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pink dress

smiling ana

anamorodan com 3


cup and candle

anneta bananeta



beautiful anaI am wearing a Rhea Costa dress – which because I`m a midget is too long and I tried to shorten it in Photoshop and it turned out like hell and Iunia is probably going to kill me now

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at the wonderful Infinitea



So I had this little sparkle today and found a very metaphorical post title. And there it went. Finished, kaput. It was a sparkle for God`s sake, it went away.


Now, would you like me to tell you how I forgot my bra at home? You know, we the big boob but tiny back ladies have really special bras. Which we find really hard and most of the times our bras don`t look like the Victoria Secret ones…Yep, it`s a harsh life. Actually, got to think that I never waited  in line in my life or that I almost always get away without a traffic fine, I would say the balance is quite equal. Except that I can`t dress in the Celine way…#youwerealittleunfairheremothernature


Anyway, I FORGOT MY BRA AT HOME, therefore Silvia, Veronica and I improvised (the daily activity when you do what we do) and found a white band which we wrapped around by boobs and made me look like Jesus but we managedddd.





Ohhh, yesss, that sparkle, the post title –  I am talking about Cup & Candle, a very lady-like concept of home decoration chicness. Carefully chosen tea cups – carefully chosen people, I am saying Victoria & Albert, Villeroy & Boch and some other refined porcelain makers/manufacturers (is this the term? I guess not but you understand me #sayyoudo!) – are filled with natural, soy made and scented wax and become a candle. #tadaaaa


Got it? You not only buy a scented candle but you also get a chic tea cup. We love teaaaa, us ladies, big boobed or not.

.I`ve been mix-matching  tea cups or glasses ever since this became a deco trend so Cup & Candle speaks exactly my home deco language.



Pe maineeeee




Anetta Cupetta

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  1. Stefania says:

    bai (permite-mi sa iti spun bai), esti geniala!!! rad cu lacrimi de cate ori te aud sau ,,citesc” =)) si da, sunt Stefania aia de pe Fb care iti mai trimite mesaje din cand in cand de admiratie. esti minunata, fata draga! te puuuupppp cu drag!!!

  2. Doamne iarta-ma! Contesa draga, imi dai dureri de cap cu rochiile tale. Vrei sa lesin asa dis de dimineata la 11 fix?!
    Ma enervezi de-a dreptul, in sensul bun desigur…intelegi tu satirele astea, sunt sigura! Ceasca, doamne si ceasca ma termina…Esti o lady serioasa, ce sa mai!
    Te pup

  3. C.L. says:

    rochia este rafineamnetul intruchipat, ca si intreg decorul, got my heart today for sure!

  4. Fete Fine says:

    love the pictures sunt parca din ce in ce mai frumoase, faceti o echipa buna fetelor! preferata mea e a treia! e superba

  5. Chic&Chic says:

    aaahhh…the most perfect dress…rhea costa just makes the most beautiful femine dresses, they make you feel like in a fairytale, waiting for the prince, in the castle…

  6. kiki's day says:

    uau ador paleta de culori de astzi, ma unge pe suflet <3 portelanurile sunt spendide, ii stiam si ii adoram deja !

  7. Delia says:

    lux si umor, perfect!

  8. bianca says:

    great dress! love it!

  9. Zina Cool says:

    and since when does a long long dress stop you? 🙂 lovely !

  10. Chicest Ladies Alive says:

    wow wow wow for the chicness and the beautiful make-up Ana!
    the shooting look amazing, i love everything about it it is perfect!

  11. hermina toma says:

    exquisite lady!

  12. Komodoro says:

    infinitea este unul din locurile me preferate din Bucuresti, e o adevarata placere sa ajung acolo

  13. popescu A. says:

    de cand imi doream sa ajung si eu la ceainaria aceasta 🙂 a fost superb, very romantic and unexpected (surpriza de la prietenul meu 🙂

  14. bea says:

    vorbind de decor, abia astept sa vad ce transformari au loc in casa ta! iuuhhuuu

  15. cornelia miclea says:

    sounds like fun while working girls! kisses
    a iesit genial, pozele sunt minunate , rochia, decorul, cestile tot!

  16. Ophelia's Day says:

    vai ce urasc memontele astea cand uit vreo idee buna pentru ca am prea multe in cap! stiu exact ce vrei sa spui!

  17. Lucia says:

    sunt fascinata de portelanuri, mostenire din familie..

  18. Skinny Mary says:

    and that is why I have always wanted big boobs! haha!

  19. Bum Bum Carmen says:

    maretie adevarata in pozele tale Ana! adorabil, m-ai fermecat de-a binelea

  20. Georgette says:

    I think Rhea Costa could make me the dress i dream of for my wedding, yep, just got this idea

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