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Every once in a while I am asked how do I feel so comfortable with my body and how do I succeed in charming everyone if I am not a 90/60/90 model.

Without the inspirational bla bla (in which I do believe mind you and which I do apply in my own life) here`s a succinct answer:

Your body makes you sexy, your face makes you pretty but your personality makes you beautiful!


I feel perfect in my own body because ever since I was little I learned that charm and personality comes from ideas, the beauty of the mind, attitude, behavior, culture, vocabulary, knowing what to say and when to talk, mystery and the lack of any kind of fear (I am sure we are all familiar with social fear `What does lady X think about me?`)

This way of thinking saved me when, during my high-school years, I could have developed frustrations regarding my breasts, my nose, my skinny body – yep, I was so bleakly skinny, a skinny girl with big breasts. But I didn`t because I had already learned the lesson of charm. So I focused on building a beautiful personality and soon after I  realized that what could have been my physical flaws and frustrations became my strength.



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anamorodan comI am wearing a Topshop swimsuit (similar here), a Cartier bracelet, vintage earrings and a Massimo Dutti hat (similar here), Prada sunglasses and Bensimon sneakers from Anastasia & The Funky Twins

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at Fratelli Mamaia



But feeling great just the way you are is also strongly related with feeling good in your body and learning to love your body. Yes, exactly like we read in the self-confidence books that for a long time  I cynically considered them to be filled with marketing crap. For example, the only moments when I feel uncomfortable in my own skin is when something is making me feel uncomfortable. Take for example the irritated skin on my armpits after shaving. It makes me feel rash and mad with no reason. But like I told you before, there`s always a secret agent around and it`s called Dove deodorant.


We spoke about feeling comfortable in our bodies the last time we discussed about Dove and I shared with you my understanding that Dove deodorants contain ¼ moisturizing cream which helps your underarm skin recover after giving you efficient antiperspirant protection and beautiful results.


Feeling comfortable in your body makes you really feel free. Even if you don`t have a Fibonacci numbers perfect face.






Anetta von Morodanetta

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  1. florenta says:

    costumul de baie e absolut adorabil! iar tu arati superb, sa fii sigura de asta! 🙂

  2. ingrid irina says:

    increderea in sine e foarte importanta si la fel de adevarat e faptul ca o personalitate puternica ar trebui sa treaca dincolo de un corp care nu e perfect. din pacate, societatea in care traim ne-a cultivat sa fim superficiali. sper sa scapam de asta cat mai repede si sa apreciem oamenii pentru ceea ce sunt, nu pentru cum arata

  3. High Heels says:

    the swimsuit is absolutely adorable! I love the seaside in late summer, early autumn. it’s really beautiful

  4. Mihaela Popescu says:

    I have the same swimsuit! :))

  5. la_madre says:

    confidence, that’s what we all should teach our children!

  6. tudorita says:

    increderea in sine e foarte importanta. si e si mai important sa nu lasam lucrurile marunte sa ne strice buna dispozitie. fiecare zi trebuie privita pozitiv!

  7. angel2000 says:

    sometimes a self confidence book is just what you need to get that push and move on!

  8. Ana Lipsa says:

    la urmatorul shop my wardrobe aceasta palarie va fi a mea! si chiar daca ninge, o sa plec cu ea pe cap :))

  9. adriannna says:

    cool little person in a cool swinsuit! love it!

  10. Fashion Dreams says:

    you look amazing! So chic and feminine!

  11. sonia says:

    costumul de baie e wow! stiu foarte putine fete care ar putea sa poarte asa ceva.

  12. Chic&Chic says:

    polka dots say everything about your personality 🙂 i’m sure you are a great and funny little lady, not just a fashionable one

  13. delia 007 says:

    costumul intreg iti da o alura de micuta frantuzoaica. tres belle!

  14. theodora says:

    I loved this post! it was so inspiring! thank you

  15. mathilda says:

    the second photo is just amazing! like a 50’s poster!

  16. Claudia Lazarescu says:

    ma bucur sa vad ca exista locuri frumoase pe litoralul romanesc. le voi incerca si eu

  17. gabriela ioana says:

    a skinny girl with big breasts is most of the times every man’s dream 🙂 but the big brests are not always on the woman’s wishlist. i know that as good as you do. D cup to D cup- i fell you, sister! :))

  18. tamara says:

    comfortul e ceva ce obtinem cu greu,e adevarat. trebuie sa ne luptam cu noi in fiecare zi ca sa ajungem la armonie perfecta

  19. Sanziana Ioan says:

    ochelarii Prada sunt preferatii mei. love them!

  20. lavinia says:

    you are so cool and inspiring

  21. carla maya says:

    this post is very close to my heart. i actually needed it today 🙂

  22. Rodica X says:

    ador costumele de baie intregi! mi se par foarte feminine

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