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6 October 2015 / By / 43 Comments

Dear all,

In caz ca nu stiati, astazi am devenit mama. In mai multe exemplare chiar.
The Morodan by YVY Bags is live. Sa-mi spuneti daca am copii draguti.


Ana Morodan


Oh well, what would this Autumn be without a bag collection? Without My Bag Collection? 9b We have the Birkin, the Kelly and so on. Well,  The Morodan was in order. I`m not a millennial countess for nothing, am I? 


Bags are your children Morodan, one of my friends used to say.


Ana Morodan 4

Ana Morodan 1

Ana Morodan 5

Ana Morodan 7

Ana Morodan 10

Ana Morodan 3

Ana Morodan 11

Ana Morodan 2


Ana Morodan 9

Ana Morodan 8Hardot heels – Pnk Casual blazer, Gabriela Dumitran hat 

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu



So when the time came to sign a bag collection and put together some of the bags which are my Top Favorites, the natural choice was to do it with  YVY Bags – a renowned brand of bags with a 45 years long history in leather goods and one of the bag brands which all the stylish people around here adore nowadays. 

Ioana, the YVY Bags owner is a smart,organized and responsible young woman. I`m a chaotic, mad and lunatic person. As you might suspect, the match was made in Heaven. #ISecretlyThinkIoanaNowHasAFewGreyHairsBecauseOfMe


After hours of talking and a few glasses of Gin Tonic we`ve put together the bags which represent for us  the essence of a modern lady:


  • The daily bags perfectly fitted for our laptops, agendas, make-up cases and all of our lady like ciurucuri.  


  • The clutch. Made it a little bigger. Minaudieres are magical but YOU CAN`T STASH ANYTHING IN THEM and this is driving me crazyyyy


  • And my personal favorites – The Cross body bags – They make me feel so free and carefree but they are big enough to fit the essentials and carry them always with you


Did I ever tell you why I love bags so much? Because they help me carry a part of my universe wherever I ago. And if there`s one thing I learned over the years is  that one of the most important things in life is to never forget who you are. No matter where life takes you. 


I hope this Autumn will bring you as much magic as it brings me every year. The Morodan by YVY Bags brings me the same joy and overwhelming as Autumn does. I hope you marvel in front of Avatar like forests, pumpkins, fallen leaves, chestnuts, fog, vineyards, gloomy weather and rain. And I hope this bag collection will help you take a part of your universe with you to countless adventures. 



Oh, something relevant:



  • Each bag can be custom made in any color of the collection as seen Here



*Thank you Vogur for the shooting inspo inima-albastru




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  1. Laura Driha says:

    Oh, my! Cea verde e magica… Felicitari, ai niste “copilasi” superbi! Seamana cu mama lor!
    Apropo, daca-i vinzi nu suna ciudat pentru protectia copilului? :))) #kidding

  2. High Heels says:

    Awesome photo shoot and very cool bags, the red one is my absolute favorite 😉

  3. nathalie says:

    Yeeey, finally another bag collection signed by Morodan, I want it all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Maria Stefanescu says:

    Draga mea, sunt minunate toate, felicitari pentru aceasta noua realizare

  5. fifi says:

    the Morodan babies have the most amazing stroller eveeeeeeer 🙂

  6. ioana maria popa says:

    dar ce mama super moderna :)))) tinuta e geniala, so hot and sexy

  7. Cosmina Dinu says:

    wow, cele verzi sunt minunate si ma bucur mult ca ai colaborat cu Yvy BAGS, un brand cu istorie. Felicitari, acum ma duc sa-mi comand preferata 😉

  8. amalia says:

    am devenit mama in mai multe exemplare :)))))) genial! felicitari, copiii sunt superbi

  9. Emi Love says:

    Sexy mammah and the most perfect babies I’ve seen lately. I shall adopt half of them, can’t wait 😉

  10. andra says:

    cred ca primul impuls ar fi fost sa le comand pe toate negre, dar culorile sunt atat de frumoase si cred ca as strica tot farmecul, mai ales la cele nude si verzi. ce verde frumos, by the way 😉

  11. Mioara Pantea says:

    The Morodan suna perfect 🙂

  12. lilly says:

    the perfect clutch, I love it

  13. Doina Maxx says:

    Ma bucur mult pentru aceasta colectie minunata, si ma bucur si mai mult ca sunt si genti mari, pentru ca da, sunt una dintre acele femei care are jumatate din tot ce poseda in geanta :))) bravo, sunt perfecte

  14. anca dincu says:

    doamne, ce alegeri grele ma pui sa fac, mai Ana :))) cum sa aleg eu intre copii asa frumosi?

  15. Florentina Andrei says:

    copiii tai sunt nascuti in aceeasi zi cu mine, a match made in internet heaven :))

  16. predoiu ancuta says:

    ma bucur sa vad colaborari frumoase intre branduri pe care le apreciez, bravo din toata inima Ana si Yvy Bags

  17. Ce prezentare perfecta!
    Absolut superb conceptul, gentile sunt minunate, felicitari! 🙂

  18. Dorothea says:

    pentru ca tin minte de ieri cum e cu shoppingul de impuls 😉 incerc sa temperez. postarea de azi nu ma ajuta deloc :))))) le vreau pe toate, sunt superbe

  19. elisabeta s. says:

    sunt minunate toate, cele bej sunt preferatele mele

  20. oana matei says:

    Foarte foarte frumoase, si desi n-as fi crezut asta despre mine, o vreau cu disperare pe cea fuscia :))

  21. Lilly_Sunshine says:

    I tottaly love this photo shoot, you look amazing and you are such a great character on camera, you can be absolutely anyone, I love this about you

  22. Marilena says:

    Te urmaresc de mult timp si vreau sa te felicit pentru tot ce faci

  23. Alexa says:

    Now you’re the queen of bags also 😉

  24. lorena marinescu says:

    imi plac plicurile la nebunie si mai ales imi place sa sunt incapatoare, eu sunt o mare fana plicuri, le port aproape in fiecare zi

  25. Lavy says:

    great collection, congrats

  26. Andreea Gabriela says:

    cei doi mici din carucior sunt preferatii mei 😉 bravo pentru toata colectia, se vede ca e foarte muncita

  27. manuela says:

    un rosu perfect, iubesc gentile rosii

  28. Florentina Oprescu says:

    Sunt minunate, mi-ar fi placut si cateva portofele

  29. lollo says:

    The Cross body bags are the must must have for every woman. They are so versatile and comfortable at the same time

  30. Roberta X. says:

    ma intreb ce-au spus oamenii care te-au vazut cu caruciorul :)))) hot mammah of really cool babies, ti-au iesit perfect. sa mai faci 😉

  31. olive oil says:

    some of the most amazing photos I’ve seen lately

  32. Corina P says:

    the perfect red bag, I love it!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Crsitina S. says:

    in special plicul crem si geanta verde <3

  34. oana andreea says:

    ce tocuri, ce picioare, ce genti, superbeeeeee

  35. Tatiana Duta says:

    Santa turned out pretty awesome, bravo Ana 😉

  36. larisa says:

    arata impecabil, felicitari. si felicitari pentru toate proiectele tale

  37. Ada says:

    gentile postas sunt si preferatele mele, iar acestea sunt absolut superbe, ati facut o treaba foarte buna

  38. Greta says:

    Foarte frumoase,cea rosie e cu adevarat speciala

  39. Marieta Fincu says:

    Ana, copiii tai sunt superbi 😉

  40. Anca says:

    Imi place foarte mult clutch-ul, dar nu am gasit nici un link catre el.

  41. george says:

    Mai bine pui tu mana si stergi toate pozele facute la muzeul Enescu, sa nu te trezesti cu surprize

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