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24 June 2016 / By / 9 Comments

Well… I’m finally back! I wish I could say I took a long, well deserved break, but you know me, one of my favorite saying is “no rest for the wicked”…


Even  though my laptop was still glued to my hands non stop, it was cool to be able to work and ooookkkk, I’ll admit it! Relax a little in more exotic places than my Morodan Offices.

After travelling three times in a little over a month, I am officially versed in the art of speed packing. In my last trip, with the Party Sails, I (almost) didn’t forget anything at home (damn you nail polish!). As Fitz loves telling me, I sometimes am a complete idiot and go to the beach without packing essentials, such as sun screen. Since I love you all and want you to be better off than me…


Summer Travelling Essentials


Sun Screen – duuuh. What can never go missing from your purse is a cream that protects your skin from sun burns, premature ageing, sun spots and other totally not fun illnesses. For my face I chose one from Lancaster and for the rest of the body, Piz Buin is the weapon of choice.


Sole Shop


Sunglasses – Another one that seems pretty obvious, but I sometimes forgot. Do I even need to explain why you need sunglasses during summer trips? Thought so. This summer, I’m in love with Versace, Tom Ford and Burberry.


Sole Shop


Different Purses – You’ll say this is the consumerist in me speaking but wait a minute. You really have no idea how silly it can be to go to the seaside without a proper beach bag. Can you carry a towel, book, sun screen, phone, money, maybe even a beach bag in your evening clutch? Thought so. You need something spacious, yet not pretentious, such as this Balenciaga baby. For city breaks, you need something smaller, classier, but still big enough to fit all necessities. I would definitely pick the Valentino Small Rockstud for this job. Then, there’s this place that all trips have in common: the airport. There you need something small, so your ID, passport, money and phone don’t get lost amidst all the random things we carry in our bags. This Fendi number is perfect.


Sole Shop


Ladies, don’t learn it the hard way, like I do almost all the time. Learn from my mistakes and get ready properly for the fabulous trips that await you this summer. 5b



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  1. Alina Alexe says:

    Ce faini sunt ochelarii Versace, mooor :X

  2. Ioana Miron says:

    Nu vrei sa stii in cate vacante am ajuns si mi-am dat seama ca nu am crema cu spf :)) si am ajuns sa trebuiasca sa o cumpar din resort la de 4 ori pretul. Deci da, se intampla :))

  3. Bibi says:

    Wow, ce frumos se misca norii in prima poza <3

  4. miruna says:

    Oh, if only I could take that Valentino purse with me 🙁 One day!

  5. Kiki Cristina says:

    Piz Buin e Dumnezeu! Singura crema cu care nu ma ard, nu ma despart de ea la mare

  6. AnaBanana says:

    Si eu vreau la mare :((((( nu am mai fost de o mie de ani

  7. MoroFan says:

    Missed you around here 🙂

  8. Iulia Denisa Stef says:

    Ce superba e rochia rosie 😀 De unde e?

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