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2 July 2016 / By / 24 Comments
They say life is a journey. Well, I want mine to be a chic one. 


And I’m telling you this right from the start, I choose to go through it with my new Brics summer leather luggage from Valigeria. Which, as you can easily see, are the most chic sets of luggage ever, so I don’t have to say no more. Except the fact that Queen Elizabeth and Amal Clooney also state that these luggage sets are the most elegant in the world. 6b




We visited Iasi, at the beginning of June, for my Roses Society workshop and we took a few days for ourselves to explore the city. Naturally, The Palace of Culture and its surroundings were at the top of the list.


And it totally earned our admiration, while it left us staring in awe. As I walked through its gardens, I suddenly remembered my high-school building. I remember joining the girls school in my tenth grade. The first impression was powerful and it was made by the school`s gardens, the secular chestnut trees hiding the building and the building itself, which had a vibe that was similar to the Palace of Culture. Or maybe I was just reminiscing.  And just like that, for a few minutes I remembered…


 I remembered how in those years, I already suspected that succeeding in life will take determination and hard work, but I never imagined just how much. 



I knew that unimaginable adventures will lay before me and I`d jump in that carousel in a second. 





I know, now, that there will be moments when I’ll stop and stare and think about where I’m heading.




And moments when I’ll be exhausted and I will have to take breaks to find my strength again.




And while doing that, I must never forget to enjoy the view. To enjoy each moment. To enjoy the place I am in right now in life.




I know that it’s ok to stop and take a break, but at one point you have to get up and keep on going. Always move forward with optimism and enthusiasm.



Great shoes are always a turn ON. 5b




And what’s the most important, I know that I`ll have to keep my head high and to smile and wave. To the world, to the lovers, to the dreamers, to the detractors, to any happy or unhappy situations, I know, now, that I have to smile. To take life easy. To smile in her face. A lesson I learnt from my art teacher.




I was crazy then, I am crazy now. No explanation for this action. 



Ana-Morodan-Valigeria-12H&M dress, Vintage Butter jacket, Elisabetta Franchi heels from Lala boutique, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, VintageBazar.ro brooches

Brics luggage from Valigeria 



Life is indeed a journey, filled with daily bits of wisdom and experiences. A journey through which I’m keeping my promise, to be as chic as possible. As memorable as possible. And as filled with a sense of adventure as I always was. 


There are a few more lessons I learned in Girls School, but those involved lace, leather and whips, so that’s a story for another time. 7b



My people inima-albastru




Photos by Emil Costrut 



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  1. Ana Vulpea says:

    Ce jacheta chic <3

  2. Lavinia M says:

    Imi place foarte tare ca iti incluzi atat de mult si echipa pe blog lately, pareti toti niste oameni uber cool.

  3. Scridon Bianca says:

    Superbe poze, sper ca v-a placut la Iasi!

  4. Ela says:

    rochita tricotata e minunanta

  5. Mada says:

    ooooh, sandalele :X

  6. Iunia Velean says:

    hahaha ce fain e giful in care te impinge Clau cu valiza :))

  7. Gina Feleacu says:

    Cool, cool, imi plac tare tinutele mai casual pe care ni le prezinti lately

  8. MoroFan says:

    This must be one of my favourite posts of yours! The photos, the light, the colors, the mood, the glamourous and the funny poses, you & your team looking so in sync, love it all!

  9. Vera Mocan says:

    Wow, ce bine arata valizele astea :O sunt din piele?

  10. Jules F. says:

    loving this outfit 😀

  11. Iua says:

    Am o jacheta de blugi care sta in dulap de un milion de ani si nici nu mi-a trecut prin cap ca o voi mai purta vreodata, dar tocmai ce mi-ai dat cea mai cool idee. Nu stiu cum de nu m-am gandit sa o accesorizez cu brose, dar uite ca mi-a scapat. Thank you for the best ideas!

  12. Oana Pop says:

    Imi plac mult ochelarii tai de soare, crezi ca mai am vreo sansa sa ii gasesc undeva?

  13. Fifi says:

    Ce frumos e Palatul in spate 🙂 V-a placut Iasiul?

  14. Amalia G says:

    the mood in these is so fun! you look great!

  15. Evelyn Frentiu says:

    Oh my, ce rochita frumoasa 😉

  16. Denia Tirlea says:

    Oooh, now those are some gorgeous suitcases. Exista Valigeria si in Bucuresti?

  17. Deedee says:

    Ador jacheta de blugi, foarte tari brosele

  18. Adina says:

    You’re gorgeous, Countess :X

  19. Delia Brad says:

    You sure know how to travel in style 😀

  20. Carla says:

    Awesome jacket <3

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