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Every now and then you get to see on High Street Cardigans different projects or stories about certain people.  “Every now and then” because I don’t get to see often people that inspire me and this is not a copy/paste the press communicates type of blog. Nor a fashion journalism one. This is my online registry where I tell you guys the things from my day by day life that tell me a story.

So, be certain that when I choose to speak about a project it’s because that project has in my opinion, a certain value.

I may be a hell cat but I respect you guys, my readers, and I don’t wanna recommend or talk with you about all kinds of new shits which actually say or mean nothing.

Anyways, enough with the useless mumbling.

Dear people who are not working but reading blogs on the internet,

please welcome and be amazed by “The Book Cover Tee”!
Glamorously brought to you by Noemi Revnic and 109.

 The Book Cover Tee is a project which presents inspirational people putting their vision of a favorite holiday book on a summer tee.

Noemi and Marius, Razvan Firea (Le Petit Indigent – we talked about his modern countess like designs here) Antz &Carla Szabo, Robert Ratiu &Ioana Ulmeanu, Ovidiu Buta and last but not least the inspirational Valeria Moldovan, signed and designed the first Book Cover Tee’s.

I choose to wear Ovidiu’s version because Virgina Wolf is among the writers who helped me define certain values in life.

I loved his interpretation of Orlando’s synopsis. You need authentic attitude and a naturally born easiness to be able to come up with the whole concept and presentation in only four minutes after you heard about the project you are invited in.

I learned from Orlando that it’s better not to judge someone before walking a mile in his shoes. Ovidiu teaches me everyday that you are really happy in the moment you let go living for others.

And now, the proof that since I received it I never got out of it!

I hope you agree with my decision of speaking about this project.

It’s one of the few projects that tell a story! And as I said it many times, we really need to be surrounded by great stories! It allows us to dream and smile with our hearts.

So guys,

I salute you!

You can buy the Book Cover Tee’s from Anthony Frost library, Carturesti or Bastilia.


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  1. Anna says:

    you are brilliant and crazy and sweet! love the video! love your accent! love the t`shirts of course! hope we will meet someday!!

    love <3

  2. colorsdiary says:

    I agree, the project is worth talking about it. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  3. Love, love, love how you styled your T-shirt!!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  4. Emanuel I. says:

    Imi place la nebunie tricoul lui Ovidiu, iar clip-ul de la final e… genial!
    Esti geniala draga!

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