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ana morodan



It was a gloomy Autumn morning when my path seemed to cross a beautiful encounter. It was the morning when I went to have my portrait painted. I armed myself with patience and cigarettes, knowing that the process will take a while. Little did I know that I will leave not only with a portrait of myself but also with an unforgettable life experience.



miruna cojanu

ana morodan and miruna cojanu

miruna cojanu

ana morodan by miruna cojanu

ana morodan

details miruna cojanu atelier

miruna cojanu

miruna cojanu

ana morodan

detils miruna cojanu atelier

miruna cojanu, ana morodan

ana morodan


Miruna Cijanu in her atelier

Miruna Cijanu and her beautiful paintings

ana morodan portrait by miruna cojanu

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




Here`s how it all went down. Miruna Cojanu is one amazing character. And I am not bluffing, stop by the next time she opens a varnishing day, you`ll convince yourself. She made her life successful until one day, when she took her success and turned it into talent. And according to some famous art critics, she sure has a bunch of it.

Well, another important aspect regarding Miruna Cojanu, is that she follows my adventures. Mmmmyessss, important because this is why I was proposed to have my portrait made (which is something so out of this world cool. Must keep in mind the next time I want to surprise someone)

And so, on that gloomy Autumn morning, I parked my car in front of her atelier, took my bunch of cigarettes and stepped inside. Moment in which I was kinda blown away. I was blown away by the positive and harmonious vibe that received me, I was blown away by Miruna`s presence – so balanced and poised and yet so down to earth – I was blown away by all the paintings, everywhere. It was like they were alive, people, but most of all, feelings, the atelier was filled with feelings, transcending the canvases.

I don`t know when the hours in which Miruna painted me passed. I don`t know to explain you which technique she used, I don`t even know how many cigarettes I`ve smoked but what will forever remain in my memory are the eyes from the painting she made after me. They talk about the same feelings my eyes do.


Right in this moment, while I am writing this, I am accompanied by the beautiful painting, which now sits on the center wall in my living room. From it, looking down on me, vaguely smiling, is a little dark countess. She has red lips, cat eyeliner, a signature hairdo, smokes a cigarette and her eyes tell a thousands stories. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes even sad stories but definitely stories that will make history.


Thank you Miruna! Thank you for your talent. Thank you for my beautiful portrait. Thank you for painting my eyes with that exact attribute they have and of which we never discussed, but you saw it in me. And thank you because you have given me not only a painting but a proof that I`ve become who I was meant to be.

Now I truly understand what catharsis means.








 Portrait Painted Ana



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  1. Joana says:

    What a gorgeous portrait ! The colours are simply amazing.

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    Foarte talentata Miruna
    Imi place cum ti-a surprins ochii ❤
    Pupici :*:*

  3. adriana says:

    superb tablou, si celelalte sunt foarte intresante

  4. clara stroescu says:

    superb! am intrat pe site-ul ei si ma gandesc serios sa-mi fac si eu potretul! arata foarte interesant!

  5. Anca says:

    rochia ta e minunata!

  6. mirela says:

    aaaaa, fundaaaaaaaaa revine! si a fost imortalizata superb!

  7. greta l. says:

    i love it! the painting is absolutely amazing!

  8. maddy says:

    love your dress

  9. carmen says:

    the eyes really are deep! great artist!

  10. Adela says:

    pe fata Mirunei se citeste faptul ca e fericita cu ce face! ma bucur enorm cand vad astfel de oameni, mi-ar placea sa o intalnesc!

  11. moe says:

    you have an ALIVE PORTRAIT! WOW!

  12. ILEANA says:

    purple maze e absolut superb!

  13. ANA POPA says:

    hmmm, cred ca si un nud semnat de Miruna ar arata foarte interesant!

  14. andreea stroe says:

    absolut superb!

  15. margot_labelle says:

    wow, her work is amazing!

  16. Ralu says:

    sunteti superbe amandoua!

  17. Lana says:

    Super e jocul culorilor!!!

  18. catalina florea says:

    portretul LOVE e absolut superb! ma uit la el fascinata de 10 minute!

  19. edna says:

    this is just wow! i love it!

  20. maria popa says:

    vreau si eeeeeeeeu!!! vreau vreau vreau! 🙂

  21. Candice Petre says:

    minunat! un adevarat talent!

  22. Smurfette says:

    gorgeous! they are all amazing

  23. Ioana says:

    Cat de frumos e portretul! Si cat de frumoasa si talentata este aceasta artista! Big, huge like!

  24. anda petre says:

    foarte frumos! mi se pare un cadou deosebit

  25. marie simone says:

    it’s just wow! I bet it looks amazimg on your wall!

  26. Ruxx says:

    ochii spun milioane de povesti!

  27. cristina buzea says:

    imi place la nebunie! e foarte special

  28. maxine says:

    I don’t know much about art, but I love this painting!

  29. darina says:

    so special!

  30. Diana says:

    I love them all!

  31. Panait Adriana says:

    arati minunat in culori tari!

  32. Marina says:

    foarte frumos!

  33. f.lore says:

    love the dress!

  34. Carmen says:

    Tu ca tu, dar EA ce frumoasa este!

  35. valentina says:

    Citesc de mult timp aproape tot ce scrii, dar de departe ce am gasit aici mi-a placut cel mai mult. Ma bucur ca sunt oameni care iubesc viata si frumusetea, prin toate formele ei de exprimare, cu atata pasiune.

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