I may be preaching on the Cliche Church again but I think nowadays everybody turns more and more towards the simple, easy reachable pleasures in life. And seeing ladies who never got out of their bmw`s and Prada purses, riding bicycles and enjoying a less expensive item makes me feel positive and serene. There is still hope dear humanity, there is still hopeee.






Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anetta Bicicleta

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  1. Simo says:

    hahahahha, ce dulce e Avi !

  2. christina says:

    nuuuuu! contesa cu masinuta de jucarie in mana!:) adorabili sunteti amandoi!

  3. maddy says:

    the dress is truly out of this world! it’s the wow factor over and over again!

  4. teodora maria says:

    vaaaai, cred ca e unul din pictorialele mele preferate! tu arati absolut superb iar micul Avi e to die for!

  5. #Mihaela says:

    ador genul asta de biciclete soooo Coco Chanel. iar cosul cu husa este accesoriul perfect! sper sa avem o toamna calduroasa sa putem merge pe bicicleta cat mai mult!

  6. carmen ioan says:

    gif-ul cu voi doi e absolut adorabil! sigur v-ati distrat de minune la sedinta foto

  7. fashionista says:

    you look great in that dress! it’s an amazing piece, i love it!

  8. rocsana says:

    the last pic is tooo funny

  9. alinaaa says:

    the dress and the vintage purse go sooo great together! i love the outfit!

  10. wanda says:

    adorable adorable adorable! one of my favorite posts! love it!

  11. gratiela says:

    ce sandale animal print intrezaresc eu acolo?

  12. Veronica D. says:

    vai, de cand n-am mai vazut un copil atat de expresiv! cred ca fiecare zi cu el e o aventura

  13. anca_popescu says:

    bicicleta visurilor mele! si nici cu rochia nu mi-ar sta rau 😉

  14. heidi says:

    the dress is soooo casual and aristo at the same time! don’t know how to say it, but it really is the perfect mix! and it goes great with the sunflower

  15. johanna says:

    how I love big earrings! very spanish!

  16. biciLOVE says:

    ador bicicletele si desi cred ca cele mai multe dintre doamnele mentionate de tine si-au luat bicicleta pentru ca e fashionable, tot e mai bine decat sa avem un oras plin de masini

  17. ana andreea says:

    italian vintage e plin de comori! thx!

  18. Gina says:

    you must print at least one of these photos! they are all so warm and they manage to put a smile on your face!

  19. LULU says:


  20. Larisa Dinu says:

    “ultima” zi de vara a fost si pentru mine una speciala: am primit o bicicleta noua :)) asa ca stiu exact despre ce vorbesti! floarea soarelui in cos am pastrat-o pentru weekend

  21. mo says:

    i can’t stop thinking about this dress sincer i saw it yesterday…

  22. mike says:

    little avi is so cool! he should be the face of a brand or something. don’t let the talent go to waste!

  23. Casandra says:

    am o lista interminabila pentru mos craciun de pe site-ul bicitalia… ce ma fac?!?!?!?!? :)) sunt superbe toate, chiar e greu sa alegi

  24. lADY gAGA says:

    I daydream McDonald`s every day. I DO I DO I DO! RECUNOSC! dar e un omulet in capul meu care-mi spune constant ca healthy si hamburger nu sunt deloc prieteni

  25. a secret admirer says:

    frumoasa aventura cred ca e blogul asta. fiecare postare imi inspira asta. aventura si fun. bravo!

  26. cristina elena says:

    sunteti minunati amandoi. bravo!

  27. ladylike says:

    rochia e wow pe toate partile! atat de simpla si totusi intoarce capetele cu siguranta, in orice ocazie

  28. theresa says:

    the simple pleasures…they are the ones that really matter! like that bunch of sunflower

  29. PAULA SPENCER says:

    i see two amazing smiles in these photos and that just brithened up my day!

  30. Ioana says:

    Anneto, esti ceva…de vis !!!! 🙂 Iti sta atat de bine cu pustiul asta agatat de rochia ta, imi vine sa va pup!!!

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