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Ana adores Zoe and Ana


Dear viewer, brace yourself, this is not a story about the perfect fitted dress or some awesome shoes, you’ll see clearly that in some pictures we wear shoes, in some we don’t. You can also see as clearly as daylight that my dress might be too long or our hair does not have a good day. All these are irrelevant because this is a story about the perfect moment. That unforgettable moment that we will never lose!


Morodan and her little kids

Zoe is amazingggggggg

anamorodan com

the most beautiful little ladies in the world

anamorodan com is awesome

Ana the smart and beautiful girl

anamordan com is amazinggg

The perfect triooo

Zoe and Ana

anamorodan com is the coolest romanian blogAna and Zoe wear costumes from Halloween kids collection from H&M. I am wearing a Rhea Costa dress

© Serban Cristea




Maybe it’s because I’m turning 29 pretty soon and my biological clock starts to tick, maybe because a while ago I fell in love with these two magical little ladies – Ana and Zoe Ignatiadis – and couldn’t get them out of my mind or maybe because of these super awesome Halloween costumes by H&M, but lately the “kids” issue is mingling in my head.

To speak clearly, I always was a pragmatic idiot, eternally convinced that kids are not in her life plan. I am pretty afraid to think that they actually might be. Paradoxically (another hint that I am a woman, besides the big boobs) I love spending time with kids.

I don’t know if I ever told you but my mother was a kindergarten teacher and I was always surrounded by these miniature humans. I have a nephew (my cousin’s child, I’m a single child, no brothers or sisters) who is 14 now and I remember my summer holidays and how much fun I had with him when he was a kid. Then, years later, my other cousin was born and I remember how many adventures we lived together. Mittens has two kindergartens so each time I visit Arad and her, my days are filled with kids. Is the universe trying to tell me that I planned my life without something in it?

For reasons that would take too long and too many memories to be written here, I somehow know that I can be a good and responsible mother and when I will become one I really hope that my kids will resemble these two amazing little ladies – Ana and Zoe.



A few things about Ana – the little mermaid

  • she adores horses and takes ridding lessons
  • Ana has a secret drawer where she keeps all her girlie make-up
  • she takes care of a pigeon she found in her backyard
  • she hugged me the first moment she saw me


.A few things about Zoe – the petite Marie Antoinette

  • she fell in love with her dog purse and she will keep her secrets in it from now on
  • she adores Bensimon sneakers like I do
  • she loves pigeons also
  • when she kisses you, you see little sparkles and you are filled with a universe of kindness
  • she looks like a miniatural me



Yes, I am sure you already adore these Halloween costumes. You can find them along with other awesome ones starting today at H&M (Baneasa Shopping City and Mall Vitan). I salute H&M for this initiative. The profits from this collection will go to UNICEF ‘s founds for helping kids in need.

Yes nr. 2, I loved playing the ice mother although that was pretty hard because I constantly wanted to play with my awesome little friends.



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Ana & Zoe & Ana banana send you lots of hugs

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  1. The little ones are so cuute! Lovely outfits! 🙂

  2. Ioana says:

    Oh, Ana, you look so adorable all 3 of you! I, just like your mom, used to be a kindergarten teacher and, just like you, never thought would get to be a mother a few years back. Now I feel that choosing to be a mom was the best decision of my life, along with sleepless nights, lack of time for myself and being overweight again. It is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and God bless the moment I took this decision! I wish you will have a Marie Antoinette of your own to love and to hold forever!
    You look amazing, like always.

  3. Doua printesici plus Contesa Suprema rezulta un shooting superb.
    Ana, rochia ta este divina (cred ca stii asta), iar prietenele tale sunt cele doua ciresici de pe tort.
    Ma inspira foarte mult articolele tale.
    Te pup.
    P.S. Deja am inceput sa imi completez, incet, incet, garderoba cu piesele propuse de tine la 5 minute. Multumesc!

  4. Lavi says:

    You look amazing and this part fits you great! There’s a huge resemblance between you and the little one 😀

  5. lademoisella says:

    Ana, you are amazing and I’m convinced you’ re gonna be a great, adorable, fashionable mom of some beautiful, sweet girls (or boys :D) that will melt your heart.

  6. Crina Stoicescu says:

    e absolut de poveste! sunt divine costumele si fetele! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  7. Luly says:

    toate trei cu ochi maaaari si divine, in niste rochii asa frumoase, foarte frumos e o placere sa ma uit la voi si la rochiile voastre somptuoase 🙂

  8. Style Bubble says:

    oh ana, i used to do exaclty the same, analise and think and have opinions, and when i got pregnant, that was it, if you think about things like this, the moment is close 🙂 just a humble mother opinion! lovely costumes, will get one for my daughter <3

  9. Dianaaa says:

    trei dive! vreau si eu sa fiu sirena!


    now that is what i call fashion, girl!

  11. Hera says:

    abia astept sa am doua fetite si sa le imbrac asa frumos, sa asteptam halloween-ul si sa ne deghizam, sa avem gentute – caine, si sa ma imbrac intr-o rochia ca a ta cand iesim toate trei la promenada! splendid!

  12. cristina mirescu says:

    ghici de unde iau costume pentru nepotelele mele! H&M! sunteti superbe

  13. JULES says:

    hmm hmmm! sorry, but Zoe got my heart! great idea H&M!

  14. A Modern Girl says:

    m-am topit m-am prelins pe podea, sunteti de poveste, ador toate trei fetele si rochiile, se va bucura finuta mea!

  15. Ralu Ralu says:

    I have to say you’d make a pretty cool mother! nice outfits today
    H&M is always cool and ahead of other brands, love their originality!

  16. Irena says:

    I so recognized myself in what you wrote about kids. The scariest part about having kids seems the “teenage” chapter. I get anxiety just thinking about it and for this reason and more I’m not ready just yet. Is that so bad? Maybe , maybe not. Right now I’m the mother of 2 cute fur-babies and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank goodness my hubby supports me. BTW I love the dress. A bit too much bling bling for my taste but it’s very elegant and tastefully done.

  17. Emanuel I. says:

    Esti si mai superba alaturi de ingerasii aia.

  18. Esti superrrba, Ana!!! <3

  19. Soos Cristina says:

    I have to say :
    I didn’t saw this coming 🙂
    But you 3 look great 😉
    kissses :*:*

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