Social Places Of Bucharest – Episode 1 – ANA Baking

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Ana Morodan.comI am wearing Tamara Mellon heels, a PNK Casual skirt, a Laura Galic spencer and earrings

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



Ohhh, the adventures you`ll find here this year…you must be prepared. It will be a crazy ride. But first, the tools to do that:


The Places which Make Me Feel Comfortable, Feed Me Deliciously or Sink My Mind in Mesmerizing Drinks


My first choice from the new column is predictably ANA Baking Co. I say predictably because it is located at 1 minute tops from my home and that is heaven for a couch potato like I normally am #needsport #mustorganize

But besides that I also gave them my five star medal because:
  • they always have fresh products
  • I adore their special kind of ice cream
  • it`s a non smoking place which forces me to get out when I smoke and feel so NY-ish
  • the place is extremely well illuminated with both natural and artificial light and I love working on my laptop there
  • the crowd – this place is always filled with smiling people which make me feel so positive and smiley


Therefore, if you want to see me over coffee we`ll probably meet here.




    Working from a social place, especially if it has good lighting may prove energy boosting for you and I must admit, I am also much more productive when I am working from a bistro/restaurant/coffee shop.






By the way, have you seen how awesome is this new spencer Laura Galic sent over? It`s so extravagant and countess like. I feel such a dominatrix while wearing it #thankyouLaura #Iadoreit

See you tomorrow  with a reason why I`m gonna mind set differently this year and with a special drink for this kind of year.










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  1. milena says:

    I LOOOVE THIS PLACE! so so so chic

  2. Crina Toma says:

    splendida rubrica, abia astept sa vad restul recomandarilor 🙂

  3. ioana says:

    n-am ajuns la ana baking, dar moooor de pofta cand ma uit la poze 🙂

  4. andreea stan says:

    bezele, so yummy 🙂

  5. fashionlover says:

    love the jacket, you look great

  6. Denisa Pop says:

    ce dragut, trebuie sa merg si eu neaparat. am auzit numai lucruri bune despre acest loc

  7. Sorina_Pop says:

    so sexy ciorapii cu dunga 🙂 imi amintesc de profesoara mea de franceza, o femeie superba

  8. dana says:

    alea sunt briose????? Woooow, imi omori dietaaa

  9. Edna says:

    I could move in a pastry shop, I really could live there

  10. violeta says:

    maine imi iau laptopul si ne vedem acolo :))

  11. paulina says:

    Nici eu nu regret daca vorbim de patiserie :)))

  12. Ada Stirbet says:

    sa stii ca am inceput sa apreciez locurile in care nu se fumeaza, desi sunt fumatoare. eu in schimb ma imaginez la Londra cand ies sa fumez 🙂

  13. laura says:

    daaa, e splendid locul, absolut minunat

  14. Kira says:

    Pretty cool spencer and the mindblowing V 😉

  15. oanalexandra says:

    ce cool arata, nu stiam de locul asta. l-am trecut in agenda si abia astept alte sugestii

  16. Lelia says:

    I regret nothing when it comes to chocolate 😉

  17. sara danciu says:

    Sexy outfit ❤️

  18. Diana Ene says:

    Produsele Ana sunt preferatele mele

  19. cristiana says:

    minunata tinuta, atat de eleganta

  20. Sara says:

    ai dreptate, locul e intotdeauna populat cu oameni frumosi si zambitori 🙂

  21. anna says:

    what a waist! 🙂

  22. Greta says:

    uuu, new place in town, thanks for the tip 😉

  23. doina_2000 says:

    ce frumos ca poti sa lucrezi in locuri frumoase si nu intr-un cubical

  24. Soos Cristina says:

    Ah …ce bine arata totul ❤
    nu am mai mancat produse de patiserie de 2 saptamani 🙁 da bezelele alea …
    Sacoul = perfectiune ❤

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