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Ok , so here’s the truth…it rained all week and I was lazy and the light was poor so I didn’t take any outfit pics, instead I made some collages with my fav outfits until now :d

Well, I didn’t use “fairy like” for a while now, I’m making serious improvements in the growing up process!

But there comes a time when I see certain things or situations that brighten my day, put a smile on my face and really make me feel that I live in a real fairytale.

For example Anna’s article about me. She is one of the most sweet and delicate girls I know so you must understand that I feel very fortunate that she likes me:).
Riham’s inspiration article where she featured me.

Thank you so much, I still can’t put in the right words how humbled I am by peoples interest in my blog.

That’s why when Miss Babacilu wrote me asking if I want to collaborate with her in a little project I instantly agreed.
Now, you may ask yourself what’s this got to do with what I was saying??! Although you must be used by now with my unorganized way of speaking:)

It’s simple, Miss Babacilu wants to give away this FAIRY LIKE necklace to one of HSC’s readers ! How awesome is that?

All you have to do is go and visit her online shop here or here , watch closely under the header and tell me how she named her jewelry line(it’s a fairy like term BTW;)).
Then come back at this post and tell me in a comment.

We’ll choose(by this I mean that the True Random Number Generator will do it) a winner in a week from now so take your time and visit Miss Babacilu’s shops as many times you like.

You’ll see that everything is FAIRY LIKE there 😉

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  1. classiq says:

    lovely post! and the give away is perfect for this period. have a great December!

  2. raluca says:

    Hello, Miss Babacilu designs very nice jewelry; the line is called Tea jewelry 🙂 kisses

  3. Gabriela says:

    Hey, her concept, creations and photos are really something! Didn’t know about it, so lovely to get to know about Tea Jewlery! 😉

  4. daphne says:

    she named her jewlery line Tea Jewlery

  5. zuity says:

    Hy, Miss Babacilu jewelry line is called “Tea jewelry”. Kisses 🙂

  6. miki-mouse says:

    Hello! The line is called Tea Jewlery. 🙂

  7. nituteodora says:

    Foarte draguta initiativa Domnisoarei Babacilu. Ii urmaresc creatiile de ceva timp, iar colectia Tea Jewelry se incadreaza perfect in stilul ei caracteristic de poveste:)… acelasi stil care te prinde de minune si pe tine by the way:D

  8. Special K says:

    it’s sooo pretty, I need it :)):D

    The line is called “Tea Jewlery” 😀

  9. Irys says:

    Very nice! Her line is called Tea jewelry 🙂 The key pendant is my favourite one too!

  10. Anaivilo says:

    The collection is called “Tea Jewelery” – how sweet!
    She really has some incredible items, and this necklace is definitely my favorite! 😀

  11. Monica85 says:

    Tea Jewlery, the name of her line…and you’re right, everything really is fairy like there 🙂

  12. Iulia says:

    The answer is “Tea Jewlery”! Lots of greetings, Iulia

  13. Delia says:

    Do i even have to say how gorgeous the key pendant is? Guess not..:D The name of the line is “Tea Jewlery”

  14. Ionica says:

    Right answer – Tea Jewlery! Have a nice dau you all!!!

  15. adelina says:

    imi place foarte mult stilul tau vestimentar..foarte original,vesel, totodata si elegant.felicitari!:*
    numele este :”Tea Jewlery”!

  16. Adeline says:

    How Lovely! Even the name, “Tea Jewelry”, makes me think of pretty, “fairy-like” things 🙂

  17. kittenhood says:

    Tea jewelry – I couldn’t not enter this fabulous collaborative giveaway 🙂

  18. liana says:

    the line is called:tea jewelry.
    all the best!

  19. oanaro says:

    Tea jewelry 🙂

  20. Maria says:

    Colectia se numeste ‘Tea Jewlery’, o seara cat mai frumoasa!

  21. Dany says:

    Lovely, lovely the tea jewlery collection…and yeah, that’s the name of the line – Tea Jewlery.

  22. Andreea P says:

    Ana esti o adevarata sursa de inspiratie!! Astept cu nerabdare fiecare post… Tine-o tot asa! Linia de bijuterii se numeste “Tea jewlery”

  23. Deea says:

    Oh my god, how cute is that oendant? ;)) The line is called “Tea Jewlery” :*

  24. Silviutza says:

    Fab accesories!!! The line is named Tea Jewlery, fantastic everything!

  25. Mirela Petre says:

    the line is called Tea Jewellery! Love them all!


  26. rebecca says:

    tea jewelery! so pretty!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  27. becky says:

    the line is tea jewlery. so pretty!

  28. Lisa says:

    Tea Jewlery!!! xoxoxo

  29. The necklace is gorgeous. Love her stuff. Her line is called Tea Jewellery.

    (Fingers crossed)

  30. Nico says:

    Tea jewlery! Wish you a perfect day 🙂

  31. Itzy Bitzy says:

    To be in the spirit of your blog, Ana, the necklace is just magical 😀 and the name of the line is tea jewlery 😀

  32. Anky says:

    Miss Babacilu makes the most amazing Tea Jewlery!
    Also, love your style Ana! 🙂

  33. Denny says:

    Love you and love your blog, dear Ana! Miss Babacilu’s line is Tea Jewlery, hugs & kisses!

  34. Maryjane says:

    Your collages are really beautiful, what great style! I’ll gladly take one of those key pendants. 🙂

    Maryjane xoxo

  35. fashionista says:

    All Miss Babacilu’s line is fabulous – it’s called Tea jewlery…and you are fabulous as well Ana!

  36. Dena says:

    Tea Jewlery!!Have a nice evening! Hope i’ll win 😛

  37. Anca says:

    That’s seriously the cutest neclace i have ever seen! And i’ve always wanted a key necklace.

    The line is called Tea Jewlery (cute name too).

  38. Unlimited says:

    Oh, dreamy, asa pot descrie toata linia de bijuterii…i’m in love ;)) Si sa nu uit, se numeste Tea Jewlery…pretty please, please, please, i wanna win 😛

  39. Anny says:

    Santa, Santa, can i have the necklace please? Promise i’ll behave..! Aaa, and the name is “Tea Jewlery”.

  40. DeVero says:

    Lovely with some random pictures 😉 So nice that you told us about this page! The jewelry are so sweet and what a great name for the collection Tea Jewelry 😉


  41. Full-closet says:

    Tea Jewlery ;))

  42. camy says:

    The collection name is “Tea Jewelry”

  43. Didi says:

    May i have my Christmas wish sooner? I want the key pendant..:D (the answer is “tea jewlery”, by the way). Have a lovely Sunday!

  44. The name of the line is “Tea Jewlery” and her crations are amazing :>

  45. Karla says:

    Draga Ana, intreg blogul tau e adorabil, iar pandativul nu face nici el exceptie..raspunsul e Tea jewlery, o zi cat mai frumoasa si un mos cat mai darnic 🙂

  46. Stellutz says:

    Ummm, poate pe la mine Mos Niculae trece sapt viitoare si imi aduce un beatiful pandatic cu cheie…could it be possible?..;))
    Tea Jewlery se numeste linia de bijuterii :*

  47. Anna says:

    Tea jewelry 🙂

  48. Carina-Luz says:

    Multumim Ana pentru minunata initiativa si multumim Miss Babacilu pentru aceeasi minunata initiativa 🙂 Linia se numeste Tea Jewlery.

  49. geisha says:

    “Tea Jewlery”! Have a cheerfull, fun, and full of sweets St. Nicholas evening y’all!!!

  50. Daria_99 says:

    Dear St. Nicholas, may i win the contest as a present???
    The name of the jewelry line is “Tea Jewlery”, lots of greetings

  51. Eva says:

    Hello everybody,
    Long story made short, the name is Tea Jewlery, kisses

  52. Sadye says:

    So lovely, I especially loved the line about tea vapors being transformed into lovely (tea) jewelry – so alice and wonderland-esqe.

  53. Leliwiggins says:

    The fairy title is ‘Tea Jewelry’ 🙂

  54. Riham says:

    aww your such a sweet person! I love your blog, and am honored to do a post on you xx Keep up your amazing posts! Your blog is one of my favs!

  55. Cinnamon says:

    The name of the the jewelry line is “Tea Jewlery”.

  56. Anna Pope says:

    Lovely post! I’m so glad you made those collages, because now I can just save your outfit photos in one go. My inspiration folder sure does love your blog 🙂

    Oh, her Tea Jewelry is divine. It really does make me think of faeries and magic!

  57. Alexis says:

    The line with the fairylike name is “Tea Jewlery”, thanks

  58. Jolie says:

    Ana, sper ca nu ne-ai uitat pe astia care asteptam cu sufletul la gura noua ta postare..:P
    Nu vreau sa fiu off topic, linia se numeste Tea Jewlery 🙂 Have a lovely day

  59. BB says:

    Bu bu bu, love the necklace 😀
    Answer – Tea Jewlery 😉

  60. Doris says:

    It’s called “Tea Jewlery”…looking forward to hearing from you soon, Ana

  61. My name is alice…you can imagine how i love these things! the name is “Tea Jewlery” and it’s perfect.

  62. Ina says:

    Lovely, just lovely. Tea Jewlery is the name of the line… Fairy like collection

  63. Ioana Sdraila says:

    The name of the line is “Tea jewelry”!I love it very much.

  64. Astrid says:

    Well, let’s give it a shot…the line is called Tea jewlery, g’night

  65. life unexpected says:

    Hello everybody!
    Miss Babacilu’s line looks fantastic and it’s called Tea Jewlery…and, did i mention how fantastic does it look? 😀

  66. BU_Kate says:

    Oh well, i could really use a new fashionable item in my closet..;)) Tea Jewlery is the answer, xoxo

  67. Patty says:

    “Tea Jewlery”, bisous

  68. Ruxy-Roxy says:

    Wow, Miss Babacilu just…speechless…the name of her line is “tea jewlery”, speechless again

  69. Jewels says:

    What could it be? What could it be?
    Tea Jewlery, that’s it 😀

  70. Paulici says:

    Well, last but not the least..:P tomorrow is the winning day? Tea jewlery is the answer, bye bye

  71. Madutza says:

    Sooo, so cute! :X

    The line is called “Tea Jewlery”, how inspiring 🙂

  72. emi says:

    This kind of accessories are more than great.:X Miss Babacilu named her jewlery line “Tea Jewlery”. >:D<

  73. Jolie says:

    ana, sper ca nu te bat la cap, dar pe cand anunti castigatorul?

  74. Andy_66 says:

    Hello, is the contest still on? The jewelry line is called Tea Jewlery, bye bye

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