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16 February 2015 / By / 14 Comments

DSC_2311 (4)



DSC_2271 (4)


DSC_2305 (4)

DSC_1996 (4)


DSC_2160 (4)

DSC_2379 (4)

DSC_2177 (4)


DSC_2086 (4)



DSC_1921 (3)I wore a C&A full outfit

Photos by Magda Gheorghe



I always get extremely petulant when I have to meet you ladies. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon with you ladies and C&A and I enjoyed talking with all of you about affordable style and how we should use it in our advantage.


You still remember, do you?

  • Always dress for yourself and according to your body shape
  • Organize your wardrobe
  • Neutrals are Never Wrong
  • Considering your body shape pay attention at Shoulder Placement, Hem Lines and the Waistline when you purchase a new item


 Until next time, enjoy your upcoming Stylish SpringAna sending love 










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  1. miruna cosmin says:

    ce pantofi draguti

  2. Adelina says:

    Draga ANa,

    A fost o intalnire minunata, multumim pentru sfaturi. Esti geniala!

    te pup

  3. johanna says:

    love the outfits you put together

  4. Bella says:

    you are awesome

  5. Ionela says:

    ce combinatii frumoase, o sa merg si eu sa le caut

  6. Oprea Ramona says:

    ador fusta cu buline

  7. vivi says:

    love your outfit

  8. Selena G. says:

    Great meeting you, such a warm person 🙂 And A great inspiration

  9. Monica says:

    unul din magazinele mele preferate, hainele se potrivesc mereu stilului meu

  10. iuliana says:

    ador puloverele chunky, sunt preferatele mele

  11. Paula says:

    Veronica as a model :))

  12. Ioana Faur says:

    imi pare nespus de rau ca am ratat intalnirea, ne vedem la urmatoarea 😉

  13. Miss Fancy says:

    I really admire your work

  14. Soos Cristina says:

    Ahh …parca te aud ❤

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