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And here we are, delayed a few days but then again, it’s only Snobbish-er (?!) so it’s all good.


                Stop telling me that my tits are at my knees! I know, ok? I have big boobs and I’m old, Goooddd, mean, little persons!


Here’s a thing about me and holidays. You cannot take me on a holiday and keep me there more than four days. I’m a freak control, I cannot delegate and most of all, I work in a field where the principal tool is ones creativity, I cannot send my assistant do what only I can do! Makes sense? Okk, maybe not but I said I’m a personal shopper not a mentally sane human being.

Anyways, long story short, I love city breaks.
They are effective like an ibuprofen shoot and last max four days. Bliss!

But most of all, I love out of nowhere and totally unplanned city breaks. Those kind in which you are in a restaurant, having dinner on a Friday evening and in the next 20 minutes you are in your car driving God knows where.


Therefore (I think I always say “Therefore”), My Snobbish Advice this week is:

 Find that one place near you and make it yours. I shouldn’t be an glam or hip in the usual kind of way. All the glamourousnes will come just from this, from the fact that it will be the place where you feel energized and totally relaxed. Where you don’t care what the people near you drink or what kind of branded swimming suit you should wear, where you just go and enjoy being you in all the hedonist kind of ways. (that’s hard shit for many of you, I know! Yes, I said YOU cause I’m a vain person, it’s by default that I enjoy being myself. Don’t worry, I have other flaws)

Since I discovered Balcik last year, it became that sort of place for me. I usually to go there in autumn but this time was my first choice when I had only 3 minutes to think to where should we head on last Friday evening.

I’m not gonna bore you with other “wow-s”  and stories of how cool was to have three days without a phone and social pressure (we all feel it, stop saying otherwise).

You should consider it – it close, it’s not all that cheesy and tacky like our seaside and you can be You there, without internet and Facebook and Instagram and all the city social drugs.

For me it has one word: peaceful! And after all, as an evolved individual of this society, this is our supreme desideratum.



Peaceful stopped being an option on Sunday morning when I met my friend…The hungover! 

I never knew when to stop with all the gin tonics.
Alka-Seltzer – remind me, next time to take them everywhere.



I loved Lindsay Lohan in the last issue of LOVE. I loved her since Rachel made her a chic rock star and I kept loving her even when everybody else stopped. You cannot judge someone before knowing what she went through.

I love my mass market statement necklace too. I know, you got it already, I spammed you with it enough lately. But I love it, it’s so Belle Epoque likeee, so let me be!


Ahh, I’m gonna tell you now, before I forget, or set my mind on to other useless things, my adventure with Instagram.

I used it for the first time at the beginning of 2011, got bored and put it behind me until some time earlier this year. Since I’m a short memory, little person, I forgot that everything I edit through it gets instantly published. I was somehow left with the impression that I should first log in to be able to do that.

Therefore, I was editing pictures just to have them filtered like that in my I phone. Intimate pictures if you know what I mean – me, dressed only in underpants and other soft porn things like this. After two months or so, time in which I was publishing these sort of pics once / day at least, a friend of mine told me that they are  online and people can actually see them.

I’m only gonna tell you this: those several minutes that took to frantically delete them seemed an eternity!

There, now you my instagramized, deepest/darkest secret!
Now, I’m more responsible or at least I’m dressed!



You can check at  @highstreetcardigans (in case the picture wasn’t specific enough)

Don’t forget about the Moleskine notebook from Book Express! Read and follow the steps and it can be yours.

Au revoir,


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  1. Instagram can be addictive 😀
    lovely photos!!
    The Indie Chase Blog

  2. Emanuel I. says:

    You are pretty HOT & SEXY even if your “tits are at your kness”.

  3. rasemanju says:

    This post reminds me a lot of Dr. Seuss: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

  4. laura says:

    hello, ai putea sa imi spui te rog de unde este colierul?multumesc!

  5. calinsipop says:

    Whaaaaat? Your tits look just great!!! chiar ma uitam ce fain ca esti subtirica, dar ai tits 😀

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