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The Business of Being Ana Morodan – The M Office’s Success Key

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How come do you guys have so much fun together?    I keep hearing this question over and over again. Especially lately, since we’re teasing to launch our The Moffice Show.  My automatic response is always “We just do, it comes naturally!”. Now, that I think about it in a deeper way,  I am keeping my opinion, […]

14 March 2018 / By / 12 Comments

I’m 32 and This is my First Christmas – The M office

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Here’s an inside to fill you in. Now let’s move on…to getting it done, should we? As you all know, I’m a big home deco aficionado.  What’s this gotta do with Christmas and this tiny over-sharing of lack of happy Christmases drama? It does. Because Christmas and home decor have one special thing in common: […]

19 December 2017 / By / 34 Comments

This year, The M office will get a #BiggerChristmas

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I hate Christmas!    Well, not “hate”, but rather “strongly dislike”.  LATER EDIT: Ok, fine. I’m being overly dramatic. I don’t hate it, but I strongly dislike it. LATER EDIT 2: Maybe this year I don’t dislike it as strongly as other times       ? Because this year I am actually excited at the thought that […]

15 December 2017 / By / 13 Comments in vizita la The M Office

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Ola! Hai ca ma urnesc incetul cu incetul. Rabdare. La batranete lucrurile se misca mai poticnit. Unde mai pui ca ma lasa si memoria! #ginsengsiberian stiu, iau. En fin, Cristina Stanciulesu s-a incumetat si m-a vizitat la birou sa povestim…tot felul. Aici sunt cele 4 parti ale materialului video, vorbiram mult, ce sa facem.    Transmit […]

24 January 2017 / By / 12 Comments

The M Office & The Kiehl’s Adventure

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One of our beloved beauty brands celebrated a year in Baneasa Shopping City and invited us to celebrate together.      We all took the skin test and discovered the best products for our complexion. George was really into it. He’s a major Kiehl’s fan! We talked about our favorite Kiehl’s products (mine is the […]

5 December 2016 / By / 11 Comments