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19 December 2013 / By / 4 Comments

Ana Morodan

Photo by Pernod Ricard/Cristian Duminecioiu



As you guys already know, last week was at The ABSOLUT  Transform Today Party with Woodkid in concert.

The whole event was big! Like seriously BIGGG. Thousands of people, amazing set ups and super cool vibes. It was different, something else, a different kind of experience that made me feel that I’m part of something.

I loved the fact that so many cool people gathered that night. It was a special vibe, like a whole new generation will start doing something, something significant that will change our future. I’m an agoraphobic so I didn’t even went with the impression that I will last in that huge place with so many people around me but guess what? Not that I did but I actually liked it very much!

Woodkid was indeed as we all expected – a person that really believes in his path and has the energy we should all be inspired by – the energy to transform our lives today.


Thank you ABSOLUT for yet again, another unforgettable experience and campaign. You touched out lives again and we thank you!








Anette de Morodanette




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  1. Carmen says:

    hehehe you look like you’ve just come out of a hugely fun party :)))

  2. Lina Maria says:

    a fost intr-adevar magnific!!!! si ai pus-o bine in cuvinte, a noua generatie care va face o schimbare semnificativa :))))))))) ce frumos

  3. Chicest Ladies Alive says:

    you speak the truth dear absolut parties are tremendously cool, and woodkid was one of a kind

  4. jane says:

    adored woodkid sooooooooooo much

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