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19 June 2014 / By / 13 Comments


filmed by  Catalin Opritescu, Mihai Dina & Vlad Constanda , edited by Vlad Constanda

in Beatrice Andreescu  `s kitchen




Yes, we are back. Still lunatics, still cooking stuff and having fun. Exactly like every modern lady should do. #me #me #cookingshouldbefun

or so Mazilique says.


I am kinda tired today, excuse me, I woke up at 7 am and went to Stejarii Country Club, as in, the gym. #itsreallyhard #thankyouVIO and I also have to hurry up and pack my bags because today I am leaving Bucharest for another city.

However this does not stop me from saying that yeah, I`ve now seen my boobs move from upfront not only from above and…yep, they sure can move fast while doing stuff…#haha


This time we cooked Kaiserschmarn, which is sort of a pancake, but it`s Austrian and because of that it has this special vibe or Royalty – refined alcohol included and all.


Anyways, words are useless when you have a video so press play people.







A kitchen victim





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  1. Fete Fine says:

    Doooooamne cat am mai asteptaaaaat!
    a fost genial, iti sta asa de bine in rosu si in albastru!
    va salut cu drag!

  2. anca q says:

    delicios chiar mi-a placut si e foarte foarte usor de facut intr-adevar!
    foarte dragu epidosul, cu umorul necesar si adorabil!

  3. hermina toma says:

    e o serie iesita din tipare si foarte cool, felicitari!

  4. XENIA says:

    a meritat asteptarea 😉
    fara legatura, foarte misto colectia ta de pantofi de vara! love it!

  5. Bum Bum Carmen says:

    delicios si reteta si voi doua, faceti o echipa frumoasa

  6. We Have Style says:

    you are a natural in the kitchen Ana! hahahah! i adored this video, it actually put me in the mood to have some fun in the kitchen and call some friends oven, so yeah, great job!

  7. Raluca says:

    Sunteti atat de amuzante, dragute, adorabile, iubibileeee!!!! Am ras cu lacrimi si am vizionat videoclipul vostru de 4 ori consecutiv! Sunteti geniale, va pup mult de tot.

  8. MARTA'S CLOSET says:

    asa mazilique! ne bucuram ca ai calatorit! ia uite ce lucruri frumoase ne inveti 🙂


    great kitchen look countess!

  10. bebe says:

    ce tari sunt comentariile scrise de pe ecran! iar am ras!

  11. Fusta Bunicii says:

    Ana si ustensilele de bucatarie!!! minunat! faci sa para chiar distractiva aceasta activitate…

  12. Izabella says:

    Cat asteptam sa apara un nou episod! Sunteti atat de amuzantee si dragutee

  13. Gabriela Craciun says:

    Sunteti incredibile!!!!!

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