The M Office & The Kiehl’s Adventure

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5 December 2016 / By / 11 Comments

One of our beloved beauty brands celebrated a year in Baneasa Shopping City and invited us to celebrate together. inima-albastru




We all took the skin test and discovered the best products for our complexion. George was really into it. He’s a major Kiehl’s fan! We talked about our favorite Kiehl’s products (mine is the UVA/UVB blocking cream – not a bit oily – and the Avocado eye cream) and enjoyed a drink from their special bar (all the drinks were served in test-tubes holders). I’ve also discovered their new body butter with lavender #bliss (basically you moisture your skin and get to relax in the same time inima-albastru) – the two Anas were fans (the Ana you see here today is part of our shop developing team). 











The M Office at Kiehl’s Baneasa Shopping City 

Photos by Tiberiu Rahau


Each Christmas Kiehl’s releases a special packaging for its products, done in collaboration with an artist. It’s the brand’s way of supporting the art community. So we got acquainted with their new Christmas special edition packaging, realized in collaboration with Jeremyville – one of the most renowned New York artists. 

For this Christmas, the Jeremyville illustrations portray one famous Christmas scene – New York’s very own Central Park. 


Thank you Kiehl’s for a wonderful tea invitation and for making us feel special inima-albastru


Ohh, it’s Saint Nic’s tomorrow, you might wanna put Kiehl’s on your shopping list. You can personalize your gift box with the products your loved one needs. You can also take the skin test. 


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  1. Carina Postrei says:

    The M Office e cel mai cool <3

  2. Girlyy says:

    I just adore your burgundy blazer, that color looks amazing on you dear

  3. Carmen says:

    Ma gandeam de ceva timp sa incerc ceva de la ei, care e produsul tau preferat? 🙂

  4. Daianaaa says:

    Kiehls e brand-ul meu preferat de skincare, folosesc produse de la ei de aproape 3 ani si sunt extrem de multumita

  5. LadyAriana says:

    Omg, imi spui te rog de unde e brosa???

  6. Terry says:

    I love Kiehls, but this whole post I couldn’t stop staring at those GORGEOUS boots

  7. Ami Diana says:

    Ador cizmele negre, imi spui te rog de unde sunt?

  8. Oana Dulama says:

    Ce frumoasa esti cand zambesti, radiezi, Morodano!!

  9. Kiki says:

    Your outfit is ON POINT

  10. Lara says:

    Ce simpatice sunt noile ambalaje de sarbatori <3 Si ce frumos ca dau o sansa artistilor, nu multe branduri fac asta

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