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Absolut Transform Ana MorodanI am wearing a custom made  dress and Obsidian statement necklaces

© Lightaholic – shoot with Canon Eos 100 D – #wespeakimage

Make-up by Anca Buzea


I am well aware Halloween is long gone, thank you very much. When you’re friends with Anca Buzea and pay a visit to Lightaholic‘s studio things tend to get out of control, just the way I like it!

Which brings me to the matter at hand – The Absolut Transform Today campaign I was telling you about a few days ago.

Now, on the 5th of December, at Romexpo Baneasa, Woodkid will hold a concert for all of us Absolut transformers.

I know you are excited about this because yesterday everybody was asking me about the concert invitations. Therefore, here they are – all 10 of them.

You have until the 30th of November to tell me in a comment how you plan to Absolut Transform something in your life. Below is Woodkid‘s video for Absolut.  It’s pretty inspirational, take a look.




I for one  transformed myself  in a white, goth…something. And it was pretty fun! Life is about evolution, about transformation so embrace it and learn to live for the things that make you happy!


10 double invitations. One can be yours. Tell me how you’re going to transform something in your life. Sure, you’ll have to be 18+.


Enjoy ABSOLUT responsibly.


#TransformToday #ABSOLUT







Guys, you won!

  • Marcel Chis
  • Octavian Belintan
  • Alica
  • Vlad Constanda
  • Emanuel Iuhas
  • Boy on Mars
  • Gabriela Ivan
  • Budes Alexandru Mihai
  • Raluca
  • Lav

Congrats guys, send me an email with your contacts!






White Morodan



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  1. Marcel Chis says:

    Eu ma voi transforma intr-o lebada.

  2. Octavian Belintan says:

    In timp, as dori zidul in care bat, sa-l transform intr-o usa.

  3. Alica says:

    Sunt intr-o perioada de tranzitie in momentul acesta si sper din tot sufletul sa reusesc transformarea stilului de viata intr-unul foarte sanatos. Sport, no smoking, no drinking, just good food.

  4. Nicoleta Mandache says:

    Pentru ca imi tai, cos, pictez cu oja “tzoalele”, ai mei prieteni ma trimit intr-un atelier. So, maine, intru in atelier. 4 the first time. “ma cos” profi.

  5. Veronica says:

    I started the transformation about 6 months ago, when I resigned from the job of financial auditor, job for which I worked hard to have it 🙂 and started a magical journey as freelancer . Since I need to improve the trust in me, I want to continue the transformation by starting a personal blog that I hope will help me grow and develop my social and emotional “skills”. I think the transformation never stops, we will continue to develop as individuals until death 🙂


  6. Cristina Leonte-Andone says:

    I started my transformation recently, after a few rough times, I decided to take my life in my own hands and enjoy it at its best; stop complaining, stop thinking about the bad things. something i read made me think and made me realize there is more to life, as long as you aknowledge it, and you can be a “whole”, be one with the universe, do/be everything you wished for. crazy right? still going through the transformation, of course, and I plan to be the best I can in this life! 🙂 cheers!

  7. Steluta says:

    As dori sa fac cadou surorii mele o invitatie, isi doreste tare mult sa ajunga la concert 🙂

  8. Alexandra says:

    I am going to transform myself in a free spirit. I plan on fixing my motorcycle and ride into the sunset right after I finish university. Getting all worked up in the chaos of the routine I haven’t had time for my dreams. But that’s about to change. I am planning a euro trip on two wheels, one that will remind me to pursue my happiness once in a while.

  9. Raluca says:

    The biggest change that will happen on the day of the event is…my age. Going on 23 means more commitment on what I do and more doing what i love. I would love to transform myself in a less chaotic person that understands that knowing that the car keys are under the bed does not mean that i am organised:)
    Hopefully I will see you at the party


  10. Cata says:

    I already started to transform myself from what people call “single” woman into an independent, self-confident one…and it pretty much worked very well till now…from single & looking to happy & good-looking! 😉 see u at the party!

  11. MOnica M says:

    Viata mea se va transforma in Februarie 2014, cand voi zbura spre Africa (Tanzania) si voi avea parte de 3 luni total diferite de viata pe care o am. Iar aceste 3 luni vor aduce mai departe alte schimbari. Abia astept! 😀

  12. Aurel says:

    ma voi intalni cu cativa prieteni dragi( daca voi primi acesta invitatie), cel putin seara de 5 dec. se va tranforma intr-una de neuitat in compania lor.

  13. Raluca Marinescu says:

    Once I start my new job, I’m going to take back my life and make some changes. I’ll invest in my smart lady look but I will not forget about my crazy girl one, I’ll work on keeping a smart but trendy, business but out of the ordinary. This would be my transformation.

  14. Daniel says:

    I don`t know what I will transform in my life; don`t know where to start, there are too many things, but it would surely be nice to start with that one night on the 5th of December.

  15. Rara says:

    By practicing yoga meditation and trying to get a more spiritual perspective over things.

  16. Lav says:

    I got a new job recently and it’s transforming my life day by day. It’s my first serious job, so it’s great to be independent and not to rely on the help of my parents. I also have more responsabilities and I love it, I get the sense that I finally grow up and I’m starting to do something with my life. Something that counts.

  17. Cami says:

    Ii voi dovedi unui bun prieten ca exista Mos Craciun. Isi doreste foarte mult sa mearga la concert si pe aceasta cale ii pot indeplini dorinta 🙂

  18. Olivia says:

    Vreau sa transform rutina. Sa fac in fiecare zi altceva. Chiar si lucruri mici cum ar fi sa schimb drumul spre casa. Vreau sa vad altfel lucrurile, sa incerc ce in mod normal n-as incerca.

  19. My biggest wish is to transform in a morning person. I do love mornings, coffee, healthy breakfast but I hate to wake up early in the morning. And I do want to wake up easily and have time for everything that I want. Because the early bird does catch the worm.

  20. Oana says:

    Transformarea mea va ținti echilibrul, absolut. Voi începe prin a nu îmi mai face nici o grija. A sta stresat nu te ajuta cu nimic în rezolvarea problemelor, e ca și cum ai încerca sa rezolvi un puzzle doar uitându-te la el în timp ce mesteci o guma. Daca reușesc sa aduc bratele balanței la același nivel, nu voi reuși doar sa transform ceva din viata mea, ba chiar viata însăși. Asta ar fi chiar o transformare, Absoluta!

  21. Flori says:

    I’m just gonna start by really living it. I won’t be missing any opportunity so…i’m starting right now.

  22. TRANSFORM exists in my life with an ‘ing’ at the end.

    A now, ‘in the middle of’ moment.
    An experience.
    A flow out of the ABSOLUT freedom of spirit.

    TRANSFORMing strips the ordinary of all common sense until I see, feel and live the dancing matter infused with magnificent energy.

    TRANSFORMing in
    WALKing pride-struck in a pair of made in Romania boots found at one of those just perfectly made for you trade fairs.
    DRINKing in pure wonder a heavenly flavoured white tea and just that, nothing else. EXPLORing in intense fascination a magazine where I just happened to find a common project of my favorite fashion designer and my no.1 architect.
    PLAYing freely with my imagination and creating a homework that just feels bound to my absolute core.
    LISTENing on repeat to Woodkid’s Ghost Lights and I Love You while discovering your latest blog post as I daily do and it’s today reference to Woodkid.

    It’s all part of my TODAY.
    It’s all here, embedded in these flows of authenticity.
    It’s all here, embedded in these fresh moments of life bearing the eternal fruits of a TRANSFORMing spirit.

    That’s what I aspire of tommorow’s today.
    That’s TRANSFORMing me.


  23. Vlad Constanda says:

    My ultimate transformation is to never allow anything and anyone transform the way I am.

  24. Lux says:

    You couldn’t have asked me at a better time, because I am in the middle of my transformation. The past month all I did was postpone everything concerning my diploma paper, my plans for graduation and my life as an adult, but last night I decided to stop worrying and just work my ass off to transform myself into the woman I always dreamed of becoming. I made an account on quip to keep me organized and to not lose myself in the mess (as I always do), I cleaned up my agenda, and hopefully, by new year’s eve I’ll be able to be proud of the decisions I made this year and how I turned them into reality.


  25. Stefania says:

    I feel that one of those critical moments have just surfaced into my life: the transformation from a young girl into a real woman who embraces herself just the way she is, who doesn’t show confidence when actually she’s lost in the dark, who is true to hersels.

  26. Maria Verde says:

    I believe that life itself has the definition of absolut transformation of our inner selves, and all of us shall focus to evolution, light, being more kind one to another, accetance, and the most important thing is being counscience of the present and that all the decisions we make now are creating the future, so be careful what you wish for,it might come true.

  27. Budes Alexandru Mihai says:

    I’d want to loose the sentiment of fear, because fear makes us think about the future, the uncertain, and not live in the present. Without fear, we would speak our minds freely, we would act, we would try and do the things we now think we cant do… this would be my absolute transformation.

  28. Adina says:

    All apparently insignificant or common things I do on a daily basis constantly transforms me by living each day in a happier and optimistic way – a big milk coffee in the morning savored next to the the 3 cats laying around me, the walk to the subway through the alley filled with cars while listening one of my favorite songs and watching children going to school, checking peoples shoes or message T-shirts in the subway, enjoying someone’s face laughing while reading a book, buying great hot pretzels for my colleagues, sharing last night dreams and laughing of it with friends and colleagues, helping one person a day, feeling butterflies in my stomach each time my boyfriend calls, spending a great evening with girls and eating fabulous food in different cuisine restaurants, crying a river at a very cheap movie, enjoying a glass of wine in the company of Leonard Cohen and falling asleep remembering the great trips I had and the great ones to come – these are just a few but they make quite a transformation each and every single day.


  29. Emanuel I. says:

    I’m thinking to re-imagine my self, my style & my work very soon to become better, bitter but not butterfly.

  30. BOY ON MARS says:

    I will start changing my life by changing my Home. My Transformation will start with a no-return journey to the end of the World and far beyond into the abyss. And as crazy as it might sounds,all these non-sense is actually not a non-sense. Because the greatest Transformation of my life has already started when I have applied for the Mars One Project, aiming to establish a human settlement on the Red Planet. Pretty inspiring, right? :p

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