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Are finally LIVE and OPEN



I`m overwhelmed and proud that we succeeded in doing this. It`s such a big step for my team and I and for the business we`re building.  A showroom for our online shop and offices for our world domination plan #haha


Because we think the time we`re going through with the Colectiv tragedy requires a certain moderation and respect, we`re not doing a launch party. Instead, we tried to picture everything as detailed as possible for you and as from today Morodan Shop Showroom is officially open every week day from 10 am to 8 pm. You can stop by to see our latest It Items – soon online too. The showroom and the online shop will be stashed with new items every month. The added value the showroom has  is that here you can shop exclusive/limited edition pieces. You can preview everything before it goes online and you can shop live your favorite items. 


Now, buckle up and welcome to our world:





Before I start telling you about how I decorated each spot it`s important to state that it wasn`t ME  but WE and mostly HER. My friend, the talented interior designer, Alice Ignatiadis (remember her OUTSTANDING house? And her Cute daughters?) guided me through all the decoration process and her advice and feedback is found in every detail. I wouldn`t have succeeded in building my dream place without her. Thank you Alice, for your talent, aesthetics and for putting up with my nerves. #biggestgratitudehug







As you know, I`m obsessed with ivy and as you can see, we used a lot of it 9b I love crystal chandeliers. The light playing with the crystal makes me think of Belle Epoque.




I`ll try to write from where we bought each object because I know you want to know 🙂  This aristo nightlight is from The Victorian Rose






The golden parrot is from HeartWood and the glass decorations from Casara


colaj 4 (2)








The lady like candy room. The Gin tonic tea room. The waiting room. The meeting room. THE ROOM. 

All the furniture was personalized by Photoliu, one of my beloved deco brands. I`m dying over the chairs and couch and daybed. Basically, I`m dying over everything. We found the art deco table at  La Maison.







colaj 3


The chandelier is from Casara 



Ana Morodan 1


I am wearing a dress I adore and which one special human being,  Ingrid Vlasov sent me right in the moment we were taking these pictures. 


Nope, having your own clothing brand does not mean that you only wear yourself 🙂



Ana Morodan







Sirop all the way. We put the things  which tell a story about a certain moment in my life in my office. You may have seen these objects in all the houses I`ve lived in Bucharest, some of them are even from the Arad period. I try to keep it as light as possible, to exclude the clutter, I keep my desk always clean and without many things on it. It helps me calm the noise in my head. 




colaj 5


colaj 1





colaj 2








The shopping room. 9b The sneak peak. Our latest clothing items are here. The Autumn palette installed.



Still waiting for a few pieces of furniture to be delivered from France but that will take two more months. The waiting is killing me. We have a Photoliu ottoman here too – I`m sorry for not ironing it Irina, don`t murder me. It will be fine :). A huge aristo mirror and that art deco chandelier I bought from France and took a month to find a proper way to deliver it safely to us













Some details from it. We didn`t have time to take down the marble and put another one and it would have been tricky so Alice came up with the idea of making a little jungle and put lots of plants in the powder room. And it was indeed one brilliant idea. Everybody got psyched over it. 9b










My ladies have their own Photoliu chairs personalized as they wanted. 




Alice found this shabby chic cupboard on and it`s absolutely adorable. All my chic plates and dishes in one elegant piece of furniture. Perfection. 






We found this uber chic champagne frapiera at The Victorian Rose. I died. literally. 



My portrait by Miruna Cojanu resides above their heads. So Elena Ceausescu of me. #boo #booo #ihadot #itsfun


10mDeco pictures by Catalin Georgescu – Pictures of me by Silvia Postolatiev


I would like to send my gratitude and thank you to one talented human being, Catalin Georgescu, whom I am proud to call my friend and who despite his few hours before arrival from Thailand, came and took these wonderful  pictures of our new place.  #HEART






So here we are. I`m proud of my people and it`s ok to say that I`m proud of myself, too. It was not always an easy road but we made it till here. And we grow wings to reach higher skies.



One of my greatest desires regarding my activity is to be able to inspire each one of you and to tell you all that YOU CAN DO IT. You just have to believe and work really hard for it. I moved to Bucharest with 200 lei in my pocket…You can do it! Let no one tell you otherwise


Thank you for being here!






You can find us on Aurel Vlaicu street at number 137. I`ll be waiting for you on the pink couch with a gin tonic tea. 6b





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  1. Florescu Petria says:

    Superb! Felicitari si bafta multa !

  2. Gina Firte says:

    Totul este impecabil! Felicitari pentru un spatiu atat de frumos, care iti reprezinta personalitatea pe deplin! Mult succes in noul atelier!

  3. Nagacevschi Corina says:

    Este absolut superb locul asta! Abia astept sa vin in vizita!:)

  4. Felicitari pentru deschidere! Sa fie intr-un ceas mereu desprins din belle epoque 🙂

  5. Felicitari pentru deschidere! Totul este superb !

  6. Crsitina S. says:

    FELICITARIIIIIII draga mea Ana <3 It's so you <3
    totul este minunat ,nu am cuvinte … astept sa ajung de curand sa il vad live <3
    succes mai departe !!!

  7. Little Devil says:

    peretele cu poze cred ca e preferatul meu. ok, si candelabrul de la paris :)))

  8. lavinia says:

    arata minuntat, sper sa te cunosc saptamana viitoare cand ma intorc din vacanta. this will be my fav shopping destination, i can feel it 😉

  9. Olivia Fringescu says:

    Scaunele sunt absolut minunate, iar acel day bed <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. grigore maria says:

    e perfect, asa cum mi l-am imaginat. felicitari din inima

  11. Ivonne says:

    A wonderful place fit for a countess

  12. Andra Lupu says:

    E absolute perfect, pot sa ma mut la tine in showroom? :))))))))

  13. miriam says:

    it look amazing, and I bet it was a lot of hard work

  14. Elena says:

    eu abia astept colectia noua, si mai ales abia astept sa te vizitez

  15. AnaMaria says:

    Decorat superb si cu extrem de mult bun gust, felicitari

  16. Draga says:


  17. crina alexe says:

    dulapiorul pentru vesela e perfect, mersi pentru toate ponturile, ma mut curand in casa noua so sunt foarte foarte useful 😉

  18. Madalina Ionescu says:

    Cele mai frumoase candelabre pe care le-am vazut, bravo Ana

  19. Edna says:

    good things happen to good people 😉 you know the rest, drace

  20. Bianca Mincu says:

    abia astept prima mea experienta de shopping in acest loc minunat <3

  21. mihaela giurgiu says:

    spectaculos de-a dreptul

  22. Adriana Costea says:

    baiaaaaaaa e divina. ce bine ca n-ai nevoie de dus, din pacate eu am ca as fi facut acelasi lucru

  23. Mady says:

    love what you did with the places! the chandeliers are amazing! I want them all!!!


  24. Carmen says:

    Vai ce dragut este showroom-ul tau!! Te caracterizeaza intru totul! Felicitari! 🙂

  25. Laura Stoianov says:

    Draga mea, felicitari din inima. Locul te reprezinta perfect si e minunat pentru noi, cele care te admiram, sa avem ocazia sa patrundem in universul tau intr-un mod atat de personal. Abia astept sa te vizitez

  26. grazia says:

    such amazing taste, love it

  27. Ilinca Popa says:

    baia e preferata mea, solutia aleasa e geniala

  28. jojo says:

    THAT CHANDELIER <3 <3 <3


    Felicitari, e perfect!

  30. Catrinel says:

    Locul este o adevarata inspiratie cand vine vorba de deco, imi place la nebunie

  31. elena b. says:

    you are now the queen of chandeliers, that is a fact

  32. Addina says:

    Great place, can;t wait to visit <3 <3 <3

  33. nadine says:

    I think my absolute fav are the grey stairs, they are soo cool

  34. Alice says:

    Superb, felicitari din inima! Ma bucur pentru tine desi nu te cunosc, dar sper sa am ocazia intr-o zi 🙂

  35. Suzy M. says:

    It’s like you’re Ana in Wonderland <3

  36. Laura says:

    Felicitari si mult succes in continuare!!! Am ratat deschiderea anul acesta, dar vin in Romania in aprilie si ne vedem! And btw of gin tonic, am descoperit un super brand Monkey 47- trebuie incercat daca nu l-ai facut deja- absolute heaven…

  37. Sasha says:

    Felicitari, my dearest !! ^^ I am uber happy pentru tine !

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