Lola & Bolec Confirmed: We Have a Hazard Proof Wallpaper

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26 April 2017 / By / 20 Comments

Hello people of the Internet,

Please let me introduce you to our new guests – they’re called Lola and Bolec. 

just in case you are wondering to get it out the way quickly:

-NO, Bolec is not Photoshopped on my thigh (see below)

-YES, it hurt.


But they are the cutest, most delicious grumpy cats in the Universe! #HeartMelt






As I’ve been telling you (like a maniac, for quite some time now, like a broken mill) we’re busy restructuring our Morodan Shop business. And one of the bullet points on my to-do list was redesigning the showroom space. Lolca and Bolec were the cheapest manpower (or catpower?) we could find on the market, and they are adorable too! I’m joking ladies, take a chillaxative, of course I didn’t put them to work, you can put your pitchforks down. They just stopped by to supervise and annoy Claudie.

So, what better way to give a room a fresh look than a new canopy? Chinoiserie inspired, of course, because it is my new obsession. We bought another antique table but the crown jewel is the Eijffinger wallpaper from the Orangery collection.






What do you think about it? We had quite the conflict in this democracy called MY office. We visited Axelen 6 times before agreeing on the print. While some of us (read: them) voted for something light, I, backed up by Alice Ignatiadis, our decorator, got the blue Eijffinger one. Thank you dear Axelen team for baring with us through the decision process. I just sincerely hope we weren’t the most difficult you’ve seen in 20 years, although I wouldn’t bet on it.






By the way, next time you’re searching for something to give your office/home/chateau a sophisticated look, check them out. From Eijffinger to Trussardi, Zambaiti, Khroma, Etro, Rasch, Rasch Textil, Linea, Bruxsafol, you can find hundreds on wallpapers at Axelen. Counseling is also included, beyond the thousands of prints.

Bolec & Lola, as caring guests, tested our wallpaper and as most of the Axelen products ours too resists scratching, it’s super washable and even has the European anti-inflammation certification. And you know, Fitz tests it – and our nerves – every. effing. day.






After endless coffee break debates, the dark blue Chinoiserie inspired Eijffinger wallpaper won and here we are, just waiting for the new hanger holders to arrive and the antique table to be ready. And by the way, everyone at the office agreed that it rocks once they saw it on the walls. It’s powerful, mysterious, feminine, complex, intense and very chic. Just like my image of the perfect woman. After all, this is a showroom for the Morodan Shop ladies. And you all know that I love putting on the ME ME ME SHOW, but only in my office.




Now, if you wonder where Fitz was during Lola & Bolec’s visit please see below. Also, some reality check facts. And where you can find Axelen’s showrooms, in case you need a bit of deco sass in your life –  București (Bd-ul Unirii, nr.  73) –  Cluj-Napoca (Horea Street, nr.9). And of course on

See you soon with the new Morodan Shop adventure.







Lo Spaccio outfit

Photos by Costrut



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  1. danyela_robin says:

    These photos are the perfect mix of class, sass & fluff 😀

  2. gigi says:

    in love with your outfit!

  3. raluca says:

    Superb tapetul, absolut SUPERB

  4. nina says:

    Cat de fain se potriveste tinuta cu tapetul, iar pisicile sunt cireasa de pe tort ???

  5. daria celofan says:

    Cred ca ti-au lasat niste urme serioase grumpy cats-ii astia :)) Dar pozele sunt minunate, a meritat

  6. mimi lady says:

    I am in ? with the wallpaper

  7. flavia says:

    Lola si Bolek, vai ce frumosi sunt si numele sunt de vis

  8. anda panda says:

    Very cool images & I love how all the colours match together!

  9. yutta says:

    Pozele astea imi amintesc pozele astea tare mult de Alice in Wonderland ? Gorgeous!

  10. Petra says:

    Haha your cat looks like he’s not too happy about the two fully intruders

  11. Anita Bene says:

    E minunata poza cu inelele si pufosenia, ma pierd in ochii ei

  12. bibi says:

    This looks like it was a lot of fun to shoot haha and that wallpaper left me speechless!

  13. maya says:

    Cat de frumoase sunt pisicile, si se potrivesc perfect in decor!

  14. clara d says:

    pozele de behind the scenes give me life :)) esti cea mai tare!

  15. amyy says:

    Vai mai! Deci nu cred cum s-a prins el de tine! Si ce fatuci adorabile au!

  16. amanda ion says:

    Saracul Fitz, cata disperare in ochii lui :))

  17. bluecarrina says:

    this wallpaper is incredible, I can already imagine spending my days reading in a room like that – the print looks so relaxing

  18. Daiana Mura says:

    I’ve always dreamed of having a room like this, filled with dark, flowery wallpaper ?

  19. oana Timbus says:

    Ce frumoase sunt inelele! ❤️

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