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Morodan Shop suit & brooches (available in our showroom) – Hardot heels

Photos by Costrut


*bell ringing* Ladies, recession is over, please head back to your seats! Today we’ll be listening to Personal Jesus (live from Barcelona) during our swift course class called


The Business of Being Ana Morodan 


So let’s talk about what I’ve learned since I opened this online shop (please excuse me if I’m going to derail, my brain is numb from writing catch phrases for it). For a better understanding of how we worked out issues and improved what was ok in the beginning, I’ll be structuring today’s class after Freytag’s pyramid.




 I first launched Morodan Shop two years ago as an extension of my personal universe. At launch we were selling basic items. Why basics? Because it caters to a broader market and we thought that they will be easier to handle from production’s point of view. 

But guess what? PROfuckingDUCTION. Romania is a market where things are harder/more complicated than anywhere else. “NO” is answered a lot more frequently than “YES”, and proactivity is a rare gem. Also, these basics were OK, but because I adapted to what I thought the market wanted (and not what it wanted from methese basics drifted away from me in the sense that they were not “outrageous countess” at all. Needless to say, it was pretty easy to not fall in love with the shop, even more so considering the fact that I had so many other things going on that were right up my alley: the Morodan appthe MAP, blog engagements, GIN, videos, conferences, my TV column and one project you’ll be hearing about soon.





In our weekly meetings, my team always pestered me with the shop but being intimidated+bored+notinlove by+with it, I was deaf to everything. I reconsidered my options and realised, once again, that it was a great business opportunity for us. I had to change my mindset and start putting in the work. Because believe me, an online shop takes a whole fucking lot of work.

In the meantime, the shop was selling ok for how much attention we gave it. We were (and still are, actually) selling a lot in our showroom too. Another thing that I needed to solve ASAP at that time was series production. During this time it also needed a lot of financial support and I constantly had to invest in it. Good news? Without getting any revenue back. </sarcasm>

My OCD was leading me to a boiling point because it was the single one project I left unfinished. And I was not proud of it. So I was being consumed by this vicious circle – I was not finishing it because I wasn’t proud of it, and I was not proud of it because it just laid there unfinished.





So I’m in Constanta, sometime last year, hosting a business dinner. I have this great business opportunity right under my nose, but I am looking to build some other businesses, other than this space, that don’t require me posting every day. See the irony?

And at this dinner I meet Mihai Bocai from Evonomix. He tells me what his vision with my shop is. My mind implodes, then explodes, then both at once. I go home, I open a bottle of gin, and the decision is made:


That night, being a little (read: very) tipsy, I fell in love with the idea of it. Eyeliner smudged and everything.





It took me two years’ time to learn what manufacturing really means and approximately 7.500 Euros lost in the postponing process. These went in investments in packaging, fabric stocks, sewing machines, yada yada yada. I am also STILL learning fucking Excel, a program that just makes my blood boil. I lost 2 collaborators, an incredible amount of nerves, two Xanax bottles, hours of frustration. By far the most annoying thing was that voice in the back of my head (note to self: should get that checked) stressing me out that I’ve failed.

But no more! It’s time for this shop to be exactly as I’ve always dreamt it because this time I am prepared! We’ve been working like lunatics for it for the past 6 months, but this time i don’t feel corroded. It’s a pleasure really. Sure, it’s exhausting, but I love what we did. it took shape beautifully. Things settled, we found all the right people to work with, and the clothes are to die for.

I’m feeling energised and ready to get my investment back! And more money for bags, I’m head over heels for the Cahiers.





Class is almost over so it’s time to jot down the big lesson to be learned.

POSTPONING A DECISION, if it either means moving forward with something or ending it, may cost you money. It may cost you inner peace and it might drain you. If that happens, take a deep breath and make the leap: decide! Even though deciding can be a bitch sometimes!


*bell ringing* Okay ladies, recess!


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  1. Catalina Menghe says:

    Imi pot doar imagina cat poate fi de lucru la asa un proiect mare. Tin pumnii sa iasa exact asa cum iti doresti!

  2. Oana_Pop says:

    I just love it how you also talk about the hardships or some of the lessons you learn in life, not just showcase clothes and carefully build this fake image of a perfect life. Makes me come back every time.

  3. geena says:

    ce superb e costumul ?

  4. vera says:

    ughhhh manufactura in Romania… am si eu experientele mele, care m-au facut sa abandonez proiectul. Sper ca tu sa reusesti!

  5. nadina popescu says:

    lovely suit & abia astept noul shop!

  6. anka says:

    I bet you’d make a killer teacher!

  7. Lavi Lavinia says:

    Ador brosele alea!!!

  8. Mariana Red says:

    Am avut si eu meciuri cu productia in Ro, dar daca nu te lasi, reusesti. Ma bucur ca nici tu nu te-ai dat batuta si abia astept sa fac prapad in cont cand lansezi noul magazin 🙂

  9. bebe says:

    Haha I love how you added those gifs, they make a serious post kind of funny and that’s the best way to deliver a lesson, in my opinion

  10. bambiii says:

    Stii cum se zice, you win some, you lose some, you learn some 🙂 mult succes in continuare!

  11. deedee roz says:

    Ce bine iti sta in costumul asta, wow

  12. Ada Miller says:

    Ce complicat pare :\ Sper sa iti recuperezi investitia, eu in mod sigur imi iau acele brose superbe 😀

  13. Dariana says:

    Abia astept sa vad noul shop, sunt curioasa de cand ai postat purtand trench-ul acela rosu 😀

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