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7 December 2010 / By / 12 Comments

Topshop skirt, vintage belt,Da Capo body, H&M bag, H&M earrings and bracelets
Photos by Iunia Paul @ KF
and home (I don’t dress like that in public places, chill people;))


Since I’ve just arrived home a few moments agofrom a verrryyy tiring trip and I feel that I just wanna lay in bed for a week, I’m just gonna tell you how I got this super glam body.

Remember when I was in Bucharest a few weeks ago ? Well Alina had this ohh so cool and so 80’s like pink body. It was instant love. And after some puppy eyes and tear invocation she , she, she…gave it to ME!

It was aDa Capodesign of course! If you didn’t hear about this label I totally suggest to make some adjustments in your fashion dictionary.

Why you should have heard about Da Capo? Because Ana (yes, we have the same name, it’s faith I tell you) designs the most wonderful and stylish things and her creations are well worn by teenagers and ladies at the same time because they have that ageless feeling.

If you don’t believe me just look at my pink body (heard THAT Alina? mine! all mine:)) I’ve worn it in three looks in the same day.

Da Capo’ssite is experiencing some changes but till then you can just checkTehanciuc-novic Ana-maria’s Facebook and order or ask her anything there.

I’m off to office people not bed…yes, my plan is to become a zombie.

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  1. So hot, girl! I love everything about this outfit: the pink body, the belt, the skirt, the trench, the shoes. I feel you did something different to your hair – it looks awesome. Also, you must be the only girl in the world that can pull off that kind of tights.:))))

  2. says:


  3. Meghan says:

    so cute, great bod, love your hair!

  4. I just loove your hair and that body it`s so dreammmy. I like the picture you wearing only the body. You look like Madonna in Hung Up. And of course the shoes are really sweet.
    P.S: I sent the brooch. I think it`s in Arad already. Kisses

  5. Oh and I was wondering when are you gonna post another outfit. I missed you.

  6. Nancie says:

    am loving these pics….the phptography is well done and you look fab as always!

  7. nookie says:

    ehhm, hot body you have there;;)
    no day off? so soon to work? bohoo

    ps: can’t wait for the preview;;)

  8. DeVero says:

    So stylish outfit! I love thsoe shoes!

  9. Sing says:

    What a great body suit. And those pink shoes are adorable.

  10. AzaharaJS says:

    very pretty! and SO SEXYYYY!!!


  11. necas says:

    love the body suit! so sexyy ;D

  12. Chloe says:

    HOT mama! I’m so in love with that body!! I especially loove how you worked it with a classy skirt and fishnets….gorgeous.

    Did I miss details on the trench? Where did you get that? LOVE IT!

    chloe **

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