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9 October 2012 / By / 33 Comments
Snobbish Breakfast dress, Zara hat, YSL bracelet
© Serban Cristea

Hello my beautiful smitten kittens,

How is your day so far?

I’m drinking underbrush sirup and listening to C.C. Catch while making a “must have” shopping list for a client of mine.

Moving on, on today’s agenda we have another uber trendy and “must” (the adjective of the day) online shop that you have to adore, to obsess about, even the name sounds avantgardist and glam – SunglassCurator

I’ve met Roxana Marcu, the owner and creator of this concept earlier this year, when SunglassCurator was just a few days old. She talked very passionately about the concept and how it all started from her small collection of beautiful designer sunglasses… Having had a big challenge herself to add new nice pieces to her collection because of the limited availability of high-end designer sunglasses, she decided to actually build a business on that and curate the brands and models that combine fashion design and high-quality materials in the best way possible. I instantly adored her because of our similar way of thinking and her lady like style. I featured her in my Avon LIKES you campaign made earlier this summer.

SunglassCurator‘s showroom is the Wonderland of beautiful, story telling sunglasses. From Linda Farrow to Moo and Sunday Somewhere and Ksubi, SunglassCurator brings you the ultimate trends in eye wear.

From eccentric models to lady like and timeless pieces, there you can find everything all your fashionable heart desires.

I instantly said “yes” when  SunglassCurator made me this glamorous proposition.

Wait, wait, I’m telling you what it is right now.

I’m gonna see and live my daily activities trough a pair of sunglasses curated by SunglassCurator.
Each week I’ll write how it felt and if my life got more glamorously on the blog.

Last week I was in a weekend escapade at the seaside wearing this Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses.
I think the pictures speak for themselves but if you insist to know more I’ll tell you that the receptionist said I looked like Jackie Kennedy, Serban wow-ed the whole weekend and the sea seemed more peaceful when watching trough these Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses.

You’ve just seen the first episode of  The Glam Diaries by SunglassCurator

Hoping that you love it, I’m gonna send you some poisonous kisses and some sort of warm hugs to you.




I styled Andrei‘s new video a few days ago.

Isn’t he the cutest?



He issss!!! (ok,ok, Serban, you’re the cutest too)

Why did nobody tell me that this styling activity is hard work?!?



And nowww

…..the suspense….

 Mandra Chic is on everybody’s lips lately.

The authentic and urban chic t shirt project developed by Alina Zara got to be pretty in lately.

I’m so proud that Mandra Chic‘s first t shirt line was made by  Snobbish Breakfast

Now, I may be a little devilish despot but I do care about your coolness factor.

That’s why today you guys can win this Mandra Chic t shirt



All you have to do is:

follow High Street Cardigans through Google Friend Connect

Friend Request Mandra Chic on Facebook

– leave me a comment with you contacts

Next week we’ll have a winner


Good luck smitten kittens!


Don’t forget about the Societe Cerebrossa magical bracelet you can also win.


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  1. ioanao says:

    hello Ana!

    Your blog is really awesome:) and so are you!

    Imi plac foarte mult tricourile e la Mandra Chic si chiar mi-as dori unul in garderoba!

    GFC and facebook: ioana oprea barac

    Have a good day!!

  2. <3 This T-Shirt! :)

  3. Lisa says:

    <3 this T-shirt! WANT!! :D

  4. Iulia says:

    I love these t-shirts!!

    I hope I will win one! 🙂

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. love the photo shoot! cute dress!


  7. Ioana A. says:

    This t-shirt is so great!!

  8. Miki says:

    the t-shirt its soo pretty!

    all the requests done 🙂

  9. OanaC says:

    love it <3

  10. Anna says:

    GFC: Anna
    FB: Iuliana Bocancea


  11. Ioana says:

    Bifat ambele cerințe, GFC:Ioana și Facebook: Ioana Nae


    Zile însorite!

  12. Ana Thomas says:

    Done and done!!!

    Ana Thomas on Facebook, and

    Multam fain!

  13. A says:

    Pentru ca mi-s mandra!
    Andreea Costinas pe facebook si

  14. Ambrosia says:

    mmhmm…absolutely love Mandra Chic t-shirts!
    therefore…done and..done! 🙂
    GFC / Facebook: Ambrosia / Deliu Delia

    tha thaaa! hugs!

  15. Boheme.Fille says:

    Pasii sunt indepliniti de ceva vreme.
    GFC: Boheme.Fille
    FB: Simona Floroaia

  16. Laurie says:
    Facebook: Lauraspberry Smantana (been friends with Mandra Chic on facebook for a while now)
    Already have two shirts… and really really want this one!

  17. alessa says:

    gfc alessa
    facebook alessa bandrabur


  18. Deiusk says:

    GFC: deiusk
    Facebook: Andreia Barabas

  19. Windwich says:

    Ador tricourile lor! Madalina Cirstea,

  20. roxana says:

    Ana, uber cool shooting:) congrats! imi poti spoune numele locatiei?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Imi poti spune numele locatiei unde a avut loc shooting-ul?

  22. Ana says:

    MArina Regia resort. Navodari 🙂

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