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Now I have this Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy tic

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Beautiful Morodan in Manoush

Fun moments with Manoush


Learn Style from AnaI am wearing a Manoush A/W13 outfit

© Serban Cristea



We spoke the other week about  some of the items that we should get our hands on this autumn.

My number 2’s on the shopping list this season are the leather jacket and the statement purse.


The Leather Jacket is an evergreen item so why not search for the perfect, timeless one this season?

You can wear it with:

  • jeans
  • structural dresses
  • feminine dresses
  • pencil skirts
  • sport pants
  • office pants
  • an evening dress

basically, pretty much everything. It will give an edgy vibe to your allure.


The Statement Bag can be your go to item when you want to spice things up. You almost don’t need any piece of jewelry when you carry a pop out bag. Sure, you can wear jewelry in the same outfit but make sure they do not also pop out because the whole effect va fi de ghiveci.


You can wear your statement bag with:

  • a casual outfit
  • a pair of sneakers, a girlish dress and a comfy cardigan
  • a monochrome outfit
  • a structural, minimalist outfit – it will be the original/unpredictable item in your outfit


The Autumn Collections are in stores so you can already begin the search for your perfect leather jacket and unforgettable statement purse. I found the most representative items for me in the A/W13 Collection from Manoush ( Baneasa Shopping City). Check them out if you visit them.


Also, keep in mind that besides the leather jacket and a statement bag you also need a hell of a lot of self-confidence and that my darlings, can be purchased without any money and it’s the best fall essential item!



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. Irena says:

    I love the last part of this post. A LOT actually 😉

  2. Credentia says:

    love the bag!

  3. kiki J says:

    yuhuuuuu! manoush IAM COMING! si se pare ca este nevoie sa imi cumpar o jacheta de piele urgent, mai ales ca imi tot imaginez cum as putea sa-mi completez outfiturile cu una. love youuuuu

  4. On The Style track says:

    i would wear a statement bag with all the things you said, but especially with
    a pair of sneakers, a girlish dress and a comfy cardigan
    a monochrome outfit
    a structural, minimalist outfit – it will be the original/unpredictable item in your outfit
    love your style Ana!

  5. ana says:

    you have the most charming black eyes, and this green look great on you! but i guess you know that already 😉

  6. Ruslana says:

    ce ma fac daca nu imi cmpar pantofii astia???? morrrrrr!!!! :*

  7. Chic & Chic says:

    i have always loved Manoush, and you…perfection dear!

  8. Lina says:

    “va fi de ghiveci”- a classic:)

  9. diana says:

    Offf, rochia e superba, dar preturile nu sunt pentru toata lumea 🙁

  10. oana says:

    ador tot :*

  11. great photoshooting and advice Ana! love you 🙂
    !♥ xo
    Shop my closet

    The Londonian Girl

  12. Crissy says:

    I really love your dress, Ana!

  13. Ad says:

    OMG, I love it!

  14. Soos Cristina says:

    Wooooowww !!!!
    Love the toy soldier pic !!!! ador tinuta de aziiii …. De fapt de ieri :))
    Pupici Ana :*:*

  15. Diana says:

    Esti prea frumoasa! Ador rochita!

  16. Anaivilo says:

    The dress <3 !!!
    And the bag… O.O will haunt my dreams..

  17. Love this outfit! Classy and edgy! I already have a leather jacket but I have been for the perfect biker cut since last year and nothing 🙁 Maybe I’ll be luckier this year!

  18. AdinaN. says:

    Adorabila rochia, asa de eleganta :X Vreau si eu una :)) Cat despre jachetele de piele, tocmai am cumparat una destul de glam-rock, arata foarte tare(o sa fac colectie cat de curand) 😀

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