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Beloved kittens,

On this glorious Friday you will be forced to look at my favorite outfits (of mine) from the last weeks.


Because I’m a narcissist.

Carry on with the viewing, I’ll wait for you underneath.




My short and illuminating point and The Snobbish Advice with this is dress exactly how you want. If you feel dramatic or girly, or goth or lady like, wear what makes you feel confident and serene, what makes you stupidly smile with no reason when walking on the streets.

Trends are important so does wearing what suits you and not being ridiculous but with a certain limit. We’re living in an era where everybody wears what they desire, take advantage of that, be whomever you like not who somebody tells you to be.

That’s it. I have an early personal shopping session and I’ve woken up late, like always.

Wait, wait, wait, because you guys are my special kittens I’m gonna make you a magical, yes,yes, magical gift today.



A few weeks ago, I showed you my gifted Societe Cerebrossa charm bracelet.

Now you can have one too.

All you have to do is 

– Follow High Street Cardigans through Google Friend Connect 

– Like Societe Cerebrossa on Facebook

And leave me a comment with your contacts.

Next Friday will have a winner


Have you bought a Kinder Bueno lately ?

If not you should do that cause inside the packaging you will find  a secret code.

After you find it send an SMS  at 1718 and enter the Kinder Bueno’s 100 bags campaign.

You will wear a designer bag every week and when the 12 weeks will be over you will get to keep the last bag you receive.

Have you seen the D&G bag I got to wear this week?
Take a look, you will want it too.


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  1. Alina Camara says:

    huba huba, me wants that bracelet. and the dress with dogs, and you as a personal shopper, and a limitless credit card and a coffee since I am rambeling

  2. Alina Camara says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Eu. says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. denisa says:

    gfc : denisa r
    email :

  5. Windwich says:

    Iuhuu, sunt prima 🙂

    Madalina Cirstea pe FB si

  6. ana says:

    adresa mea de email :
    facebook : Ana Maria Iuliana .
    Multumesc frumos ptr oportunitate
    O zi frumoasa

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog , i’m addicted !:”>

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog , i’m addicted !

  9. M Denisa says:

    I just discovered your blog by surfing on bloglovin’ and I must admit that is really a fashion statement. In general I don’t read Romanian fashion blogs(even if I’m from Romania), I’m used to read foreign blogs, as The Sartorialist,Cherry blossom girl and so on. But I think that from now, I’ll start to discover the Romanian blogosphere, as I believe that it has a great potential.

    Regarding the Societe Cerebrossa, I discovered it in the last two weeks, they have a really unique style, it’s like a mysterious Romanian Bottica and I’m really waiting for the release of their site.

    You have from know one a new fan, and I can’t wait to see the next post.

    With respect for all the work,

    Denisa M.

  10. Sasha says:

    You are an incredible woman! Your style inspires me)

  11. Ella says:

    My contacts:
    GFC :Ella(
    Facebook:Brunette Ella
    Oh and btw you have a very beautiful& useful blog!

  12. Andreea says:

    fb:Andreea Bianca Şerban
    email :
    Multumim pentru concurs.Sper sa am noroc.Eu m-am inscris si la Kinder.Poate norocul va fi de partea mea.

  13. love it!
    fb: Dana Danalachi

  14. cosmina says:

    Minunat blog, minunata bratara!
    GFC: Cosmina
    FB: Cosmina Pataliga

  15. Iuliana says:

    you are gorgeous and have a really beautiful blog!
    kisses! 🙂

  16. irio says:

    i am becoming a bitch witch and since I am royally pretty, what else would work as a charm to rule my minions ? 🙂 cerebrosa forever!

    Din pacate am privacy issues si nu imi pot lasa numele pe site dar am lasat linkul 🙂

    Thank you, Master Witch 🙂


  17. Diva says:

    Fingers crossed! Hope I win this time…

    Fb: Andra Beatrice Melinte

  18. Deiusk says:

    GFC: deiusk
    FB: Andreia Barabas

  19. A says:

    My contacts:
    GFC & FBK: Andreea Costinas

  20. Alexandra says:

    GFC: Painter Painter
    FB: Cîrlea Alexandra

    Thank you for the contest!

  21. Ambrosia says: again! 🙂 pe ultima suta de metri!

    GFC/Fb: Ambrosia/Delia Deliu

    tha thaa!

  22. Simona says:

    Awesome!!! YUHUU!

    Cristea Simona

  23. Hannah Alyse says:

    Beautiful bracelet and I’d love nothing more than to win!

    Hannah Alyse

  24. markéta says:

    GFC: Marketa
    FB: Markéta Jelínková

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