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16 February 2015 / By / 17 Comments


Brace yourselves people, this is a historical day. Today you`re witnessing  what would remain in our history  as Morodan`s Greatest Outfit Faux Pas.  yach Watch carefully and file under: Never Apply.


Luckily, this post is about my list of Social Places of Bucharest and another cool spot on my list is M60


Ana Morodan (2)

@Sebastian Oros3

Ana Morodan (4)

Ana Morodan (6)

@Sebastian Oros2

Ana Morodan


Ana Morodan (5)

Ana Morodan (8)

Ana Morodan (9)


@Sergiu Mihaescu

Ana Morodan (7)

Ana Morodan (10)I am wearing Zara blouse & pants, Parfois accessory, a Marie Nouvelle Studio scarf and a bag

Photos of me-  Mihai Dina – Deco pictures by Sebastian Oros




The Places which Make Me Feel Comfortable, Feed Me With Delicious Dishes or Sink My Mind in Mesmerizing Drinks


 Hey, guess what? M60 is a non-smoking place. Yeyy I`m a smoker,  of course I`m not glad about it. However, I have my share of maturity so I acknowledge the importance of such places opening in the city. Spring is around the corner so it will be ok to sit outside and enjoy a gin tonic and a cigarette.


Here`s why this place gets my Like points:


  • the place looks cozy with a Scandi vibe. Everybody lately loves everything coming from the North – fashion, interior design, etc – I`m no exception
  • I feel welcomed every time I visit them. Their staff is always polite and smiling. I love smiling people. Don’t you?
  • because of their light but delicious and healthy  food
  • I like the people who frequent this place – they  have the vibe of smart, educated and polite individuals



Write this place on your Social Places of Bucharest list and let me know what you think about it. Just checking if we still think alike about stuff. smile









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  1. Andreea Dinu says:

    Excelenta cafenea, o recomand cu caldura

  2. teo says:

    superbe pozele

  3. Laura says:

    Funda e absolut minunata, imi place toata tinuta

  4. Mirela Lucescu says:

    Era si momentul sa avem locuri pentru nefumatori, felicitari pentru idee. O sa merg negresit

  5. ofelia says:

    their food really is Delicious

  6. Dorina says:

    n-as fi crezut ca un astfel de costum arata atat de bine iar rujul rosu il pune in valoare perfect

  7. anna adam says:

    mini eclere yummmmmyyyyyyyyy

  8. fashionista says:

    The scarf is pure perfection, love it

  9. Poppy says:

    The bow suits you perfectly 🙂

  10. emilia says:

    voi merge si aici si sunt sigura ca o sa-mi placa la fel de munca ca la Ana Baking 😉

  11. Anca says:

    M60 e foarte cool!!!

  12. florence says:

    love the emoticons :))

  13. Marie Antoinette says:

    That ring…. OMG!

  14. Sidonia says:

    cafeneaua este superba si personalul de not 10!

  15. virginia says:

    o tinuta foarte speciala, imi place mult

  16. daria fota says:

    esarfa este splendida

  17. Ilinca says:

    Bucurestiul arata din ce in ce mai bine cu astfel de locuri 🙂

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