3 Focus Points That Work For Me Right Now

5 July 2016 / By / 15 Comments
Look, I’m tired of complaining that I’m tired

I said to myself one night at 4 am, while answering emails, still at the office. I mean, ok, I work a lot. But so does everyone. My business requires mermaid outfits, sequins and champagne. I actually enjoy what i do a lot. I still get giggles when I plan an adventurous project. So? What’s with the drama? Why do I feel like a burnout?









ANA-MORODAN-LOSPACCIO-1Lo Spaccio dress – H&M choker – Smiling Shoes heels 

Photos by Emil Costrut at Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suits & Spa 



These thoughts were running through the mind of a person who analyses her actions and thoughts a lot. A L-O-T. I mean me. I know, you couldn’t tell…

I’ve given it a thought or two during the past few weeks and the conclusion as I expected: I’ve complained about being coompletely exhausted so often that it became a permanent state of mind. And it drained me of vital energy. I kinda like being the Duracell rabbit, so something had to be done. Since sport isn’t my pal yet, perspective was next on the list. And here are


3 Focus Points That Work For Me Right Now


  • Assertiveness is awesome when acknowledged by others but even cooler when you put it to work for your own mindset


  • You can keep your apple Snow White witch, I’m practicing Gratefulness once per day and it really keeps the doctor away. After two months of doing it everyday I confirm, gratefulness is KEY. Methodical exercises once or twice per day really keep my mind set on the positive aspects of working a lot. It keeps me motivated and feeling accomplished. Moreover, I’m more determined and focused to work even harder to achieve the even greater goals I’m setting.


  • And I’d choose you, in a hundred of lifetimes, in a hundred of worlds; in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d chose you. Sounds romantic, right? It is. But I’m saying this to myself. Although it’s valid for S too, I’m saying this to myself first. Every morning.  Throughout the years I’ve always struggled with “Why me-s“. Apparently I had to hit 30 to really understand what self-acceptance means and what a powerful tool this can be for my mental balance.


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  1. Adela says:

    Ce culoare frumoasa are rochia!

  2. Mirabela says:

    Ce poze frumoase, mi se face dor de mare…

  3. Georgi F says:

    Prin ce locuri frumoase te-ai plimbat lunile astea 😀

  4. Sabina P says:

    Pozele sunt facute la resortul in care ai fost de curand in Turcia? E absolut superb!

  5. Ioana Andreea Filip says:

    Ar trebui sa ne impartasesti din secretele tale de grooming. Arati incredibil, nicidecum obosita 🙂

  6. Lorelai R says:

    I actually can’t wait to turn 30 and reach your mature state of mind! 😀

  7. Mimilove says:

    Chaos of Stars e o carte minunata iar citatul ales de tine e by far the best <3

  8. Laura Mesesan says:

    Love the poncho (?) thingie pe care o porti peste rochie. Oare unde as putea gasi asa ceva?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Peste tot 🙂 Incerca la Magazinele de accessorii first apoi la mass makert shops

  9. Zilly says:

    Beautiful, beautiful outfit!!!!!

  10. Maria says:

    Ai mare dreptate! Cu cat ne plangem mai mult, cu atat mai rau ne simtim pentru ca ne umplem de energie negativa 🙂

  11. Naomi Szeles says:

    The last photo is sublime 🙂

  12. Anda says:

    Sandalele cu ciucuri sunt absolut adorabile

  13. July says:

    Beautiful photos & beautiful place <3

  14. Oana says:

    “I’m tired of complaining that I’m tired” hahaha that’s my life too

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