The Morodan by YVY Bags – Chapter II

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24 November 2016 / By / 30 Comments

One year has passed since my first collection with YVY Bags, one year during which I’ve spotted the bags from our first collection on the streets, at events, at cocktails and even at the bank.  inima-albastru

In our first campaign, children were the main motive. One of my friends got the point though – nailed it, saw behind the curtains, call it what you like- and found that the bags were like children to me.  But I digress, let’s get back to the present day, a glorious time, time during which I’m still not planning to have kids and still not planning to marry. Which brings us to the next topic.


Let’s see, what do we carry in our bags? I carry my red lipstick, my iqos, my mirror, a face powder, my agenda, my laptop, my wallet, a small bottle of Gin, my reading glasses (yeahhh) and one pair of fishnets – ALWAYS. And of course, some meaningless bag clutter, you know, those things you don’t need, but you still keep in your bag. Our bags are our safety net, our bundle of joy, our femininity’s validation, we care for them, we take care of them, we love them! Exactly like we love our partners. #metaphoricallyspeaking #ornot 


The Man (thank you for not freezing to death Sergiu – Sergiu is a trainer at WorldClasss Romania) metaphor from The Morodan by YVY Bags – Chapter II is much more than just eye-candy. We have an ideology. We don’t think you need a child or a man to feel validated, but even if you don’t agree with us, we just want to give you something to empower you and make you feel like Wonder Woman. A life partner is uber awesome to have, don’t get us wrong, but if you don’t, it’s not something that should make you feel incomplete! You are Complete! You just didn’t find the right bag to make you feel that way. And good bags, unlike good men, are SO much easier to find. 8b


The Morodan by YVY Bags – Chapter II is available on YVY Bags and on the soon-to-be-launched Morodan Shop. 







The Morodan by YVY Bags 

Photos by Blac Chyna – Art Direction by Lord Watson 


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  1. Delya says:

    A collection of men really doesn’t sound so bad #lonely :))

  2. MissLove says:

    Nu sunt sigura daca artficiile vizuale imi influenteaza sau nu opinia, dar imi place colectia asta mult mai mult decat prima. You’re a genius <3

  3. Gigi Marina says:

    Everything in this post is perfect! And I mean EVERYTHING

  4. Malu says:

    “And bags, unlike good men, are SO much more easier to find.” ahahaha, ai pus punctul pe i!!!

  5. Olivia says:

    Love love love this collection, that last red purse I neeeeed

  6. Petra Alexandra says:

    Te-am vazut din masina, am crezut ca visez :)) Esti extraordinara!!

  7. Adeeee says:

    Cat de tare, nu pot sa cred!!!!!

  8. Marina says:

    Prima ta colectie de genti a fost geniala, abia astept sa o vad si pe asta 😀

  9. MillenialQueen says:

    Now THAT’S a power outfit

  10. Oanaa D. says:

    Mor dupa geanta rosie <3333

  11. Deedeee says:

    Pozele astea sunt absolut genialeeeee!!!

  12. Mona says:

    Damn, I love those tights so much

  13. Carolina Dumbrava says:

    That last photo is everything :X

  14. Olly says:

    Nu ma pot decide daca sa ma uit la genti, la tine, sau la el :))) Awesome!

  15. AdinaM says:

    A zice ca I love your chocker, dar I love other things more in this post :))

  16. Fashionista says:

    Yay! Awesome bags!

  17. anabanana says:

    You’re amazing <3

  18. Felis says:

    Oooh Morodan, nu cred! Cat de tare

  19. Amelie says:

    Iti admir curajul! Eu abia pot sa imi fan un selfie in public

  20. Iulia Denisa Prindel says:

    Doar tu poti sa faci asa ceva, Morodan <3

  21. Ovvy says:

    Tocmai ma gandeam ca ar trebui sa merg la sala, iau asta ca pe un semn :))

  22. RedCecily says:

    Awesome photos, you’re always so bold and brave, I just love every single one of your posts

  23. Sabina says:

    Ce mult imi plac gentile cu ciucuri <3

  24. Olga Minulescu says:

    De fiecare data cand ai o postare mai speciala sau diferita ma gandesc ca gata, nu se poate, chiar nu se poate sa faci ceva mai tare de atat. Asa am simtit la postarea cu sirena si eram sigura ca aceea postare va ramane no 1 pe veci, dar iata ca you did it again 😀

  25. Dalidali says:

    Nu ma bag in seama cu commenturi prea des, dar de data asta nu ma pot abtine! Absolut superb, genial, funny & magnific. Chapeau!

  26. Bibi says:

    Hot “bags” 😉

  27. DarlingDaria says:

    Nu ma pot decide ce-mi place mai mult in aceasta postare 😀 In orice caz, everything (& everyone) is hooottttt

  28. Ama Botila says:

    Am si pus 3 genti pe whishlist, ca tot vine Craciunul 😀

  29. Dananana says:

    Ultima geanta, cea micuta si rosie <3333 E preferata mea din aceasta colectie, clar!

  30. Maria Tilda says:

    Te urmaresc de cativa ani, iar asta este cu siguranta postarea care le intrece pe toate!

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