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14 December 2016 / By / 6 Comments

Well, in case you are developing an obsession for precious jewelry lately (I know I am), focus your mojo on this new online treasure:


There’s a double catch here: first, this new online shop delivers the best & lowest prices when it comes to gold and silver jewelry. Second, these pieces of feminine joy have are original and rare designs, real treasures found and reconditioned, then certified and ready to make us feel like precious queens. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to jewelry, each time I wear a special one, I instantly feel an energized. Who knows? Maybe this is the secret, maybe their secret rejuvenating power is the reason why everywoman on Earth is fascinated, even obsessed #some #me #justme? with jewelry.


The team of jewellers have the highest technologies and their restoration process is absolutely flawless. All of their jewelries are certified by ANPC and, allow me to say, they truly are pieces of history brought back to life. Like a wonderful Belle Epoque mansion brought to life.  inima-albastru




Andddd, because wants you to have a cool Christmas, here’s a cool giveaway you I’m pretty sure you’ll adore. inima-albastru








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  1. Margiela says:

    Awesome giveaway, m-am inscris!

  2. Didi F. says:

    What’s even better than a diamond? A vintage diamond ❤️

  3. Delya says:

    Cerceii din prima poza sunt superbi, ca fain ar fi sa ii gasesc sub brad :))

  4. Hanita says:

    Foarte frumoase <33

  5. ema says:

    Ce frumoase sunt inelele din prima poza

  6. Mandy says:

    Cool jewellery

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