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Cool Morodan and cool HM

The Easter Bunny Morodan

The Amazing HM Pants

Morodan and HM

Anette de Morodanette

Lovely AnetteH&M A/W13 Statment Pants

Photos by  Ioana Liliana




As I told you, this Autumn will be all about you my darlings and this time, I have a big/awesome/fantastic/cool/amazing/unseen/one of a kind surprise for you!

Yes, one of a kind because I am the only little character in Romania who is going to wear and get these awesome Statement pants! Yes, I know, they/this are/is  awesome!

As you noticed these statement pants are from H&M‘s Press Collection A/W13 Runway Collection from which I’ve showed you already other awesome stuff.

I think this H&M collection really hit it big time. It’s very well tailored, has amazing pieces and they all have evergreen potential so make sure you check the Bucharest stores (Unirea Shopping Center, Baneasa Shopping City and Afi Palace Cotroceni) starting with the 5th of September. You’ll find some super special items! I can bet you on that!

Now, getting back to why I made a fake Easter post for you – me speaking/holding/kissing/talking to a bunny and all – it’s only fair that I should give you your Fake Easter gift, no?

Yes, you guessed it right! I am going to give this Statement Pants to one of you lucky ladies!

Told you it’s surprise season around here, people. And mind you that you will be the only one to have them because they won’t be available in Romania! These pants can only be shopped from online stores.


And because I know that you will all want them you just have to tell me in a comment  How would you style these super special pants?

The deadline is tomorrowwwww so focus people, focussss!



This season is starting pretty awesome for us, no?

Now, I’m gonna eat this bunny. Goodbye.


Morodan giffing


Don’t forget you can find the A/W13 Collection (except these pants) in the H&M stores around Bucharest starting with the 5th of September. Most surely you’ll find me at Unirii, buying it all!



UPDATE – The winner of these beautiful statement pants from H&M A/W13 Runway collection goes to F. B. Aurora

Congrats my darling! Send me us an email with your contacts. I’m sure you’ll look amazing in them!



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Easter Bunny Morodan

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  1. LuizaM says:

    Wonderful giveaway!!! How would I style those gorgeous pants? With a black, simple flowy t-shirt, long earrings that look just like taken from the pants and of course a pair of beautiful red shoes just like yours (BTW, where are the shoes from?) for that magic touch of color. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I will receive this amazing!!! pair of pants! Kisses and hugs!

  2. I would style these pants with a sleeveless white shirt, a black or grey jacket to match the “super-pants”, a big silver and green/pink/red (or any other color)necklace to make the outfit even more interesting and add a little bit of a color and in the end I would match some stilletos(the classic Louboutain style) to finish the garment.

  3. Alexandra Dinca says:

    cu un top rosu de piele si binenteles tocuri rosii sau cu un flanel lejer gri sau albastru regal cu spatele gol 😀

  4. Sabina says:

    With a pair of sneakers, a geometrically cropped top, a tuxedo jacket, lots of ultra thin stack rings, and a black panama hat.

  5. Diana says:

    Superbi pantaloni, i-as asorta in primul rand cu o pereche de stiletto negri si probabil un top pretios, uni, dar colorat. Ca accesorii, as alege ceva nu prea sofisticat, probabil o bratara si cercei finuti 🙂 Sper sa am noroc, ador pantalonii!

    Pot sa te rog sa-mi lasi o parere despre rochita?

  6. Diana says:

    I would wear these amazing pants with a white shirt and a pair of red stilettos

  7. Andreea says:

    Hey Ana,

    i <3 this pants & are 100 % my style
    …. i would wear it with my black sneakers also from H&M and with a white/large t-shirt and my favourite little/black/ round hat also from H&M…as accessories i would wear giants fabulous earrings & a silver watch 🙂

    wish you a wonderful day … xoxo

  8. Alexandra No says:

    Golden stilettos for sure and a nice pale blue shirt. i wouldn’t lose the red lipstick, it’s amazingly charming!

  9. Andreea C says:

    Because I’m a Morticia Addams I’d style them up with a black strapless body with a heart shape cut and some black stilettos… Grandma’s gold jewelry and kick ass red lipstick. Kisses.

  10. Sabrina Vlasceanu says:

    Ok, here it goes :D…
    I’d wear them with this H&M top, tucked in:
    and these wonderful Michael Kors pumps:
    As for accesories: statement deer head necklace from Romwe –
    and my H&M silver cuff bracelet that I can’t seem to find on the web.
    Oh, plus Red Temptation YSL lipstick and this amazing Boticca red clutch bag:
    Good luck to me! And all my best wishes to you, you are an awesome and amazing fashion icon for me! 😀

  11. Catalina Stoian says:


    My vision for style these pants:
    – CROSS-OVER WHITE BLOUSE-precious material like silk

  12. Delia says:

    Oh my God, they are simply amazing. Do-die-for, most definitely! I want them so so so bad!

    I could think of many different ways to wear them, they are “(a) Statement” indeed, but I find them quite versatile, so I could see myself wearing them at a theatre play, cocktail party or..rock concert.

    What comes in my mind first..well I would try to create a rock ‘n roll/post-punk look, styling them with:
    – comfy backless cotton-silk tank (in colour nude or black)
    – heeled ankle boots (maybe with metal toe)
    – black bowler hat
    – (as in for jewelry..probably just one) statement ring
    – dark plum lipstick

    This would be it. 🙂


  13. Ania says:

    I would wear them with a black cropped turtleneck top with long sleeves & a pair of royal blue pointed toe pumps. I would also add a pair of oversized emerald earrings, red lips et voila!

  14. Alina says:

    Hello dear,

    As purta pantalonii cu o camasa masculina supradimensionata. Cel mai probabil as alege una care sa aiba dungi subtiri si as lasa-o descheiata( primii 4 nasturi) ca sa se vada un lantisor dainty. Cat despre pantofi cred ca ai facut alegerea perfecta, e nevoie de o pereche pointy tinand cont de modelul pantalonilor. In acelasi timp cred ca si o pereche de sandale foarte simple would do the trick.

    Bye bye red lipstick lover.

    • Alina says:

      Hello dear,

      As purta pantalonii cu o camasa masculina supradimensionata. Cel mai probabil as alege una care sa aiba dungi subtiri si as lasa-o descheiata( primii 4 nasturi) ca sa se vada un lantisor dainty. Cat despre pantofi cred ca ai facut alegerea perfecta, e nevoie de o pereche pointy tinand cont de modelul pantalonilor. In acelasi timp cred ca si o pereche de sandale foarte simple would do the trick.

      Bye bye red lipstick lover.

  15. Soos Cristina says:

    Omg Omg Omg !!!

    O camasa alba,cu aer masculin
    o vesta neagra, scurtuta 🙂
    o pereche de pantofi stileto negri de piele lacuita
    Si o pereche d cercei in culoarea margelutelor de pe pantaloni
    Un eye liner,rimel, ruj rosu ,unghiute rosoii , caracteristic tie 😉
    Pupiciiii :*:*:*

  16. roxana liana says:

    One single picture crossed my mind when i saw these awesome pants – my red Louboutins and my recently purchased black “Carrie shirt” saying “Swear on Chanel”. Amen!

  17. Alexandra B. says:

    Hi Ana,
    I adore those splendid pants …
    I would style them with a H&M chiffon top, like this:, a pair of vintage red Louboutins: and also a mini Louboutin Lula Clutch:
    I would definitely use red lipstick and a proper attitude!:)

  18. Andreea Preda says:

    I-as purta cu un top simplu alb, eventual cu un imprimeu simplu, o pereche de stilettos nude si o geanta crossover micuta si rosie. Alte detalii: bratari cu semnificatie si un ruj rosu care sa intregeasca tinuta. Dupa parerea mea, acesti pantaloni ar trebui sa fie punctul central al tinutei, astfel ca nu I-as asorta cu ceva prea complicat…asa cum ai facut si tu 🙂

  19. Teodora says:

    First of all…superbi pantalonii. I-as purta cu o camasa alba, din matase, semitransparenta, iar pe dedesubt o bustiera scurta, neagra, cu ceva insertii de piele. un colier statement cu ceva pietre rosii si pantofi rosii <3
    Love, Teodora

  20. Silvia says:

    Hi Ana,

    This pants are to die for! for sure you can make a big impression wearing them.
    I would wear them with a pair of laboutin black stilletos, a white and simple cotton tshirt, gold clutch a statement necklace. and of course my perfume: miss dior. 🙂

  21. Ioana says:

    Oh, sunt suuuperbi pantalonii acestia! Hmmmm, e greu de spus cu ce i-as purta, imi vin in gand atat de multe idei. In fine, voi alege ceea ce ma reprezinta cel mai bine:
    o pereche de stiletto roz prafuit si un top negru. Un colier statement auriu si un clutch negru cu detalii aurii. I-as asorta cu o atitudine de diva, asa, ca a ta:) pentru ca totul sa fie complet. X0X0

  22. Roxana says:

    1. Camasa alba 109, colectia SS 2012,fara maneci, Sandale Jimmy Choo Lance argintii, unghii ascutite negru mat, ruj mov inchis, inele Bjorg, cercei Valley of Tears Bjorg.

    2. Camasa roz pal Simone Rocha, pantofi de balet Anniel gri, no makeup just glowing, pink pale creamy nails, diamond bar ring Bjorg.

  23. RalucaR says:

    Hello, pants from Wonderland!

    Given the fact that I am a clasical music lover and George Enescu Festival is the place to be these weeks, I would take those magical pants, pair them up with a sleek, silk, slightly lose black blouse, high heeled silver sandals, statement turquoise necklace and matching capsule clutch.
    Hair styled in big, relaxed waves and burgundy lipstick.

    Bisous, chère comtesse!

  24. Alinette says:

    vai de mine si de miiiineeee ce foto frumoase! am cazut in admiratie! sunt chiar piesa pantalonii, bravo for the style !

  25. Chic & Chic says:

    the answer is yes! I WANT! red silk top + transparent latex shoes + big fluffy black feather on my head.

  26. Luiza M.K. says:

    let a gorgeous man be my accesory. goes with the pants and only the pants, no?

  27. Ale R. says:

    As purta acesti pantaloni flamboaianti si extrem de chic cu o camasa transparenta neagra in stilul Yves Saint Laurent si o pereche de pantofi cu toc mediu de culoarea neagra, din piele lacuita. As adauga un clutch tot din piele lacuita. La partea de accesorii as adauga o pereche de cercei lungi, asemanatori cu siragurile inserate in pantaloni. Si, daca nu ar fi prea mult, as alege o palarie cu boruri largi pentru a completa look-ul (in aceeasi culoare cu pantalonii).

    Partea de machiaj: tus negru, buze rosii + un parfum puternic, cu personalitate: Dior Poison.

    Cu drag,

    Ale R.

    Alexandra R.

  28. Hundred Red Kisses says:

    a childish t-shirt with some colorful cartoon, and black strap sandals. plus the t-shirt would have a hole on the back, cut with my scissors right before putting IT ON

  29. Oana Miron says:

    ce bine! mmmm, o bluza pe langa corp, nici mulata nici larga, cu manecile foarte lungi, mai lungi decat normal, din vascoza, neagra. decolteu rotund nici la baza gatului, nici prea larg. in picioare imi plac pantofii tai mult, sau o pereche de bocanci negrii/ rosii

  30. nistor girl says:

    adorabil, foarte reusite imaginile, iar look-ul tau este out of this world, colectia asta se prevede cam frumoasa! asadar, imi doresc si eu pantalonii, doar nu crezi ca vreau doar sa vorbesc aiurea :)))) eu i-as purta cu o bluza simpla/ camasa din voal cu un print bogat in culori, care sa faca contrast cu pantalonii, si un pantof gri, celalat pantof in farfurie :)))

  31. Style Bomb says:

    a long silk lemon green robe, 3/4 sleeved, and a black and whithe striped top, your red shoes

  32. LOVE says:

    very cool pants, love them!

  33. Tina Gina Marina says:

    adore: PANTS & SHOES!

  34. May Name Is says:

    first of all OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD <3 i cannot believe how i want these pants. I am not crazy, but they are trully special, i can see myself walkimg them proudly, oh yes! moving on, i would wear them with a red lace baby doll blouse (short sleeved, round clevege, longer at the back, shorter in the front – short enough to see a bit of skin). green/ sky blue-turqoise stilletos

  35. Iulia Tomescu says:

    grea e competitia azi, tocmai am citit ce au scris fetele mai sus…let’s see…a goldish brocade top and goldish shoes, with a red accesory

  36. XENIA says:

    a black fur jacket and a statement bra, black strap sandals

  37. Up The Avenue says:

    adorable pants, they look stunning on you, and thse photos are worthy of a wall 🙂 very inspiring Ana, love your work a lot lately. i think i will buy them for myself, cause i don’t live in Romania anymore, so i will leave theother girls to it. but love them, and tx for your gesture, you rule!

  38. Mariana Ionescu says:

    iubesc H&M <3

  39. ionela ghinea says:

    acesti pantaloni, si acesti pantofi ma vor face sa visez frumos la noapte. exact. ma bag si eu: daca tot scad temeraturile, un pulover larg boyfriend size din mohait roz pudra, si pantofii tai, sau see through boots. god help!

  40. Jump In Style says:

    hi honey, looking goooood! i have those items that would make it for this look, one silg navy blue-purplish shirt with red tiny button (a treasure really, i found it in London in a vintage shop), and my pale pink pointy slim boots.

  41. corina says:

    I-a purta cu matasuri si catifea:) si oi mai vedea eu cand ii voi avea.)))muackkkkkkk

  42. Mary K. says:

    woman do you want to kill me? now what am i going to do with myself, after seeing this? oh, divine power, make me the winner! see through white organza top (i have it’s purple and it had those cords you can make into a bow or tie them into a kind of tie), with a red bra and your shoes. sorry but i want the shoes too 😀 #almostkidding

  43. Mary K. says:

    frilled backless black and white top and white stilletos!

  44. Miri says:

    de mult iti admit stilul, iar cateodata e pur si simplu de vis, ca astazi!

  45. JULES says:

    i swear i am in love with you, stylishwise. great post, great inspiration!

  46. JULES says:

    oops forgot to say my say: because these pants are such a statement piece, i would tone them down with a light jeans skirt, and would wear a few statement rings on my fingers, basic black stilletos/ your shoes

  47. Kristiana says:

    Buna Ana !
    Ador acesti pantaloni .Hmm , eu i’as combina astfel : in partea de sus cu o camasa din matase alba fara maneci si incaltata(aici am 2 variante) ori cu stilettos gri metalizat ori sandale cu multicureluse negre. As mai adauga si o geaca scurta neagra din piele. keep up the good work Ana ! Bye

  48. Elena says:

    Uh la la, these pants! Simple, but in the same time so chic! I would style them with a white tank top, cobalt blue heels and a statement necklace.
    Hope I’ll win them! 🙂

  49. cristina zel says:

    realmente reusit lookul de azi, nu ca celelate nu ar fi!!! dar asta este magic, te face sa uiti mult si bine, si sa admiri… mai ales ca pozele sunt foarte frumoase. pantaloniisunt minunati, eu i-as purta cu multe piese, de exemplu: mmm am o bluza basic cu print camuflaj, mi-as pune un colier statement aurie si da, pantofii tai rosii, sau stilletos rosii, important este sa fie ascutiti, cu toc, decoltati.

  50. High Heels says:

    obviously a statement hat, a red melon with a big feather, and the simplest strap grey top, some pointy vintage shoes, i have dozens. red ones.

  51. F. B. Aurora says:

    Aș purta acestă pereche de pantaloni cu un sutien de dantelă á la Agent Provocateur. I-aș accesoriza cu cel mai recent parfum achiziționat – Poeme (Lancome), cu un zâmbet sincer, cu pomeți iluminați din plin și cu iubitul meu. Coborâti ușor pe talie ar crea efectul irezistibil al unei fuste de cadâne, în timp ce i-aș purta încoace, încolo, doar ca să simt cum sirurile de mărgelele se lovesc unele de celelalte. N-ar dura mult până când rujul roșu mi-ar fi sters cu lăcomie, în timp ce o cămașă transparentă neagră, din material fin, o pereche de pigalle si un clutch ar suspina așteptându-mă. N-am să vin. Mi-ar plăcea să îmi trimiți pantalonii. Sunt sigură că aș tăia răsuflarea multora în ei, nu doar a iubitului meu, când aș reuși să ies, totuși din casă. Și mi-ar fi dragi tare – doar ar fi de la tine! 😀

  52. Elli says:

    Na ja..ich glaube du wirst wahrscheinlich nicht alles verstehen was ich dir hier schreibe aber was soll’s:)erstens möchte ich dir sagen,dass ich dich ganz cool finde und dass ich stolz darauf bin,dass in Rumänien auch introvertierte und talentierte Menschen gibt!weiter so,liebes!!
    Jetzt zu der Hose: ich kann mich leider für eine Kombination nicht entscheiden und möchte dich auch nicht langweilen. Es ist so: wenn ich so eine coole Hose habe,kann ich Tausende Kombinationen machen von elegant bis zur frech&cool! Wichtig ist,wie ich mich in d Moment fühle,weil Kleidung immer d Menschen spiegelt.

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland liebe Ana:)

  53. Laura C. says:

    Precizare: pantofii sunt cei in nuanta rose beige 🙂

  54. Andreea R says:

    Greaat giveaway! I would wear this super-awesome-wonderful pants with a pair of black stiletto shoes, a black blouse and a silver statement necklace! 🙂

  55. Alexandra Iulia says:

    So nice of you to bring us such a surprise . Love the pants and I would wear them with a black blouse made of satin and a small black elegant hat. I like bringing a little light in this clothing so I’d also choose a red pair of shoes.But I’ll definetely accessorize this all black feminine suit with a red lipstick and a large smile.
    Something similar here for the blouse except the material used on hands
    and a hat like this one
    and this is the pair of shoes i prefer :

  56. i d style these pants with some happy pattern army boots, a loose sweater with a sequin detail and a charlie chaplin chapeau! this interpretation is pictured in the ‘rainy glam day’ set, published on polyvore (

  57. Lux says:

    Love, love, love those pants! Actually, I love H&M all together <3
    As for the pants, I would wear them with my brand new black stilletos – that I can bet will kill my feet, but I can't say no to heels – , a black basic tee, an adorable black clutch with gold chain that i borrowed (stole if you care to be specific) from my super stilish grandma and for a pop of colour i would add my supposed to be pink lipstick, that actually looks totally red on me.

    Kisses! <3

  58. dana says:

    I would wear the pants with the right attitude and with the right underwear 😉

  59. dana says:

    by the way,you look amazing 🙂

  60. I dieeeee!! Every freakin’ time! But please, do carry on! :))

    I’d wear these beauties with my black, sharp tuxedo jacket (nothing underneath, just to add a little perkiness), a pair of black Loubie Pigalles, MAC Russian Red Lipstick (I’m addicted to that little fucker!) aaand stunner earrings!

    Goooooooood, let them come to me! :))

    Te imbratisez, Ana!

  61. sasha says:

    acasa la Ioana. 😀 cute.

  62. Martha Chirvase says:

    A white long sleeves shirt, a multicoloured bowtie, perhaps this one from Alex Muresan , cobalt blue stilleto’s and some bracelets from cerebrossa.

  63. ioana says:

    ysl tuxedo +The Pants +balmain black stilettos + charlotte olympia novel box clutch + burgundy lipstick = love

  64. Alexandra says:

    Eu i-as purta cu stileto negri (pointed toe, of course <3), un body sheer black la baza gatului si un colier statement, in tonuri de argintiu cu pietre verzi 🙂

  65. Markela says:

    These pants are so amazing that I would want a full day wear out of them. I would do a day and night wear on these. For my day look I would pair these pants with a tan loose fitting tank (tucked in) and a pair of nude pumps with my hair down & minimal makeup. For my night look I would wear these pants with the h&m sequin blouse (also from the Paris collection) but I would wear it backwards so the crop part and sequins will show in the front. I’d wear a simple ankle strap black sandal put my hair in a top knot w/ a pink lip & a couple midi rings!

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