Speaking at The First Edition of Glamour Beauty Days

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3 July 2016 / By / 8 Comments
Glamour Beauty Days happened a few days ago and as I told you and I was one of the personalities invited to speak at the first Romanian edition of this worldwide renowned event. 


As a visitor and as a speaker I’m telling you that the hard work the Glamour Magazine team put into this huge event paid of. Gabroveni turned for a weekend into a huge beauty hub, filled with specialists waiting to not only beautify us but to teach us all the current beauty secrets. And that huge beauty bag filled with products each of you got was made exactly to ensure your stash for this summer. 




Thank you for everyone for coming to my workshop in such a huge number and for listening to my point of view regarding blogging nowadays, how should a fashion blog look today, if I’s start a blog in 2016 not in 2010 what I would do. About personal branding and how this helps, honest networking, about how to stand out from the crowd in your own terms and how to understand that competition is good. About how to build premium services and be fairy play, relevant content, how to not focus on the little details but on the big picture always. About how having a 5 year plan will keep you focused on your goals. About my data driven decision plan. About how your personal manifesto, being unique, honest, authentic and a bit visionary can take you in the biggest adventure of your life and a few more subjects we debated. 


The most important aspect I always tell is that if I succeeded to turn my passion into a successful business anyone can do it. 




















Thank you Glamour for having me as one of your speakers and thank you to everyone who came to spend a Saturday morning with me.

Sharing my experience with you is one of the most rewarding activities from this adventure and the energy we share is really incredible and powerful. Makes me believe in a better world. inima-albastru(suna putin a discurs de Miss World de mana a treia but it’s the truth)



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  1. Erika Anton says:

    Omg, standerul cu eyeshadow de la Sephora, looks like heaven :OOO

  2. Delia says:

    Hahahah “discurs de Miss World de mana a treia” :)))) you’re the best

  3. MoroFan says:

    Another great achievement 🙂 Congrats!

  4. Denisa S says:

    Mi-ar fi placut sa te vad, aud de peste tot ca esti un speaker amazing 🙁 Din pacate fix in weekendul ala am fost plecata din Bucuresti. Oh well, maybe next time!

  5. laura diana rus says:

    Tii atat de multe conferinte si workshopuri despre care se spun doar lucruri bune. Oare ai vreun sfat pentru a infrunta teama de vorbit in public?

  6. mimi says:

    You look very sexy in this outfit 😀

  7. Otilia Frentiu says:

    Looooove this outfit! Iti sta super tare in jeansi

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