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26 June 2016 / By / 8 Comments

After finally returning to my usual (crazy) office schedule, I feel like I need a whole new vacation already. The #MAP planning brought Crizella out of me and she’s driving everyone (including me) crazy. So, during the 30 second breaks I allow myself once in a while,  I start thinking about the next vacation.


I have come to the conclusion, that the perfect holiday resort needs to be:


  • elegant, filled with nature and to have gorgeous views





  • the food needs to be exquisite (after all, you’re spending a whole week there)





  • its beach should be big enough so it’s not crowded and deliciously golden, with soft sands





  • perhaps the most important thing, it needs to be PEACEFUL





Since I’m not over Turkey yet, I believe my next perfect holiday will be there, again… After taking my list into consideration and debating everything with my team, we came to the conclusion that we really deserve a week in either Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort of Maxx Royal Kemer Resort. They are both elegant, tasteful resorts, which cater to your every need. My favourite part? Maxx Royal Kemer has 800 metres of private beach as well as the largest swimming pool of the Mediterranean. M Team, pack your bags! As soon as the MAP extravaganza craziness is over, we’re going away!




 If you’re not taking me with you this time, I swear I’m breaking all your crystal glasses, you witch!!!




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  1. anto anto says:

    Vai cum arata plaja din prima poza <333

  2. Mimmy says:

    For me food is definitely important 😀 It has to be delicioussss

  3. AnaBanana says:

    Now that’s an awesome resort :OOO

  4. Felicia says:

    Si eu visez la o vacanta 🙁 Din pacate mai e ceva timp pana ajung la una!

  5. Deni Stancu says:

    Hahaha chiar ar trebui sa il iei si pe Fitz cu tine 😀

  6. Avril says:

    Oh man, cate locuri superbe sunt pe lumea asta… ce frumos ar fi sa putem sa le vedem pe toate…

  7. Mimi says:

    Damn that jacuzzi looks amazing, would give anything to take a dip right now!

  8. Ioana Stanciu says:

    Of, ce imi faci in ultima vreme Ana! Numai poze superbe din locuri la care visez de-o viata si noi suntem tot aici, la birou 🙁 fie-ti mila! :))

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