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10 September 2013 / By / 6 Comments


Ana running wild in the city



O freza de casier din anii 80 si o rochie care imi face sanii mai mari decat evident, sunt! Welcome, this is my outfit for today!


Dress like you’re going to the opera on a normal Tuesday morning. What? what?!?


I’m super excited for tomorrow – you’ll find out the reasons pretty soon. Now I’m off to run my world. Goodbye.

By the way, I love this song, it has a positive vibe. Also, here is the winner of the statement H&M A/W13 pants





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  1. Hmmm….perhaps it’s related to H&M Eccentric?! 🙂

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    Imi place tare coafura !
    Love the dress & naklace 😉
    Kiss u Boob’alicious Ana <3

  3. Foarte bine te prinde coafura! Si cu toate ca nu prea ascult acest gen de muzica, am piesa pe repeat de vreo 2 saptamani, e addictive

  4. Claudette says:

    coafura nu ar fi nimica fara privirea ta. love it, and this perfectly simple dress is the one!

  5. ViVi Dress Me Up says:

    i have had almost all the hait cuts up until now, and I AM NOT SORRY!!! I still got a few more to go! haha 🙂 so, you look gorgeous, cause you know how to wear it babe. all my love

  6. Jane Austin says:

    yes, the answer is yes. I do love the dress, and i love the hair, it is unexpected, but you can play with it dear!

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