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Buenos dias people,   I am confident that we have passed the `it`s Monday`, I want to die` shit.


Now, focus because I want to tell you a thing or two about  The International Theater Festival at Sibiu, where I spent my weekend as one of their official bloggers of the festival #afashionistamustalsolikesmartactivties #fits2014


As I told you last week, I had to document what I love the most about what it is said to be the third largest theater and spectacle festival in the world.   I could spend hours talking about which plays I loved and why, about the people of this city and it`s common sense but I think Cristina Bazavan wrote a very comprehensive review on all of these matters.


However what I consider important to highlight here is that this Festival is not only a theater festival where people from around the world come to see the most appreciated plays of the year. It`s a special vibe that surrounds the city during this event and there are many activities and corners that could easily deserve the COOL attribute.



Here are some of my personal highlights:


  • Seeing the sunset over the city from cafe Wien
  • The Book Fair that takes place during the festival – found Alice Voinescu`s jurnal and also two books I`ve been searching for, for a while
  • Romania Film`s bistro – Pardon Cafe – such an enchanting place
  • The Mirror Family – a street act that was highly appreciated during the festival
  • Roses ice cream / ice cream in general – to you remember how soft the machine ice cream in the 90`s was? Well, here you can find it at every corner
  • People`s common sense – no matter how crowded the streets were nobody shouted or talked shit about each other
  • Radu Afrim`s Photo Exhibition – his rough take on natural beauty was interesting to see
  • Sibiu`s little parks that are so refreshingly silent and serene
  • The Italian fanfare which you will see in the next post
  • The lack of craziness that we most often find in the bigger cities



ana ai fits 2014

aneta bananetta ai book fest fits

ana m 4

artsy shit  double ana

details 2

FITS2014_11iunie_IN RITM DE FLAMENCOSebastian Marcovici11062014 (10)

having fun

ana banana

radu afrim photo exposition fits2014

details 3

FITS2014_12iunie_FAMILIA-OGLINDASebastian Marcovici12062014 (11)


ana at the book fair

FITS2014_10 iunie_DUHUL LAMPII FERMECATESebastian Marcovici10062014 (1)



ana and a huge clown

details 5

tired mouse

ana m 3

aneta and her fav books lately


double ana 2

anamordan comI wore a pair of Bensimon sneakers, a Zara skirt, an H&M shirt, Cartier Love bracelet, Prada sunglasses and Hermes Kelly bag from Avitatorilor 41

Photos of me by Serban Cristea – Festival moments photos by Sebastian Marcovici / FITS2014




But most of all, I overjoyed seeing so many young people getting their heads out of their phones and laptops and inhaling plays, spectacles, culture, special people and unforgettable words.


The International Theater Feastival at Sibiu will surely be on my next year`s list of Must Go`s and below are some of my favorite moments.


Nope, my favorite moments from The International Theater Festival at Sibiu are not over so stay tuned for The Gala day post.



Muah, muah





Morodanette Theaterette

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  1. Dulapul Valeriei says:

    A fost o placere am savurat fiecare detaliu pe care ni l-ai aratat astazi!

  2. Kornelia says:

    Vaaai ce frumos si ce plin de lucruri interesante…

  3. Lully says:

    You look awesome! And i really love the pictures they are wonderful and very depictive of the lovely atmosphere there <3

  4. Hermina says:

    Fascinating city especially fot this festival, i went last year and it was a beautiful experience !

  5. Mariana G. says:

    Wow ce poze frumoase, il ador pe Radu Afrim, a fost in vis festivalul de anul acesta 🙂

  6. Florence says:

    Love the outfit!

  7. Julieta Are Stil says:

    Pare ca ati trait o poveste frumoasa la Sibiu …

  8. Tatiana July says:

    Sunt totalmente indragostita de listele tale pe care le savurez cu drag :))) arati mununat tinuta ta este atat de chic! Iar fotografiile pe care ti le face Serban sunt foarte foarte frumoase :))) la anul merg si eu la Festivalul de teatru de la Sibiu!

  9. Urania's Choices says:

    Great great style!

  10. Bianca says:

    you look gorgeous as usual honey! xoxo

  11. Xenia says:

    Frumoasa foc :****
    Ce mi-ar placea sa apara sa il vedem si pe Serban alaturi de tine, este atat de romantic ca mergeti in locuri atat de frumoase impreuna

  12. Iasminuca says:

    Mi-am luat si eu tenisi albi ca ai tai ! Acum abia astept sa plec in vacanta!

  13. Group of Happiness says:

    It was definitely the experience of the year for me, so glad you enjoyed it !

  14. Question Mark says:

    You are like Alice in wonderland draguta si fermecatoare, foarte stylish lady!

  15. Popescu A. says:

    Gorgeous!!! Love the style and the enthusiasm!!!

  16. Liliana's Style says:

    Sibiu is my favourite city! Because of this festival and the beauty in it…

  17. Chic&Chic says:

    Amazing! Love ya darling!

  18. Hera Anastasia Ciuntea says:

    grozav festival chiar ca ar trebui sa mai scoata lumea capul din gadget-uri si sa merga la teatru, ca nu mai vorbim de cartile din mana ta care sunt geniale,
    le-am citit pe ambele

  19. bebe says:

    imi place modul abordarea ta asupra festivalului, si da, fashionistele pentru ca au un simt estetic dezvoltat :))) ar trebui sa mearga si la teatru, la mult teatru!

  20. Mariuca Stanescu says:

    te pup cu drag Ana! esti superba!

  21. High Heels says:

    that image is from Radu Afrim’s exposition? nice! i wonder if it’s still there this weekend

  22. C.L. says:

    ce fusta cool! ador mixul de piese m-as imbraca si eu asa…

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