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27 July 2012 / By / 4 Comments
We are wearing 09:37 T-shirts
I never was a “blend in” person. Not once in my whole life. It was a blessing and a curse in the same time.
People always gossiped about me, I was among those girls who other girls just love to hate and most of all, I never made efforts to be a nice person. If it came naturally I was great, if not I love being a hell cat too.
With this circumstances it was only natural to attract people who share the same characteristics like me.
Adela is the underground queen! She’s naturally born for this type of social crowds. We are fundamentally  different cause I’m the mainstream countess. They call me the glam mainstreamer cause I always tell them that I don’t understand their snobbism, I just stay loyal to mine. I made this comparison just to highlight the fact that we are in some aspects of our lies different but in the essential ones, like values or principles we thing alike. And that’s the essential thing when one decides to be friends with another.
That’s why her most important attribute in my eyes is the fact that she is my friend! And we are indeed the crazy kind of friends, God know I’m not exaggerating.
This being said, My Snobbish Advice for you guys is:
Live your life and make your choices!
Find those people that make you feel special and appreciated and hold on to them. 
The real glamour is being snobbishly enough to not care about what other people might say about your actions but to live them among inspirational people! (Adela, I just payed you a compliment. You’re my slave for ever!)
You got it by now that this column does not consist in real snobbery advices but in, let’s call them “small commercial life lessons”.
The only real snobbish act in my opinion is to be able to look back at your life and your choices regarding the people you chose to spent your time and choices regarding your actions, and know that you have chosen with your mind not with someone else’s. Not because your crowd said it was “cool” or because you wanted to be “fashionable“.
Being atypically might seem or even be a curse in some moments in your life but then again, history never rememberes a follow-up character it always rememberes the ones who stand-out!

Btw, number 12, congrats, you won the Moleskine notebook from Book Express.
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  1. hi! hi! very good snobbish advice 🙂

  2. Mady says:

    love the advice… cute tiara…


  3. Another awesome T-shirt! You look great!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  4. popsiclee says:

    I think it’s one of your best posts, (so far, of course) or jus came at the right time for me. either way, thank you for the “small commercial life lessons”.

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