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ana is amazingggg

Smiling Ana

Beautiful Morodan

Ana having fun

The Ultimate Morodan


Close up

anamorodan comI am wearing Le Petit Marais cape and overall, The Black Eva thigh high boots from Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes capsule collection (I knowwww. they’re my everyday wear but I love them and they are so versatile #heart) and H&M  mittens

© Serban Cristea with Canon 70 D



Well, it’s been a while since I didn’t play the Little Red Ridding Hood and as you know, there are some fairytale characters that I love to play. I find a little of myself in some of them (except Ariel, although I’ve been a swimming champion in high school #braggingbitch).


One of my biggest beliefs in this life is that the first person you are responsible for making happy is yourself. It is not a selfish or egocentric bullshit. I’ve seen people with the most perfect lives that however are constantly unhappy, bitching about every aspect of their existence. It’s a fact that many of us tend to lose sight of  the positive things we have and then we start expecting other people to make us happy.

Well being and a beautiful lifestyle is in many cases a matter of choice.You choose to fuck everything up or to build a fairytale around you.

.I for one, I chose the fairytale and The Little Red Ridding Hood is just perfect for the Le Petit Marais  outfit I’m wearing today. The cape is out of this world, no? I fell in love with it right in the moment I saw it!  By the way, as a shopping tip, the next time you find yourself on Calea Victoriei make sure you check Le Petit Marais out. You’ll be amazed of the treasures you’ll find there.

Also, this weekend, Le Petit Marais is hosting “Christmas Shopping Weekend” – an event where you guys can see their new collections, have free styling advices from their awesome stylist and get your hands on some amazing sales. A little secret – the black dresses on the left (#wink).



The power asset when you write your own fairytale? That you decide the ending! And for me, the grandma basket was converted into everybody who I meet on my way basket. It’s December and no matter how much of a Grinch I might be, there’s a part of me that wants to bring real joy into people’s hearts. We should all do things for others from time to time.


Morodan paying it back


As for the wolf…I’m so Lara Crofting him away!


Morodan looking kinky




Ana says



Little Red Ana de Morodan


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  1. Diana says:

    Dragalasa ca de obicei! Nebunatico, ce ascundeai sub hainuta…ai lasat ce era mai frumos la urma :p

  2. Alina N says:

    Foarte frumos gestul de la sfarsit, din poze, acela de a imparti merele si covrigii. Si capa este chic si te prinde povestea, dar gestul…asa da!

  3. vera says:

    si gest frumos, si fun in acelasi timp, foarte frumos ana 🙂

  4. Liliana Borgea says:

    adorabila si dulce si arati splendid <3

  5. Chic&Chic says:

    love the cape!

  6. cerasela m. says:

    nu stiu despre ce vorbesti draga mea, eu nu m-am saturat de cizmele tale, din contra, mi le-am comandat!

  7. Alina&Anca says:

    uaaauuuu ce top frumos!!!!!

  8. victoria nelson says:

    i know , j’adorrrre #heartsintheair

  9. I'm A Fashion Show says:

    how easy you make it seem to look so wonderful every time dear…

  10. Rochia Bunicii says:

    ah ce amintiri din copilarie mi-ai trezit…de fapt craciunul daca stau sa ma gandesc este momentul cand ma simt sau cel putin vreau sa ma simt din nou ca un copil rasfatat, cand altcandva? luv ya

  11. julia says:

    loved the wisdom, and agree with you, it is a matter of choice, a daily choice baby!

  12. Eugene Marie says:

    :)))) you look amaze in red

  13. Chinese Girl says:

    lovely tempting red cape!

  14. mariana says:

    vorbesti adevarul si asta mereu mi-a placut la tine #heart

  15. pop ileana says:

    dar ce poveste in imagini jucausa 🙂 loved it + m-ai facut sa zambesc

  16. Savulescu says:

    tres chic esti Ana! piesa mea preferat sunt cizmele tale ador faptul ca le porti des si chiar imi place cum le combini in outfit-urile tale

  17. christine jane lawson says:

    hey now that is something very temting i might just come to this event, especially for the styling advice !!!! i love le petit marais anywayz

  18. Passion for Fashion says:

    …this weekend, Le Petit Marais is hosting “Christmas Shopping Weekend” – an event where I can see their new collection, get free styling consulting and get my hands on some amazing sales! NOTED!

  19. Ale saioc says:

    Ce tare e ultima poza :))) ce nebunica :))))

  20. Soos Cristina says:

    Foarte frumos ❤ scutita rosie


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